Is TC2000 Worth It? A Closer Look

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October 30, 2023October 30, 2023

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In stock trading, tools that aid logical reasoning are pivotal. Enter TC2000, a revered trading and charting platform. For those seeking one of the best stock screeners, TC2000’s recognition by the Technical Analysis of Stock & Commodities magazine is noteworthy. They honored it as their “favorite standalone analytical software under $500” in 2019.

But, is TC2000 worth it? Our TC2000 review focuses squarely on its technical analysis tools. Available across desktop, web, and mobile platforms, TC2000 promises real-time data and crucial technical indicators for effective stock trading. The pressing question remains: how effectively do the TC2000 charts translate into real trading scenarios? Let’s dive into the details.

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What is TC2000?

TC2000, based in Wilmington, North Carolina, is a distinguished charting and technical analysis platform. Originally launched as TeleChart in 1998 by Worden Brothers, Inc., it underwent rebranding and has since evolved.

Today, not only is TC2000 an FINRA registered broker-dealer, but it’s also celebrated for its vast array of tools. From stock screeners to one of the best charting softwares available, it helps US-based investors in their trading pursuits, covering stocks, ETFs, and options.

Something that stands out to me is its consistent recognition, garnering the Best Software award from Stock & Commodities magazine for a remarkable 25 years in a row.

TC2000 Features

  • Brokerage Firm Integration: Users can seamlessly connect their TC2000 brokerage account with the TC2000 desktop platform. It serves as a powerful tool, enabling trading from charts, showcasing past stock trades, and utilizing the P&L Zones for visual insights into profit and loss regions.
  • Integrated Paper Trading Account: TC2000’s trading software lets users hone their trading skills with unlimited paper trading, avoiding the risk of real money. Multiple accounts can be maintained to experiment with different trading strategies.
  • Sortable Watchlists: On the TC2000 platform, traders can design and modify numerous watchlists to track market sectors, distinct assets, or trading techniques. Sharing options include other TC2000 users or through social media channels and email.
  • Charting Excellence: TC2000 stands out as one of the premier charting platforms, delivering intricate stock and option charts. Users gain access to a wide array of technical indicators, drawing tools like trend lines, and diverse chart styles for a comprehensive stock market analysis. Beyond the customizable charts, TC2000 offers preset chart templates. Traders can also store their unique chart configurations for later use.
  • Technical Indicators: The platform is stocked with numerous indicators, including RSI, MACD, and Aroon Oscillators, aiding in pinpointing optimal trading initiation and closure moments.
  • Comparative Tools: This powerful feature allows a comparative stock performance analysis against another stock or an index, showcasing up to 10 symbols simultaneously on a chart.
  • Options Visualization: Essential for options traders, this feature visualizes potential options trades by mapping pre-defined strategies onto asset charts.
  • Exclusive Stock Scanner: Gold and Platinum package subscribers can leverage this stock screening tool to unearth potential trades, using either pre set or personal criteria formulas.
  • Trading Diary: A dedicated space for traders to chronicle and reflect upon their trading decisions, aiding in refining their future trading strategies.
  • Notifications & Reminders: A range of alerts, with options for in-app notifications, emails, or text messages.
  • Extended Market Access: A feature exclusive to the Platinum package, unveiling trading volume insights for after hour trading periods, thereby shedding light on post-market activity.
  • Historical Testing: Platinum users can utilize historical condition testing, allowing a deep dive into trading and scan conditions from the past.
  • Scan History: A continuation of the historical testing, detailing stocks that would’ve met designated scan criteria in previous times.
  • Live Market Feed: The platform ensures users receive real-time market data from over 70 global exchanges, keeping them updated with the financial market pulse.
  • Tailored Scans: A proprietary analysis tool allowing market screening based on varied technical analysis and fundamental indicators.
  • Personalized Dashboard: Enhancing the user experience, the platform allows modifications and storage of individual dashboard designs.
  • Strategy Analysis: While not entirely a backtesting tool, it offers a glimpse into trading strategies with past data.
  • EasyScan Interface: A dynamic analysis tool comparing stock performances based on distinct criteria, inclusive of pre-configured and custom scans.
  • Mobility: For traders on the move, TC2000’s mobile app ensures market connectivity anytime, anywhere. It is considered by many to be one of the best stock charting apps.

TC2000 Pricing Options

TC2000, a well-established trading platform, caters to various trading preferences with distinct packages:

  • Free Version: This offers basic functionalities, but the meatier features require a subscription.
  • Silver ($9.99/month): A beginner’s choice. Customize chart layouts, set watchlists, trade, and enjoy 100+ stock chart indicators. The real fun begins when you can add real-time data feeds and news updates.
  • Gold ($29.99/month): Here’s where value meets price. The highlight is EasyScan: a top-notch stock scanner. Scan with preset criteria or design your own. It’s complemented by enhanced alert systems, formula tools, and diverse layouts.
  • Platinum ($89.98/month): The crème de la crème. It boasts all Gold features, ramps up alert tracking to 1,000, and most enticingly, grants access to historical data analysis.

Keep an eye out for a TC2000 promo code for potential savings or perks.

Is TC2000 Worth it?

From my experience, determining whether a tool is valuable boils down to its fit with the user. So, is TC2000 worth it? Let’s dive in.

For the active stock trader, TC2000 is a game-changer. Immediate access to up-to-date, precise stock charts? Check. While it supports a broad spectrum of trading platforms, I’ve found it meshes best with its native TC2000 brokerage firm.

The versatility is commendable. Over a hundred indicators, custom scans, and both prebuilt and tailored layouts make it stand out as one of the best stock charting software options. An added advantage? Simply type in industry index symbols to fetch stock details.

Breaking it down further, TC2000 is ideal for:

  • Focused Investors: For self-managed accounts striving for an edge on par with Wall Street traders, TC2000 is a gem. It delivers premium stock screeners and access to essential add-ons from real-time data feeds to advanced stock charts.
  • Option Traders: Attracted to multi-leg options? TC2000 has a proprietary approach. The dual ability to scan stocks and options is a boon, making deal discoveries swift. Notably, visualizing combined stock-option charts is seamless.
  • Day Traders: Those passionate about swing or day trading will relish TC2000’s interactive broker-driven flash trading experience. Equipped with FDA-compliant authentic trading accounts, the platform’s hotkeys and diverse alerts elevate trade management.
  • Advanced Traders: Recognizing the worth of high rates for intraday trades, TC2000 is tailored for both day and swing traders. Leveraging its margin capabilities, it’s adept at managing intricate trading blueprints.

In essence, if you fit into any of these categories, investing in TC2000 might just be a smart move. Click Here to learn more or get started right away.

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