Is VectorVest Worth It? Do The Benefits Justify The Price?

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February 20, 2024February 20, 2024

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For stock traders, the right research tools are not just helpful, they’re essential. In the fast-paced world of stock trading, where fortunes can turn in a matter of minutes, having access to real-time data, insightful analytics, and reliable forecasts can be the difference between a missed opportunity and a lucrative trade.

It’s a competitive field where the quality of your tools can significantly impact your success rate. Amidst the plethora of options available for traders seeking that edge, one name often comes up in discussions: VectorVest.

This platform promises a comprehensive suite of tools designed to empower traders with actionable insights and data-driven strategies. But with so many options on the market, traders are left wondering: Is VectorVest worth it? Read on to find out.
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What is VectorVest?

Dr. Bart DiLiddo, leveraging his background as an MIT graduate with an interest in the stock market, introduced VectorVest over forty years ago. His motivation was clear: to streamline the tedious process of analyzing thousands of stocks for potential investment. This led to the development of VectorVest, designed to simplify the decision-making process for investors.

The platform differentiates itself with a rating system that evaluates stocks based on Value, Strength, and Timing. This approach was Dr. DiLiddo’s solution to the demand for swift, data-driven investment choices.

VectorVest, as a result of Dr. DiLiddo’s efforts, aims to offer an alternative to traditional stock market analysis methods. It’s built on his mathematical expertise and understanding of market dynamics, creating a tool that proposes to make investing more straightforward. Currently, VectorVest provides a no-frills interface intended to assist investors in navigating their choices more efficiently.

VectorVest Features

In order to decide for yourself if VectorVest is worth it, you should be well acquainted with its benefits. Here is my breakdown of what you can expect from VectorVest:

  • RS (Relative Safety), RT (Relative Timing), RV (Relative Value): Proprietary indicators used by VectorVest to analyze stocks, each focusing on different aspects of stock performance.
  • VST (Value, Safety, Timing) Score: A consolidated rating that combines RS, RT, and RV into a single number to identify the best investment opportunities at any given time, along with buy, sell, and hold ratings for stocks.
  • Unisearch Scanner: A tool that allows users to filter through VectorVest’s database using proprietary indicators, with premade strategies available for exploration through backtesting.
  • Charts: A comprehensive charting interface that displays price data, technical and fundamental indicators, including VST ratings. It features pre-configured strategy layouts like The Enhanced Protrader Timing Layout and The Acid Test layout, alongside customization options with manual trend lines and various indicators.
  • News and Daily Market Analysis: VectorVest offers news updates and analyzes the daily market for its subscribers, providing insights and trends.
  • VectorVest 7: The flagship software that analyzes and ranks over 20,000 stocks globally using 41 parameters, equipped with buy, sell, and hold strategy recommendations.
  • Mobile App: Provides advisory functions similar to VectorVest 7 for managing investments on the move.
  • RoboTrader: An alert system that simplifies trading by integrating with partner brokers and pre-filling order forms based on user-defined criteria.
  • Watchdog & Super Watchdog: Tools for monitoring selected stocks, issuing alerts based on specific criteria, with Super Watchdog offering functionality away from the computer.
  • ProfitLocker Pro: A management tool for setting floating stop loss and taking profit levels to optimize trading outcomes.
  • ProTrader 7: Features over 28 built-in technical searches, which users can customize to fit their trading needs.
  • Options Analyzer: Assists in options trading with analysis graphs and built-in trades, facilitating strategy planning and execution.
  • Personal Portfolio Analysis: Offers an in-depth portfolio analysis service, utilizing VectorVest’s stock analysis system to manage portfolios and advise on actions based on backtesting results.

VectorVest Pricing

A major factor in your decision on whether VectorVest is worth it or not, should be the pricing. Here is what VectorVest charges for  its various services:

  • Basic (“End of Day”) Subscription: For $69 a month, following a $9.95 trial period, subscribers receive end-of-day market analyses, market timing insights, and mobile app access.
  • Enhanced Subscription: This tier builds on the Basic package by including live updates every 15 minutes and is available for $99 a month after the trial.
  • Premium Subscription: Designed for the most active traders, this $149/month plan (post-trial) offers real-time market data and includes exclusive tools like AutoTimer, ProTrader 7, and WatchDog at no additional cost.

For those looking to further tailor their VectorVest experience, a range of add-ons is available:

  • Options Pro: Priced at $249/month, this tool aids in uncovering options trading opportunities.
  • RealTime Derby: For $99/month, users can compare the performance of various trading strategies in real-time.
  • RoboTrader: Also at $99/month, this feature offers continuous portfolio monitoring, ensuring you’re always on top of market movements.
  • ProfitLocker Pro: Available for $99/month, this dynamic trading stop adjusts based on market conditions to help maximize profits.
  • Options Analyzer: At $495/month, this advanced tool allows for deep dives into options strategies, assessing potential profits and losses.
  • Super Watchdog: For $99/month, this feature offers dynamic monitoring that alerts traders to new opportunities, even when they’re away from their desks.

Is VectorVest Worth It?

Wondering if VectorVest is worth the investment? This platform distinguishes itself with unique indicators and subscription plans designed for every trader, from beginners to the pros. It’s all about giving you the tools for smarter market analysis and trading decisions.

No matter your experience level, VectorVest has something that could potentially boost your trading game.

Curious to see how VectorVest can fit into your trading strategy? Click Here to check out more about what it offers and decide if it’s the right fit for you.
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