Is Take Profit Trader The Best Futures Proprietary Trading Firm

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October 21, 2023October 21, 2023

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Take Profit Trader is a futures proprietary trading firm that provides funding for professional traders looking to pursue a career in futures trading. Their model is simple: they provide capital, and you use your trading skills to generate consistent profits.

Take Profit Trader’s trading goal is to help traders reach their maximum potential. They focus on empowering successful traders through comprehensive educational resources instead of confusing features. These resources were once paid courses but are now available at no cost.

Take Profit Trader believes in equipping skilled traders with the knowledge to make informed decisions by following straightforward and relaxed trading rules. But is it the best futures proprietary trading firm? Here is a Take Profit Trader review to answer this.

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What Are The Available Take Profit Trader Tools and Supports

Take Profit Trader provides traders with several useful tools and resources to support their success.

  • Technology and Account Setup: To streamline the trading journey, Take Profit Trader takes care of technology and account setup, freeing traders from often tedious administrative tasks.
  • Risk Management System: To prevent poor discipline, which often haunts prop traders, the company has designed a risk management system to maintain order during trades. This system monitors your trades in real time and can automatically close positions if losses reach a certain threshold.
  • Private Discord Channel: For profitable traders looking for a trading community, the private Discord channel is a great resource. Here, traders can connect with peers and access free education from the company’s head traders.
  • Risk of Ruin Protection: Plus, Take Profit Trader’s risk of ruin system means the company absorbs the losses on Pro Accounts, safeguarding the trader’s funds. You can trade with confidence, knowing your capital is protected.

How Does Take Profit Trader Work?

Take Profit Trader has a straightforward system for funded futures traders. Traders first choose the size of the capital they will manage based on their skills and experience. Currently, the only asset class offered is futures, though stocks, forex, and crypto are coming soon.

Next, traders prove themselves by hitting a profit target and following simple rules. Once verified, they become funded traders and can start earning real money. The process has no downtime, so traders engage the financial markets immediately. Withdrawing earnings is simple, with 80% of profits sent directly to traders.

With a generous profit split, cutting-edge platform, and strong risk management, Take Profit Trader gives futures traders an opportunity to achieve their full potential. The pathway to becoming a funded trader is clear and achievable for those willing to put in the effort. For many, this innovative model could be the best way to turn trading skills into a lucrative career.

Take Profit Trader Account Size and Pricing

When it comes to choosing a futures trading firm, account size and pricing are two of the most important factors to consider. Take Profit Trader offers a range of account sizes to suit traders at different experience levels.

At present, Take Profit Trader offers account sizes from $25,000 up to $150,000. The $25K “starter account” is ideal if you’re just getting into futures trading and want to start small. The $50K and $75K accounts provide more buying power for those with a bit more capital and trading experience. For seasoned traders, the $100K and $150K pro accounts offer maximum leverage and flexibility.

Pricing and Fees

Take Profit Trader uses a simple subscription model for pricing. The monthly subscription fee depends on your account size:

  • $25,000 accounts are available for $150
  • $50,000 accounts are offered for $170
  • $75,000 accounts can be procured for $245
  • $100,000 accounts are obtainable at a price of $330
  • $150,000 accounts are offered for $360

The pro account resets up to 3 times and comes with a one-time fee without recurring monthly payments. Compared to other futures trading firms, Take Profit Trader’s fees are very reasonable. There are no hidden commissions or nickel-and-diming. You pay a flat monthly fee and keep 80-85% of your profits.

Before choosing a futures trading firm, make sure you understand their account sizes, pricing, and any additional fees. Take Profit Trader aims to keep things simple and transparent so you can focus on what really matters—trading profitably.

Is Take Profit Trader The Best Futures Prop Trading Firm

Take Profit Trader focuses on empowering individual traders by providing a robust platform and tools for both new and experienced traders. Its transparent model lets you see exactly how profits are calculated and distributed. This, combined with extensive educational resources and live support, allows retail traders to maximize profits while minimizing risks.

Take Profit Trader offers beginner traders access to a knowledge base with articles and video tutorials on futures trading strategies and techniques. They also provide live support from experienced traders during futures market hours to help you build and execute better trading plans. This level of education and support helps traders of all skill levels improve their craft and achieve better returns.

With Take Profit Trader, you’ll always know exactly how your profits are calculated. They use a transparent revenue share model that gives traders 70-80% of the profits on winning trades. There are no hidden fees, so you can have confidence you’re getting the best deal. Click here to sign up for Take Profit Trader today. Remember to use our coupon code MODESTMONEY and save 50%.

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