Jigsaw Trading Reviews & Ratings: An Insight into the Popular Trading Resource

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August 13, 2023August 13, 2023

Jigsaw Trading

Jigsaw Trading is a popular trading platform in the financial market. Given its rising fame, let’s dive into some genuine Jigsaw Trading reviews & ratings to provide a comprehensive overview of the platform.

A Brief Background: Jigsaw Trading

Jigsaw Trading is a specialized book order trading platform known for its vast resources dedicated to educating both retail and institutional traders. The platform is designed for those keen on understanding and mastering book trading, focusing primarily on providing the best resources in this niche area of trading. This specialization means the platform might not be suitable for passive traders or those exploring other trading methods

Jigsaw Trading, founded by Peter Davies in 2011, operates as a privately held entity. The software’s quality speaks volumes, with more than 3,500 satisfied users across the globe, and a top rating among over 280 trading applications.

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Core Features of Jigsaw Trading

  • Order Flow Patterns: Jigsaw showcases order flow in real-time, equipped with a Depth of Market (DOM) tool and an order book heatmap. Their historical representation of the order book is unique, offering an edge for backtesting strategies.
  • Jigsaw Trading DOM Tool: Noted for its visual appeal and customizability, the DOM tool is user-friendly, ideal for long trading sessions.
  • Historical Data Visualization: What sets Jigsaw apart is its capacity to capture and assemble bid x ask data efficiently, a feature unparalleled in the trading platform market.
  • Educational Emphasis: For those new to order flow, Jigsaw breaks down concepts into digestible pieces, ensuring even beginners can grasp the nuances of order flow in a short period. Their approach combines foundational exercises with in-depth video-based education to offer insights into actionable market activities, preparing traders for advanced lessons.
  • Community & Support: CEO Peter Davies emphasizes the value of community. Jigsaw offers a unique chat room where traders can engage in live discussions about market dynamics. Additionally, various users and the Jigsaw team regularly contribute content and insights on partner platforms and their blog.

Jigsaw Trading Reviews & Ratings

According to Trustpilot, Jigsaw Trading holds a rating of 4.2/5 stars. Let’s examine what some of the users had to say about their experience with Jigsaw Trading:

Positive Feedback

Most users share glowing reviews about their experiences:

  • Personal Touch: Many commend the company’s personal approach. One user, initially struggling with the educational aspect, received direct assistance from Peter, the CEO. The user labeled this a “no man left behind” policy, illustrating the company’s dedication to customer support.
  • Platform Appreciation: Users often compare Jigsaw with other platforms. One review claims it stands out for its step-by-step guidelines, making it user-friendly.
  • Educational Resources: Multiple reviewers have lauded Jigsaw’s educational resources. Some traders, with years of experience, claim that they learned new strategies and methods through Jigsaw that they hadn’t encountered elsewhere.
  • CEO’s Involvement: A noteworthy mention is Peter, the CEO. Users appreciate his proactive approach to helping traders overcome their hurdles, demonstrating his passion for trading.
  • Functional Features: For many, the Jigsaw platform offers an edge in trading, giving insights into the reasons behind market movements, which aids in more informed trading decisions.

Constructive Criticism

While most reviews are positive, it’s crucial to consider the concerns of the minority:

  • Cancellation Policy: One user cautioned others to carefully read the cancellation policy before committing. This user expressed regret over not getting a full refund after canceling their service just a day after signing up.
  • Platform Comparison: A user mentioned preferring another platform over Jigsaw, pointing out that trading information can be accessed for free elsewhere.

However, Jigsaw’s reply to this feedback is worth noting. They draw a distinction between their platform and others, emphasizing that their tools are self-configuring and made to work straight out of the box, reducing the need for a myriad of settings.

Is Jigsaw Trading Worth the Investment?

Before making a decision, let’s break down the advantages and disadvantages in this Jigsaw Trading review & ratings:


  • Independent: $579
  • Professional: $879
  • Market Maker: $1,499
  • Institutional: $1,799

Additionally, there’s a subscription fee of $50 monthly or $500 annually.


  • Superior order book software.
  • Exceptional training materials.
  • Dual real-time market flow visual tools – DOM and heatmap.
  • Robust customer support and community.
  • Unique order re-bundling feature.


  • Slightly jittery heatmap.
  • Absence of an inbuilt market replay function.
  • Potential cost accumulation for advanced tools.
  • Exclusivity to order book traders.

Jigsaw Trading Reviews & Ratings: Final Thoughts

With its outstanding features and impressive accolades, Jigsaw Trading stands out in the world of order book trading software. Its comprehensive toolkit, extensive training modules, and a dynamic trading community make it worth considering for experienced order book traders. If you’re new to this niche, starting with the basic package and scaling up with experience might be the prudent move.

If you’re looking to take your trading to the next level and need more information on the best resources available, don’t hesitate to explore what Jigsaw Trading can offer you.

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