Is TrendSpider Legit?

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November 4, 2022November 4, 2022


TrendSpider is an exciting assessment tool with various automatic features and AI-assisted technical expertise, that will astound both new and seasoned traders.

These features make TrendSpider’s software very enticing but, they do come at a slight premium depending on the package you go for. So, is worth it, is TrendSpider legit?

We think so. Experienced traders will like its emphasis on customization and tailored notifications while new traders will enjoy the easy-to-use platform.

Let’s take a closer look at TrendSpider below.

Product NameTrendSpider
ServicesAll-in-One Trading Software
Membership Fees$39 to $129.00/Month
Platform Tools Fibonacci retracements that are Automatic Pattern Recognition Using AI
Multi-Factor Alerts
TrialFree 7-Day

TrendSpider Summary

  • TrendSpider provides automatic analytic tools to traders.
  • It attempts to assist you in identifying and capitalizing on trends quicker than the typical trader could while assisting you in monitoring price changes and indications.
  • A free 7-day trial is offered to all users.

Pros & Cons


  • Adaptable and easy-to-use interface
  • With the option to schedule one-on-one consultations, the customer service is excellent.
  • Improves price interpretation through the detection of trendlines
  • A very precise candlestick and trendline detection


  • Rookie traders without trading knowledge may find it challenging to grasp the platform

Learn More About TrendSpider

What Is TrendSpider?

TrendSpider is an online platform for backtesting, chart assessment, strategy creation, and technical and fundamental analysis using machine learning algorithms to identify trends. This tool provides traders with outstanding visual chart displays that can boost trading productivity.

TrendSpider is:

  • An excellent educational tool that can develop technical indicators expertise and teach the senses to recognize patterns that haven’t been noticed previously.
  • A tool to help users reduce time spent drawing lines and conducting their own data analysis.

No setup or data download requirements are needed for the TrendSpider HTML5 application.

With just one click, TrendSpider can be started. Given the challenge of automated analysis, the program operates swiftly, and complete evaluation takes only a few seconds.

You can read our full TrendSpider review here!

What Does TrendSpider Offer?

With TrendSpider, you can analyze stock market data, perform technical analysis, day trade, swing trade, and invest in the stock market. As well as helping you spot and exploit trends faster than an average trader, it helps you track price movements and indicators.

A comparison of TrendSpider and TradingView shows that TrendSpider excels at AI automated trends, pattern recognition for multi-timeframes, and innovation.

One of their most innovative features is the Raindrop Chart. A raindrop chart is an alternative to a classic candlestick pattern developed by TrendSpider for traders to provide a new perspective on charts.

Other notable stand out features of TrendSpider:

  • The ability to backtest instantly
  • Chart patterns recognition
  • Trendline analysis and detection
  • Multi Timeframe analysis
  • All charts can be analyzed using Alphatrends’ VWAP
  • Analysis of Multiple Timeframe Charts
  • Support for U.S. stocks, forex, and crypto exchanges.

Further cementing its dominance in the debate of TrendSpider Vs. Trade Ideas, the TrendSpider crew seems driven to keep creating new tools and features to differentiate itself from the competition.

This is evidenced by the website’s regular display of enhancements to the software’s functionality. The platform has developed into the industry’s best complete technical analysis tool, and they keep coming up with new ideas.

Their notifications continue to be “leagues ahead” of the competition since they were the first ones to deliver a completely configurable automation engine on a tracking platform.

What Are The Expected Returns For TrendSpider?

TrendSpider Alerts provide you with a notification when a profitable trading opportunity is detected which could result in a return ranging from 1% to 20%.

Founded in 2016, TrendSpider aims to improve analysis consistency, give users the tools they need to create better investment strategies, reduce errors, and enable traders to make better daily judgments.

These traders utilize the platform’s automated, real-time market data to make daily trading decisions. US stocks, foreign currency pairs, and cryptocurrencies are all included in TrendSpider’s data, along with their Raindrop Charts and Auto-Anchored signals.

TrendSpider Reviews

One of the most extensive review sites in the world, Trustpilot, contains numerous positive comments about TrendSpider. We will mention some of them:

TrendSpider is changing the game with AlphaTrends anchored VWAP, anchored volume by price indicator, raindrop charts™, and so much more! The staff couldn’t care more about their customers and product! Within a year, they have grown the platform at a pace unheard of! Get in now and be part of all that’s to come!”-Mighty Soldiers Trades LLC
good app, useful tool for traders. it has what tradingview is missing, imagine if they combined?
customer support is decent, they reply back fairly quick and will help with whatever the issue is or direct you to the right direction.”-Georgie

TrendSpider Ranking

Below are some of TrendSpider’s ratings:

BBB LogoBBB5/5
Trustpilot LogoGoogle Play Store4.4/5
Apple App StoreThe Apple App Store4.4/5


TrendSpider is a legit platform that offers active traders dependable charting, with cutting-edge tools and precise data.

High-end features, such as automatic trendlines with market intelligence, real time data, and are accessible to most traders.

TrendSpider provides you with smart trading tools that will assist you in becoming an advanced trader while giving you a competitive edge, all at a fair price!

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Start Using TrendSpider

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