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October 17, 2023October 17, 2023

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Stock Rover is a sophisticated stock research tool tailored for U.S. investors with a focus on value, income, and growth.

With an impressive database covering 650 financial indicators across 10,000 stocks and 44,000 ETFs, it’s no surprise we crowned Stock Rover as the premier stock analysis tool.

Its user-friendly interface, paired with its immense capabilities, makes Stock Rover an unparalleled asset for the U.S. market.

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Stock Rover Pros

  • 650+ Financial Screening Metrics
  • Potent Stock Scoring Systems
  • Unique 10-Year Historical Data
  • Warren Buffett Value Screeners & Portfolios
  • Easy to Use
  • All Financial Ratios
  • Real-time Research Reports

Stock Rover Cons

  • No Social Community
  • Not Recommended for Traders
  • No App for Android or iPhone
  • No Cryptocurrency or Forex Data
  • US Markets Only

Stock Rover’s debut in our Stock Market Software Review was nothing short of remarkable, bagging a spot in the review winners section. It also took the top position in our Best Stock Screener Review.

Highlights from our Stock Rover Analysis

Stock Rover At A Glance: Our exploration of Stock Rover revealed a remarkable combination of intensive stock screening, profound research capabilities, and adept portfolio management.

The platform’s 10-year rich financial archive, coupled with its insightful stock evaluations, sets it apart. For those navigating the terrains of dividend, value, and growth investment strategies, Stock Rover stands as an industry titan.

It’s the go-to platform for investors from the USA & Canada who prioritize in-depth fundamental stock analysis and detailed financial metrics. But don’t be deceived by its simplicity; beneath Stock Rover’s intuitive interface lies a robust and versatile toolkit.

The Origin of Stock Rover

Developed by Howard Reisman and Andrew Martin, Stock Rover was created in 2008. Headquartered in the U.S., it’s laser-focused on delivering exceptional stock analysis, research, and portfolio management utilities.

Primarily catering to individual investors, Stock Rover is a haven for investors who are keen on value, income, and growth investment paradigms.

One of the platform’s standout features is its adeptness at portfolio correlation and balancing. Whether you’re hunting for dividends, seeking value, or chasing growth, Stock Rover has got you covered.

Additionally, its 10-year historical data vault empowers users to retroactively test their screening protocols, providing insights into the past profitability of their strategies.

Stock Rover Pricing

Stock Rover Free

The Free plan offers ad-free screening and research for 10,000 stocks. Features such as broker integration, portfolio analysis, and stock market news are all included at no cost. This plan is perfectly tailored for investors who utilize straightforward screening methods and wish to manage multiple stock portfolios under one roof.

Stock Rover Essentials

Priced at $7.99 per month, the Essentials plan provides access to five years of company financial history, screening for over 44,000 ETFs, MorningStar Ratings, and a vast array of 260 financial metrics for intricate stock screening.

However, this package omits portfolio management and restricts stock ratings and margin of safety calculations. Given the limitations, the Essentials plan is best suited for beginner to intermediate growth and dividend investors.

While the free version of Stock Rover is robust, the Premium Plus service is where the platform truly shines. Furthermore, the cost of their premier service is reasonably priced when compared to rival offerings.

Stock Rover Premium:

Cost: $17.99 per month


  • 350 financial metrics
  • Ten years of historical data
  • Comprehensive portfolio management, analytics, correlation, and rebalancing functionalities
  • Projections for Future Dividend Income
  • Capability to export data to Excel


It does not allow screening on the 10-year database and permits only 20 fair value and margin of safety scores monthly.

Recommendation: Suited for intermediate growth and dividend investors.

Stock Rover Premium Plus:

Cost: $27.99 per month; $16.40 per month with a 2-year subscription.


  • Unlimited fair value and margin of safety ratings
  • Stock ratings and investor warnings
  • Access to 650 metrics
  • Screening on historical data


Highly recommended for seasoned growth, income, and value investors, offering the full capability of Stock Rover. The Premium Plus service’s offerings, including unlimited stock ratings, analyst ratings scoring, and unrestricted fair value and margin of safety scoring, are indispensable. Thus, opting for Premium Plus at $27.99 monthly is highly advised.

Stock Rover Platform Overview

When you hop onto the Stock Rover platform, whether on your PC, Mac, tablet, or smartphone, you’ll notice there’s no fuss about installation – it’s smooth and straightforward.

However, the platform is tailored for the US & Canadian markets. After you sign up and log in, you’re welcomed by a dashboard. This dashboard doesn’t just give you a quick peek into the market’s heartbeat but also shines a light on how your investments and dividends are performing.

What’s great about Stock Rover is that it’s cloud-based. This means you don’t need to bother with downloads or installations. Every bit of stock market data is nestled safely in the cloud, served up by the vendor. When do you wish to see a chart? It’s streamed directly to your device. Here’s a breakdown:

Advantages of Using Cloud-based Tools

  • You don’t have to install anything; it’s all set up for you.
  • No need to manage or download data on your device.
  • Everything is neatly stored and processed in the cloud.
  • It’s versatile. You can use it on almost any device, be it a PC, Mac, tablet, or smartphone.

Handling Your Portfolio with Stock Rover

Stock Rover is friendly with almost all the big-name brokers – think Firstrade, TD Ameritrade, and Interactive Brokers. While you can’t trade directly from the charts, it’ll do the heavy lifting when it comes to tracking your profits and losses.

It’ll even nudge you with advice on how to balance out your portfolio. When it comes to dividends, Stock Rover stands out with its unique reporting and scoring.

Here’s a hint: if you’re a day trader, this might not be your cup of tea. Stock Rover is for investors who play the long game, aiming to grow their investments steadily.

Stock Rover’s Screener

If you’ve ever felt lost in the sea of stocks and ETFs, Stock Rover’s screener is like a compass. With it, you can sift through 10,000 stocks and 44,000 ETFs to pinpoint ones that align with your goals.

And it doesn’t stop there. You can rank them based on how well they match up to what you’re looking for, filtering a vast list down to just a select few.

The sheer number of fundamentals you can scan is pretty impressive. Whether it’s a hunch or a well-calculated guess based on data, with over 650 data points for stocks and 96 for ETFs, you’re covered.

The best part? The software lets you compare a stock’s performance to the S&P 500. So, if you’ve ever dreamt of crafting a strategy based on historical performances against a benchmark, here’s your chance.

Conclusion: Is Stock Rover The Best Stock Charting App

Determining whether Stock Rover is the best stock charting app boils down to individual needs and investment strategies. What’s undeniable, however, is its impressive suite of features tailored for long-term investors, especially those focused on the USA and Canadian markets.

The platform’s cloud-based nature means it’s easily accessible across a range of devices, and the absence of tedious installations is a significant plus for many users. Its comprehensive screener tool stands out, allowing users to filter through an extensive range of stocks and ETFs backed by an impressive array of data points.

While Stock Rover may not be ideal for day traders or those who want to delve into global markets outside of North America, its strengths lie in portfolio management, dividend reporting, and deep fundamental analysis.

For those who prioritize these elements, Stock Rover could very well be the leading contender in the realm of stock charting software. Yet, as with any tool or service, its efficacy will be most accurately judged when matched with the user’s specific needs and investment goals. If you’re a long-term investor aiming for detailed insights and robust portfolio management, Stock Rover might just be your perfect match. Click here to sign up.

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