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October 15, 2023October 15, 2023


Trademetria is an online trading journal and analyzer platform designed for active traders, including day traders and swing traders. Trademetria allows you to log all your trades in one place so you can review and analyze your trading performance over time. You can track details like entry price, exit price, position size, and notes for each trade.

While Trademetria is geared toward active short-term traders, beginner traders and long-term investors could benefit from the trading platform. The portfolio management and analytics tools can provide value for any trading style or market approach.

It seems to offer a robust set of features for analyzing your trading performance and sticking to good habits. But is it the best trading journal available in the market? Here is a detailed Trademetria review to determine if it is.

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Key Features of Trademetria Trading Journal

As an active trader, having a comprehensive yet intuitive trading journal is essential for tracking your performance and improving your strategies over time. Trademetria offers robust features tailored to the needs of professional traders.

  • Customizable Dashboard Widgets: You can add widgets for your portfolio balance, open positions, daily P&L, and trading metrics. Arrange the widgets in a layout that works for you so you have all the details you need at a glance.
  • Pie Charts for Asset Allocation: See how your capital is divided between stocks, currencies, commodities, and other markets. Check what percentage of your trades are long vs. short positions. The interactive pie charts make it easy to evaluate your diversification and exposure.
  • Comprehensive Fundamental Research: The platform provides access to extensive financial information, earnings dates, charts, and company profiles from over 20 global exchanges, including NASDAQ and LSE.
  • Trusted by Thousands: With thousands of active users globally and integrations with major brokers like Interactive Brokers, Trademetria is a proven solution for journaling trades, analyzing performance, and improving your trading.
  • Advanced Metrics: On Trademetria, you get access to trading metrics, including offers valuable key metrics like profit factor, expectancy, r-multiples, win rate, holding times, and more than 20 other trading-related metrics.
  • Trading Gamification: Using a point system and leaderboards to make tracking your progress fun and engaging. You earn points for completing trading challenges and can compare your points to other successful traders. This can motivate you to trade more actively and consistently, which is key to success.

Trademetria Pricing and Plans

Trademetria offers three subscription plans: Free, Basic, and Pro. The free subscription won’t cost you anything, but it does impose a few limitations. While there are more features than limitations, we’ll begin by discussing the features you can’t use with a free account.

Free accounts only support a single account, have access to three delayed quotes per month, and are limited to three order trades per month. The Basic plan—which costs $29.95 per month—still only allows you to track a single account, but it raises your order import limit to 100 per month and offers unlimited delayed quotes.

The Pro plan doesn’t unlock any new advanced features despite costing $39.95 per month. However, it does remove the limitations on the number of order imports and delayed quotes you can use monthly.

Trademetria Trade Import Methods

Trademetria offers several methods for importing your trades, so you can choose the one that best suits your needs.

  • Manual Entries: If you have limited trade records or if you enjoy manual data entry, you can do that with Trademetria. You can easily fill in data like ticker symbols, shares traded, entry and exit prices, dates, and so on.
  • Template CSV: For traders with a large number of trade data to import, feeding data manually into Trademetria can be and is impractical. For these traders, a CSV template is the best method. Download Trademetria’s template, enter your trade details for each transaction in the template, and upload the completed CSV file.
  • Broker CSV: If Trademetria supports you or your broker, you can directly import trading files. This will save you the headache of reformating your trading data to match the Trademetria CSV template.
  • Auto Sync via API: For a hands-free import session, you can use Auto Sync via the available API. The brokers currently supported for auto-sync are Alpaca, Binance, Bitmex, Ftx, Interactive Brokers, Kraken, Kucoin, Meta Trader 5, Questrade, ThinkorSwim (Cash Balance), Tradestation via Client Center, and Tradier.

With Trademetria’s flexible import options – manual entry, template upload, broker CSV, or auto-sync – you can choose the method that works best for your needs. Keeping an accurate record of your trades has never been easier.

Is Trademetria the Best Trading Journal for You?

So, is Trademetria the best trading journal for you? That depends on your needs and trading style. Trademetria offers a lot of useful features for both new and experienced traders. Trademetria has an easy-to-use interface, and many of its key features are available for free.

Trademetria provides an easy way to gain insight into your trading performance over time. You can generate reports to see key stats for your accounts, trades, and monthly performance. Charts and graphs give you a visual snapshot of things like your win/loss ratio, risk/reward ratio, and monthly P&L.

These analytics can help you identify both strengths and weaknesses in your trading so you can make improvements. Click here to try your trading journey today with Trademetria.

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