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April 6, 2023April 6, 2023

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As a trader, one of the most crucial steps to improving your trading performance is tracking and analyzing your trading activity. Trading mistakes can often be traced back to bad trading habits or patterns, and by identifying these, you can improve your trading strategies and increase your trading edge.

To do this, many traders use a trade journal to track their trades for trading analysis. While spreadsheets of stock trading may have been the traditional way of doing things, online trading journal software, such as Tradersync, are increasingly becoming the go-to choice for many traders.

But the question is, is Tradersync legit? In this article, we’ll take a closer look at Tradersync, its features, and its user reviews, to determine if it’s a solid trading journal worth considering.
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Tradersync Overview

Tradersync is a trading journal software that allows traders to import their trading history from multiple trading platforms and analyze their trades in one place. With Tradersync, traders can easily track their trading history, see their trading habits, and analyze their trading strategies.

One of the great features of Tradersync is the weekly reports that provide users with insights into their trading performance. These reports allow traders to identify their promising trading strategies, see where they’re making mistakes, and identify where they can improve their trading skills. The platform also provides traders with customizable charts to visualize their trading history, trading habits, and trading patterns.

The Tradersync mobile application is another excellent feature that allows traders to journal on the go. The user interface is clean and easy to use, making it simple to record trades and access trading history.

New Valuable Features

TraderSync has recently introduced a new valuable feature to its platform, a trading simulator that helps traders practice their trading strategies and better their trading setups through insightful analytics. The simulator is currently in the beta version and is free to use without requiring any credit card details.

Some of the features of this trading simulator are:

  • Practice Trading: Users can select a day from the past, click play, and start practicing their trading setups.
  • Replay Trades: Users can replay their trades recorded in their journal with just one click to relieve and analyze them.
  • Analyze Trades: The simulator automatically syncs paper trades with the journal, allowing users to analyze their progress.

This trading simulator is trusted by over 100,000 retail traders and provides a better way to practice trading. It is a space to learn, empowered by the community of retail traders.

Using the simulator is easy and straightforward, and it involves four steps:

  • Discover New Strategies to Learn: Users can browse from a variety of premade setup playlists that teach them how to trade a particular setup.
  • Trade the Playlist of Charts: Once users identify a playlist, they can use the trading simulator to practice the setup on the charts.
  • Analyze and Repeat: After each session, users can review their trading session in the TraderSync Trading Journal, identify areas of improvement, and go back to the trading simulator to practice with the playlist of charts again.
  • Test Your Skills with the Community: Users can participate in free-to-join contests where they are encouraged to apply their trading strategy in the simulator. The trader with the largest profit and loss (PNL) wins prizes.

The trading simulator also comes with various features to help users track their progress, including tracking level II, keeping a watchlist, screening for stocks, tracking time and sales, and replaying past trades. Additionally, users can create playlists of setups to make their practice sessions more efficient.

With the ability to replay up to four years of tick data, the TraderSync trading simulator is an excellent tool for traders looking to improve their trading skills and gain more experience. It provides a unique opportunity to practice trading strategies and develop a trading edge that can set users apart in the market.

Customer Reviews

Tradersync has earned an excellent TrustScore of 4.5 out of 5 on Trustpilot, based on multiple customer reviews. The reviews express the users’ satisfaction with the product, highlighting that Tradersync is a valuable tool for traders looking to improve their trading skills.

Many reviewers commend the platform’s user-friendly interface, comprehensive analytical and statistical tools, and the ease of importing data from various sources. The platform’s analytical tools also make it easy for traders to identify their strengths and weaknesses, and thus refine their trading strategies.

The ability to assign “setups” to each trade and evaluate them later is a feature that users appreciate. Additionally, the customer service is prompt, responsive and open to feedback, which has helped many traders resolve their queries.

These reviews point to the legitimacy of Tradersync as a tool that can help traders improve their trading performance. Its intuitive design, comprehensive analysis, and efficient customer support have earned Tradersync a reputation as a reliable and effective trading journal tool.

“Perfect solution for my trading – I’ve been looking for a good solution for my trading diary for a long time. To be honest, I am enthusiastic about this software solution! Above all, I love that you can assign a lot of “steups” to each trade and evaluate them later. The design is also very cool – especially the blackmode version of course.”
“Tradersync makes my life easier – I have tried many trading journals and TraderSync is by far my number one pick. Compared to any other journal they just make my life easier when it comes to logging trades. With the new feature they launched to be able to replay trades and view level II data, that is just next level. I used to pay for another software to replay trades and practice, now without paying a penny more I can do my journaling and practice all in here.
Thank you again, please, keep on bridging amazing features.”

Final Thoughts – Is Tradesync Worth it?

If you’re looking to improve your trading performance and profitability, then the answer is a resounding yes, Tradersync is worth it. Tradersync offers a comprehensive set of tools and features that can help you identify your trading patterns, analyze your trades, and optimize your trading strategies.

With Tradersync, you can keep a detailed trading journal and review your trades on an ongoing basis. This helps you identify your strengths and weaknesses, so you can adjust your trading strategies accordingly. By reviewing your trades, you can also identify any bad trading habits that may be holding you back and take steps to correct them.

Tradersync also offers a trading simulator that allows you to practice your trading strategies in a risk-free environment. This helps you refine your strategies and gain confidence in your trading abilities without risking any real money. Additionally, the simulator allows you to replay past trades and analyze them in detail, so you can identify what worked and what didn’t.

Tradersync is a powerful tool for traders who want to improve their trading skills and profitability. By using the platform to review your trades, practice your strategies, and analyze your trading patterns, you can gain a trading edge and make more informed decisions in the market.

In addition to the platform’s powerful features, Tradersync also offers a 7-day free trial, so you can test out the platform and see if it’s right for you. If you’re serious about improving your trading performance and profitability, we highly recommend giving Tradersync a try. Click here to get started today.

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