Is Textbook Trading Legit?

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March 12, 2023March 12, 2023

Textbook Trading

Are you a trading enthusiast looking to take your skills to the next level? Then you might have come across Textbook Trading – an online platform that offers comprehensive courses and resources to traders of all levels. But is it worth the investment? And, most importantly, is it a legit platform that can help you achieve your trading goals?

Founded by Nathan Michaud, a seasoned trader with over a decade of experience in the industry, Textbook Trading is designed to cater to both beginner and experienced traders. With a range of courses and educational content, practical trading strategies, and an active online community, Textbook Trading promises to be the ultimate platform for strategic day-traders. But does it deliver on its promises? Let’s find out.
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Company History

Textbook Trading was founded by Nathan Michaud. With over 10 years of experience as a successful day-trader, Nathan has created a comprehensive platform designed with one goal: to help traders achieve success in the stock market. From his numerous appearances on news outlets commenting on stock market trends, to his popular YouTube channel offering helpful trading insights, Nathan has made himself known throughout the trading community as one of the most knowledgeable investors around.

In 2011, Nathan launched Textbook Trading with the desire to share his knowledge with other aspiring day traders. The platform features courses and resources tailored to traders of all skill levels, from novice investors looking for an introductory course in trading to experienced professionals wishing to further develop their strategies. Along with daily lessons and live webinars, Textbook Trading’s resources include 11 chapters focused on everything from setup and terminology to OTC trading.

Is Nathan Michaud Legit?

Nathan Michaud, also known as “InvestorsLive,” is a well-known figure in the trading industry, particularly in the day trading community. In addition to Textbook Trading, he is the founder of Investors Underground, a trading community that provides educational resources and a chat room for traders.

While there have been some criticisms and controversies surrounding Michaud and his trading practices, he is generally considered a legitimate figure in the trading industry. Michaud has a substantial following of traders who have found success using his strategies and techniques, and his courses and chat rooms have received positive reviews from many users.

Ultimately, traders should always do their own research and due diligence before following any trading strategies or courses, including those offered by Nathan Michaud. However, based on his reputation and success in the industry, and our review of Textbook Trading, it can be concluded that he is a legitimate figure in the trading community.

Valuable Features

Textbook Trading’s most valuable resource is its comprehensive course material, and exactly why it is considered one of the best day trading courses. It includes 8 hours of content covering topics from charting and technical analysis to OTC (over-the-counter) penny stocks and momentum trades. The course also covers a range of strategies including “ABCD patterns” for long trades, “red/green” patterns for short trades, and showcases various market analysis tools such as Investors Underground – one of the most popular resources among active day traders.

In addition, Textbook Trading also offers educational resources such as PDFs, videos, and quizzes; plus access to an exclusive “momentum chat” room where Nathan interacts with students through direct messages and weekly webinars. This direct interaction helps novice traders gain insight into strategies used by successful traders while simultaneously developing their own trading style based on what they have learned throughout the course.

Perhaps the greatest advantage of signing up is having access to Nathan’s personal knowledge and experience which he shares throughout each lesson. By helping learners understand real life market situations along with actionable lessons based on trade examples (and trading tools) from his own portfolio history, Nathan is creating a bridge between learning theory from courses like Tandem Trader and applying it to real-world scenarios.

Is Textbook Trading Worth It?

Textbook Trading is a course that traders can consider to improve their trading skills, become full-time traders, and take their investments to the next level. The course offers a comprehensive curriculum with specialized strategies designed to help traders of all levels succeed. However, whether or not it’s worth it ultimately depends on the trader’s commitment and willingness to learn.

The pricing for Textbook Trading includes a one-time payment of $997 for instant streaming access to a range of courses and resources. While this may seem like a significant investment for some traders, especially those who are just starting out, it’s worth noting that the cost of Textbook Trading is relatively low compared to other day trading courses and resources on the market. Thus, Textbook Trading is a more affordable option for traders looking to improve their skills and knowledge.

Final Thoughts – Is Textbook Trading Legit?

When it comes down to it: Textbook Trading is worth considering if you are serious about becoming a successful day trader. It offers an affordable combination of comprehensive course material from an experienced trader; plus specialized strategies tailored towards individual skill levels that can help beginners take their first steps into day trading while providing experienced traders with actionable tips and lessons based on their own portfolio’s history.

Overall, with its wide range of educational content and focus on practical strategies coupled with personalized support from an industry expert – Textbook Trading is a trusted platform that is definitely worthy of your investment if you are looking for a reliable resource to advance your trading career! Click here to check out Textbook Trading today.
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