Is TheoTrade a Scam?

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July 4, 2023July 4, 2023


Considering using TheoTrade for your investing education and trade recommendations? It’s crucial to thoroughly research and investigate any platform to ensure that it’s legitimate, reliable, and trustworthy before putting your hard-earned money at risk. In this comprehensive article, we will dive deep into the details of TheoTrade to determine whether it’s a scam or a genuine platform worth investing in.

To make a well-informed decision, let’s explore TheoTrade’s background, features, pros and cons, security measures, and address negative customer reviews. Keep reading to find out if TheoTrade is the real deal.

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Company Background

TheoTrade is an educational platform founded in 2016 by veteran trader and educator Don Kaufman. Kaufman has over two decades of experience as a professional trader and formerly worked as a senior executive at TD Ameritrade’s thinkorswim trading platform. TheoTrade’s primary mission is to educate traders of all levels and help them make informed decisions in the stock market.

Operating from Scottsdale, Arizona, TheoTrade offers a variety of educational resources, including courses, coaching sessions, live trading rooms, webinars, and video archives. The platform also provides trading signals and trade recommendations to its users. TheoTrade’s team of experts comprises experienced traders, instructors, and financial analysts.

Educational Resources and Features

TheoTrade offers a wide range of educational resources and features designed for traders of all levels, from beginners to experts. Here’s a summary of the main resources and features to help you better understand the platform’s offerings:

  • Courses: TheoTrade offers a variety of online courses, covering topics such as options trading, technical analysis, fundamental analysis, and risk management. The courses are divided into beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels, catering to the specific needs of individual traders.
  • Live Trading Room: Members have access to a live trading room, where they can engage with the TheoTrade instructors in real-time, witness live trade executions, and ask questions or seek guidance during market hours.
  • Trade Recommendations: TheoTrade provides trading signals and trade recommendations to its members, enabling them to make more informed decisions about their investments. According to their website, TheoTrade offers several trade recommendations per week.
  • Coaching: TheoTrade’s team of experts offers personal coaching sessions to help traders develop their skills and achieve their financial goals.
  • Webinars and Video Archives: TheoTrade members can attend live webinars on a variety of trading-related topics or access the platform’s extensive library of recorded webinars and video content for further education.
  • Market Insights and Analysis: Subscribers can receive regular newsletters and market analysis to better understand the financial markets and stay informed about important news and events that impact their investments.

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Trustpilottheotrade trustpilot review
Google Play4.1 from 41 votes
Apple App Store4 from 18 reviews

Addressing Negative Customer Reviews

As with any company, TheoTrade has received some negative reviews from unsatisfied customers. To address these concerns and paint a comprehensive picture, let’s take a closer look at a specific negative review and offer a counter argument:

“The course promised a few trade recommendations a week, and after receiving a lot less than guaranteed, I made a complaint to the sales team. I spoke with two people and stated how disappointed I was and attempted to contact their CEO. I was then told that my subscription was abruptly canceled, and received a cold email from the CEO.”

It’s important to remember that market conditions can vary, causing fluctuations in the frequency of trade recommendations. While TheoTrade strives to provide several recommendations per week, there may be instances where fewer trades fit their criteria for high-quality opportunities. It’s crucial to prioritize the quality of trade recommendations over quantity to help ensure that subscribers make profitable trades.

Moreover, it’s essential to consider that customer service interactions can sometimes lead to misunderstandings or miscommunication. Though it’s unfortunate that this customer felt they had a negative experience, it’s important to keep in mind that many other users have reported positive interactions with TheoTrade’s team, particularly the CEO, Don Kaufman.

Pros and Cons

TheoTrade offers multiple advantages for traders seeking high-quality education and trade recommendations. However, there are also some potential drawbacks to consider. Here’s a brief overview of the pros and cons:


  • Wide range of educational resources for traders of all levels
  • Access to live trading rooms with experienced instructors
  • Regular trade recommendations and trading signals
  • Personal coaching sessions available
  • Strong emphasis on investor education and skill-building


  • Some users have reported dissatisfaction with the frequency of trade recommendations
  • The platform may not be suitable for investors who prefer hands-off investing (e.g., robo-advisors)
  • Limited customer reviews are available for evaluating the platform’s effectiveness

Security and Privacy

While TheoTrade is primarily focused on providing educational resources and trading recommendations, user security and privacy remain crucial aspects of the platform. The company takes necessary measures to protect user data and financial information. It’s essential to remember that as a strictly educational platform, TheoTrade does not handle users’ funds, minimizing the risk of any monetary loss.

Final Verdict: Is TheoTrade a Scam?

After examining TheoTrade’s background, features, pros and cons, and security measures, we can confidently conclude that TheoTrade is not a scam. The platform offers a wide range of educational resources and trade recommendations that can benefit traders of all levels.

While it may not be ideal for hands-off investors or those who prioritize the quantity of trade recommendations over quality, TheoTrade can be an excellent resource for traders looking to improve their skills and make informed decisions in the stock market.

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Remember that investing and trading always carry risks, so it’s essential to conduct thorough research and make informed investment decisions based on your personal financial situation, goals, and risk tolerance.

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