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October 9, 2023October 9, 2023

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Stock Rover is a stock screener and stock analysis tool that gives you a wealth of data to filter through thousands of stocks to find the best investments. You get access to pre-built screeners for growth stocks, value plays, dividends, and more.

With Stock Rover, you’ll have metrics like revenue and earnings growth, profit margins, volatility, and valuation ratios at your fingertips on stock charts. Compare companies side by side to see how they stack up. Spot trends across industries or the whole market.

Whether you’re a beginner building your first portfolio or a seasoned pro, the insights are invaluable. Here is a detailed Stock Rover review to determine if it is the best stock screener available today.
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Key Features of Stock Rover

If you’re looking for an affordable stock screener with powerful tools, Stock Rover should be at the top of your list.

  • Stock Rover can be accessed anywhere with an internet connection. There are no location restrictions as long as you have reliable wifi or mobile data.
  • Stock Rover tracks over 10,000 stocks and provides research reports to help you find investment opportunities.
  • Easily create watchlists to monitor stocks, ETFs, or mutual funds you’re interested in.
  • Compare stocks side by side against competitors in the same industry. This helps evaluate a company’s performance relative to its peers.
  • Stock Rover’s forum allows users to discuss stocks and the market. Share your analysis or get insights from other investors.
  • The integrated news feed keeps you up-to-date on earnings, announcements, and events that could impact your portfolio.
  • The economic calendar tracks key events and data releases so you know what’s coming that could influence the market. Stay on top of inflation reports, jobs data, interest rate changes, and more.
  • Link your brokerage accounts to Stock Rover. Monitor your portfolios in real time and access tools to analyze your positions. See your gains and losses instantly and make data-driven buy/sell decisions.

Stock Rover Free Plans

Stock Rover’s free plan provides a completely ad-free experience. This is good news for users with low-resolution monitors or screens. This plan offers screening data on thousands of stocks (ten thousand, to be exact!).

You’ll have access to fundamentals like revenue, income, cash flow, margins, and metrics like P/E, P/B, ROI, and growth rates.

Stock Rover Essentials Plan

For only $7.99 a month, Stock Rover’s Essentials plan unlocks a wealth of useful tools for investors. You’ll gain access to analyst ratings and fair value estimates for over 8,000 stocks, helping you find undervalued opportunities.

This plan offers 260 custom metrics to screen stocks more effectively. You’ll also be able to screen over 44,000 ETFs to consider adding to your portfolio.

Stock Rover Premium Plan

Stock Rover’s Premium plan is perfect for active traders and investors who want access to the deepest level of analysis for $17.99 per month on a charting app.

The premium plan offers over 350 different fundamental metrics to keep you informed in every facet of a stock’s performance. Technical indicators like earnings growth, profit margins, and cash flow give you a comprehensive understanding of a company’s financial health.

Stock Rover Premium Plus

If you’re looking for the ultimate stock research platform, Stock Rover’s Premium Plus plan is hard to beat. This top-tier offering provides the highest data limits and unlocks every single feature Stock Rover has to offer. All this for $27 total.

With Premium Plus, you’ll have unlimited access to over 650 metrics to analyze individual stocks from every angle. All restrictions on key tools like stock ratings, investor warnings, fair value, and margin of safety ratings are removed.

Stock Rover’s Educational Resources and Community

Stock Rover offers articles, tutorials, and webinars covering a range of investing topics. Learn how to analyze financial metrics, maximize the platform’s tools, and build custom screeners. Video tutorials demonstrate features so you can navigate the platform confidently.

Stock Rover’s community section allows users to share strategies, ideas, and custom screeners. Connect with fellow experienced investors and learn new skills. Stock Rover hosts regular webinars and Q&A’s where you can ask the team and industry pros questions.

Who is Stock Rover Best for?

Stock Rover is ideal for long-term investors, value investors, and do-it-yourself investors seeking an educational experience.

  • Long-term investors: Stock Rover provides in-depth research and technical analysis, making it an excellent choice for those focused on long-term investing.
  • Value investors: Stock Rover’s powerful stock screener lets you filter for value metrics like low P/E ratios, high dividend yields, and discounted cash flow.
  • DIY investors: Stock Rover’s wide range of tools, tutorials, and investing courses provide a wealth of knowledge to help you make informed decisions and achieve your financial goals.
  • An educational experience: Stock Rover aims to expand your investing skillset. Their blog, video library, and online courses cover fundamental analysis, value investing, portfolio management, and more.

Is Stock Rover The Best Stock Screener

Stock Rover also offers useful features for managing your portfolio and watchlist compared to its alternatives. You can easily track the performance of your stocks and see how they compare to the overall market or industry peers.

The platform provides insights into each stock’s financials, backtesting, correlation analyst ratings, insider activity, and more—all in one place. Take advantage of the free trial today to see how Stock Rover can take your portfolio to the next level. Click here to sign up for Stock Rover today.
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