Is YieldStreet Legit?

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April 1, 2023April 1, 2023


The world of investing is vast and ever-changing, with various platforms claiming to offer the best investment opportunities. One such platform, YieldStreet, has been making waves in the alternative investment space.

But is YieldStreet legit, and is it worth your time and money? This article will explore the company’s background, features, and offerings to help you make an informed decision.
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Company Background

YieldStreet is an alternative investment platform founded in 2015 by Milind Mehere, Michael Weisz, and Dennis Shields. The platform aims to provide access to unique investment opportunities in alternative assets, which were previously only available to institutional investors. YieldStreet is designed to enable individual investors, both accredited and non-accredited, to diversify their portfolios and potentially generate passive income through alternative asset classes.

Since its inception, YieldStreet has attracted over 428,000 members, with an average of 8.2 investments per investor. The platform has facilitated investments totaling more than $3.4 billion, with a net annualized return (IRR) of 9.8%. YieldStreet has generated over $2 billion in investor returns, showcasing its legitimacy and success in the alternative investing space. Popular asset classes on the platform include real estate, short-term notes, and private credit.

The platform offers a wide range of investment options, including legal finance, marine finance, litigation finance, and real estate investments, among others.

Customer Reviews

The YieldStreet platform has garnered positive feedback from users, as evidenced by its impressive ratings on both the Google Play Store (4.6 stars with 410 reviews and over 10,000 downloads) and the Apple App Store (4.7 stars with 1.6K ratings). These glowing reviews offer strong support for the platform’s legitimacy and the value it provides to its users.

Let’s take a look at what users say:

“App is brilliant – This app is a great way to deepen and broaden my exposure to private capital markets. It allows you to do everything the website does and is in some ways easier to use. I love the new ‘cards’-type design. Accessing alts is never something I could do with all my Fidelity accounts / relationships but being able to do it here at Yieldstreet has helped me to modernize my family’s approaches to building wealth. Highly recommended for anyone looking to gain access to the wealth strategies of the rich.”
“Yieldstreet offers a great portfolio of diversified offerings for all risk profiles. If you need more guidance and assistance picking investments there are many resources available. The web platform and app is easy to use and offers many features.”
“Good opportunity for non-accredited investors to get into Alternatives with high yields! Very easy UI to navigate and understand.”

Investment Offerings

YieldStreet provides access to various alternative investments, allowing investors to create a diversified portfolio outside the traditional stock market. These investments include:

  • Legal Finance: YieldStreet offers investment opportunities in legal finance, which involves funding legal cases and settlements. This asset class provides investors with a chance to earn returns from legal settlements without the risks associated with stock market fluctuations.
  • Marine Finance: YieldStreet offers investments in marine finance, providing financing for maritime projects and vessels. This unique asset class offers investors the potential for high returns while diversifying their portfolios.
  • Real Estate Investment: YieldStreet provides access to real estate investments, including both equity and debt offerings. These investments enable investors to capitalize on the growth of the real estate market and generate potential returns through rental income and property appreciation.
  • Litigation Finance: Litigation finance is another alternative asset class offered by YieldStreet, in which investors fund legal cases in exchange for a share of the potential settlement or judgment.

YieldStreet Prism Fund

The YieldStreet Prism Fund is a mutual fund designed to provide both accredited and non-accredited investors with access to a diversified portfolio of alternative assets. The fund offers a lower minimum investment compared to individual offerings, making it more accessible to a broader range of investors.

Minimum Investment and Fees

YieldStreet’s investment minimums vary depending on the type of offering. Individual offerings typically have higher minimum investments, while the YieldStreet Prism Fund has a lower minimum investment requirement, making it more accessible to non-accredited investors.

The platform charges annual management fees on investments, which vary depending on the investment type. For the YieldStreet Prism Fund, the annual management fee is 1% of assets under management. Fees for individual offerings may differ based on the specific investment.

Is YieldStreet Worth It?

YieldStreet’s offerings provide investors with an opportunity to diversify their portfolios and potentially earn passive income through alternative asset classes. The platform offers a wide range of investment options, from legal finance to real estate investments, catering to various investor preferences and risk tolerances.

For accredited and non-accredited investors seeking to expand their portfolios beyond traditional stocks and bonds, YieldStreet offers an attractive option. The platform’s alternative investments can potentially generate higher returns than traditional investments, with the added benefit of diversification.

YieldStreet’s user-friendly interface makes it easy for investors to browse and select investment opportunities, providing detailed information about each offering, including potential returns, investment terms, and risk factors. This transparency helps investors make informed decisions about their investments.

The platform’s lower minimum investment for the YieldStreet Prism Fund makes it more accessible to non-accredited investors, who may not have the capital required to invest in individual offerings.

Final Thoughts – Is YieldStreet Legit?

Based on the company background, diverse investment offerings, positive customer reviews, and strong performance, YieldStreet is indeed a legitimate and reliable platform for both accredited and non-accredited investors looking to diversify their portfolios through alternative assets. The platform offers a wide range of investment options, catering to different investor preferences and risk tolerances, while providing a user-friendly experience.

It is worth noting that there are other alternative investment platforms in the market, such as Fundrise and CrowdStreet, which also offer a range of investment options and features. Investors should consider their unique financial goals and circumstances when deciding between platforms like YieldStreet, Fundrise, and CrowdStreet. Reading comprehensive reviews and comparisons of these platforms can help investors make an informed decision on which platform best suits their needs.

But ultimately, YieldStreet is a legit investment platform for those seeking exposure to alternative asset classes and a more diversified portfolio. With its user-friendly interface, diverse investment offerings, and positive customer reviews, YieldStreet is worth considering for investors looking to expand their investment horizons beyond traditional stocks and bonds. Click here to get started today!

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