Is Trade Ideas The Best Stock Screener?

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September 21, 2023September 21, 2023

Trade Ideas

You’ve embarked on a journey into stock trading, haven’t you? As you’re likely aware, pinpointing the ideal stocks among thousands on the market isn’t a walk in the park. But don’t worry. This review of Trade Ideas is designed to give you an edge in your trading endeavors.

Have you ever explored stock screeners? These tools, especially those like Trade Ideas, can be game-changers. Let’s delve into it.

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Understanding Stock Screeners

You might be familiar with the concept if you’re a seasoned trader. But for those new to the newbies, a stock screener is a digital tool that filters stocks based on specific criteria you set, such as price per share or earnings.

Think of it as a sieve, allowing only the stocks that meet your conditions to appear in the final list. These screeners are catalysts, leading investors to potentially lucrative stocks that might otherwise stay hidden. Stock screeners strip away emotion using quantifiable factors, ensuring you make informed decisions.

Best stock screeners usually boast easy usability, in-depth analysis, and extensive coverage. Let’s focus on one of the paramount screeners available: Trade Ideas.

What is Trade Ideas: A Brief Insight

Navigating the vast world of trading can be overwhelming due to the sheer volume of data. Trade Ideas tailored for professional and active traders bring order to this chaos. With their advanced features, they process information at a scale no individual could.

Wondering what makes it stand out? Trade Ideas harnesses algorithms to analyze thousands of trading scenarios daily, informing you about market trends and potential strategies. Instead of wading through heaps of data, you’re placed in the driver’s seat, making executive decisions.

Online brokerages trust Trade Ideas, a staple on platforms like TodayTrader, Bulls on Wall St., and TradeCrushers. If profit is your endgame, Trade Ideas might be the compass you need.

Diving Deeper: Components of Trade Ideas

Artificial Intelligence

Meet ‘Holly,’ the AI heart of Trade Ideas. Holly meticulously reviews over a MILLION trading scenarios every night, employing over 35 strategies—from technical data to volume-driven factors.

These insights are refined daily, ensuring you get only the most promising leads. Holly comes in three variants: the original Holly Grail, the more aggressive Holly 2.0, and the distinct Holly Neo, each tailored for varied investment needs.

OddsMaker Window

This feature scores the efficacy of scans, signals, and trading plans. With Trade Ideas, you can tweak parameters to refine your strategy further.

Alert Windows

Real-time alerts keep you updated, and enriched graphical columns give you a comprehensive view of multiple timeframes.

Chart Windows

A quick visual confirmation of an alert is made possible without leaving the platform.

Compare Count & Full Quote Windows

These tools offer an in-depth comparative analysis of trading strategies and an exhaustive stock overview, from its financial statements to its 52-week performance.

Learning with Trade Ideas

Now, diving into “Trade Ideas” might sound a bit tricky. But guess what? They’re ready to guide you every step of the way.

Do you recall the days in school when lessons went from easy to hard? Trade Ideas has a school called “TI University.” They start with “Beginners 101″, where you’ll learn about launching the Trade Ideas tool and understanding basic features like “Events and Filters.” You’ll even get the hang of Technical Charting with their simple guidance.

Moving on, there’s “Beginners 201”. Here, you’ll understand things like the “Symbol list” and how to make your own “Top list.” They even explain their AI tool, called “I. Holly.” It’s like moving from basic addition to a bit of multiplication in math class.

Next up, “Intermediate 301“. This is where you learn some cool things like backtesting and Technical Analysis. Ever wondered why something didn’t show up in a scan? They’ll explain that, too.

Finally, for those who want to dive deep, there’s “Advanced 401”. Here, you’ll dive into deeper waters like advanced backtesting (a way to see how strategies would have been done in the past) and learn more about the “OddsMaker.”

Need More? They’ve Got It!

For those who love reading, Trade Ideas offers eBooks. And if you’re a visual learner, they’ve got a video library just for you. Still, feeling stuck? You can even have a personal training session. It’s like having your tutor for just $99/hour.

Trading tools like Trade Ideas can be a game-changer, especially with their Real-Time Data and advanced features. Whether you’re a Long-Term Investor, Day Trader, or Swing Trader, tools like these are essential.

Trade Ideas Pricing Plan

Wondering about the cost of such a feature-rich stock charting program? Let’s break down the pricing for Trade Ideas.

You can unlock the potential of Trade Ideas for the cost of a regular lunch. This real-time stock racing tool can be a game-changer in your trading journey. So, how much does this gem cost?

Standard (Yearly) Plan: At $84 per month, this plan offers:

  • Streaming of Canadian Exchanges and others.
  • 10 Simultaneous Charts – essential for keeping tabs on energy stocks and more.
  • Visual Trade Assistant.
  • A generous 500 Price Alerts.
  • Access to the Channel Bar.
  • A live trading room hosted by Barrie Einarson.
  • Cost: $999/year.

Premium (Yearly) Plan: Priced at $167 per month, subscribers get:

  • All features of the Standard plan.
  • 20 Simultaneous Charts – perfect for a real-time stock racing experience.
  • Virtual Trading Analyst, known as Holly.
  • Entry and Exit stock signals.
  • Risk assessment tools.
  • AI-powered trade assistance.
  • The ability to build and backtest trade ideas.
  • Cost: $1999/year.

Standard (Monthly) Plan: At $118 per month, it offers:

  • All the core features of the yearly Standard plan.
  • Cost: $118/month.

Premium (Monthly) Plan: For $228 per month, you get:

  • All the goodies of the yearly Premium plan.
  • Cost: $228/month.

Last but by no means least, there’s a FREE version of Trade Ideas. It’s a stripped-down version, but it can be a great start. It allows users to build trade ideas, get delayed market data (15 – 20 minutes), and more.

Wrapping Up: Is Trade Ideas The Best Stock Screener

Armed with tools like Trade Ideas, your trading journey can be less daunting. From the Basic Stock Screener features to Advanced Features like Channel Bars, the platform ensures novice and experienced investors find their way into the stock market.

Whether you’re a day trader or a buy-and-hold investor, understanding your tools, like the Zacks Investment Research or the Finance Stock Screener, is essential. Stay updated with real-time news, balance your portfolio using Benzinga Pro, and always be on the lookout for undervalued stocks.

Remember that no tool can guarantee success, but with proper learning, strategy, and patience, tools like Trade Ideas can certainly give you an edge.

The Technical Indicators, Real-Time Scanner, and Charting Capabilities provided can help shape your Investing Strategy. Plus, the Premium Plus package offers even more for Advanced Users. Click here to start a

Click here to start with Trade Ideas and see where the journey takes you.

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