Is Sharesight Legit? A Comprehensive Analysis of the Investment Tracker

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August 30, 2023August 30, 2023

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In the dynamic realm of investing, tracking and managing one’s portfolio is crucial. As the financial market continues to evolve, the demand for tools that offer comprehensive insights into investments has grown exponentially. These investment tracking tools help investors stay updated on their portfolio’s performance and play a pivotal role in making informed decisions based on real-time data.

However, with the plethora of available platforms, determining a trustworthy and efficient tool can often take time and effort. It’s not just about tracking the numbers; it’s about ensuring accuracy, understanding market nuances, and having a user-friendly interface that simplifies complex data.

Enter Sharesight, a name that has increasingly resonated in the investment community. Recognized globally, Sharesight promises a holistic view of investments, bridging the gap between intricate financial data and the everyday investor. As we delve deeper into Sharesight, we’ll try to answer one simple question: is Sharesight legit?

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The Genesis of Sharesight

Sharesight was conceived out of a genuine need. In the land of the Kiwis, New Zealand, a father, Tony Ryburn, and a son duo found themselves grappling with cumbersome spreadsheet calculations to track their shares. Determined to find a better solution to simplify investment tracking, their innovative spirit gave birth to Sharesight in 2006.

By 2008, Sharesight had established its online presence, serving its first paying customer and setting the stage for an expansive growth trajectory.

The subsequent years were pivotal moments for the company. In 2015, armed with a capital raise of $2 million predominantly from its customer base, Sharesight embarked on an international journey, showcasing its robust capabilities to the global audience. Today, this once-local Kiwi initiative stands tall as a leading fintech company, assisting hundreds of thousands of investors worldwide in their financial pursuits.

The Team Behind Sharesight

A company’s success can often emanate from its leadership and team. At the heart of Sharesight are Tony Ryburn, the co-founder, and Doug Morris, the Chief Executive Officer, whose credentials speak volumes about his expertise in the fintech sector.

Doug began his illustrious career at Morningstar, Inc., an esteemed global financial services firm. During his tenure in Chicago, he was pivotal in project management within the investment management business. His contributions didn’t stop there; Doug later spearheaded Morningstar’s adviser and institutional business lines in Sydney. This experience provided him with an unparalleled understanding of the finance industry, further honed by his roles as Product Manager and Global Product & Marketing Manager overseeing international research distribution.

Tony’s expertise extends to 30 years in senior finance roles, including venture capital and banking. A Bachelor of Commerce graduate, he advised private firms and governmental bodies, highlighting his esteemed reputation in the financial sector.

Features and Services that Set Sharesight Apart

Sharesight offers valuable insight for investors seeking clarity and precision in the vast sea of financial tools. Catering to novice and expert investors, Sharesight provides a robust platform that breaks the barriers of traditional brokerage insights.

What truly distinguishes Sharesight is its ability to offer a holistic view of investments. Traders no longer have to rely on mere gut feelings or primary data; with Sharesight, every angle of an investment’s performance is crystal clear. Especially during the taxing tax season, Sharesight simplifies matters with its efficient report generation.

Its Key Features Include:

  • Visual Aggregation of Dividend Impacts: It’s one thing to know about dividends, but Sharesight presents the actual impact, offering a complete picture of an investment’s yield.
  • Accurate Exchange Rate Calculations: Sharesight’s precise currency conversion eradicates guesswork for those dabbling in international stocks, providing a true reflection of an asset’s value.
  • User-friendly Tax Report Generation: Come tax time, Sharesight users can generate comprehensive reports with just a few clicks, making the daunting task significantly more manageable.

With such innovative tools, Sharesight sets a new standard in investment tracking, ensuring that investors are always a step ahead.

Sharesight’s Global Trustworthiness

In the realm of financial platforms, gaining trust is no minor feat. It requires a consistent record of reliability, transparency, and outstanding service. Sharesight has not only achieved this but has done so globally.

The numbers speak for themselves. With a user base exceeding 300,000 investors, Sharesight has clearly resonated with those seeking an advanced yet user-friendly investment tracking tool. This isn’t just a regional phenomenon; its influence stretches across borders, with a strong presence in over 150 countries. Such widespread adoption is a testament to Sharesight’s universal appeal and ability to cater to diverse investment needs.

But why does this matter? A platform’s reputation becomes paramount in a world where choices for financial tools are abundant. Sharesight’s significant global footprint indicates its universal applicability and the trust it has garnered from the global investment community. When hundreds of thousands rely on a platform, it strongly indicates its credibility and efficiency in the complex world of investments.

Sharesight Customer Feedback and Ratings

When evaluating the credibility of a platform, firsthand feedback from its users provides invaluable insight. Sharesight boasts an impressive 4.4 out of 5-star rating, indicative of its commitment to delivering quality to its clientele.

  • John Crawford

As stated by John from Melbourne, one of the standout features is Sharesight’s robust tax reporting capabilities. The platform simplifies tax time by offering a variety of detailed reports, turning a usually tedious process into a few easy clicks.

  • Ashay

Ashay emphasizes the platform’s analytical strength, highlighting its focus on personal portfolio analytics, which he found superior to other tools he tried.

  • Margy and Adele Davison

Both these users have praised Sharesight’s intuitive design. Adele Davison mentioned the invaluable support she received during her upgrade process:” I recently upgraded to Investor Level, bringing in a second portfolio. I needed help to bring my shares over, and Ricky couldn’t have been more helpful. Nothing was too much trouble, and it was all done in a timely manner.

  • Rob

Rob loves everything about the service. He comments:” The connectivity with Sharesies. The format. The ease of navigation. The ability to use your reports to compile my own tax returns without (the) need for a 3rd party to whom I would have to pay a fee. A very reasonable yearly subscription for the service/reporting standard I require”.

  • Dane Ford

A testament to Sharesight’s customer service, Dane Ford highlighted how quickly and efficiently his concerns were addressed, ensuring a smooth user experience.

Such glowing testimonials are more than words; they endorse Sharesight’s promise of excellence in investment tracking.

Conclusion: Is Sharesight Legit?

In today’s digital age, where countless investment platforms vie for attention, it is on discerning investors to sift through them and find the most trustworthy ones. Sharesight’s journey, from its humble beginnings to its current position as a globally recognized tool, underscores its authenticity.

Diverse testimonials from seasoned investors, positive ratings, and a team led by industry experts highlight Sharesight’s genuine commitment. The platform’s expansive global reach, trusted by over 300,000 investors, is evidence of its unwavering reputation in the financial community.

While conducting individual research is always commendable, the collective evidence is hard to overlook. The positive feedback and the platform’s established track record testify to its legitimacy.

For those looking to elevate their investment tracking game, why wait any longer? Discover what Sharesight has in store and embrace a comprehensive investment tracking experience. Explore Sharesight Today!

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