Who is Jim Cramer from Action Alerts PLUS: A Deep Dive into His Investment Legacy

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July 24, 2023July 24, 2023

Jim Cramer

With his larger-than-life personality and deep-seated financial expertise, James Joseph Cramer has made a name for himself as one of the most influential figures in the investment world. Born on February 10, 1955, in Wyndmoor, Pennsylvania, Cramer started his journey in finance right after graduating from Harvard Law School. Instead of practicing law, he was pulled towards Wall Street. He spent many years as a stockbroker for Goldman Sachs before founding his hedge fund, Cramer, Berkowitz & Co.

Despite his successful stint as a hedge fund manager, Cramer’s fame and influence truly burgeoned with his media engagements. His television show “Mad Money” on CNBC, where he passionately discusses stock recommendations, has been a beacon of financial advice for many. But one of his most significant contributions to the finance industry has been founding TheStreet, a financial news and literacy website launched in 1996.

During the digital revolution, Cramer capitalized on the internet boom to bring Wall Street knowledge to the everyday person. This platform allowed him to democratize investment insights and provide timely financial information that was once only available to Wall Street insiders. This introduction will shed light on the man behind these achievements, his investment strategies, and the inception of one of his brainchild – Action Alerts PLUS.

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Jim Cramer: from Founding TheStreet to Action Alerts PLUS



TheStreet was founded in 1996 by Jim Cramer alongside Martin Peretz, one of his former professors at Harvard University. The idea was simple yet novel: democratize financial information primarily accessible to Wall Street professionals, and bring it to the people. TheStreet started as a website to provide financial news and analysis. It later became a platform where seasoned professionals could share their insights about the financial market with the public.

This groundbreaking initiative proved timely and effective. It coincided with the dot-com boom and the growing interest in personal finance. TheStreet capitalized on the popularity of the Internet to distribute financial knowledge.  This move made it an essential destination for anyone interested in investing and financial markets.

Cramer served as a key figure in shaping TheStreet’s direction and growth. His in-depth knowledge of the financial market and his style and persona led to TheStreet becoming one of the leading financial news and services websites. Cramer’s style and persona also played a crucial role in the website’s popularity.

Beyond founding TheStreet, Cramer contributed regularly as a writer, analyst, and presenter. His articles provided valuable insights into the stock market, often drawing from his rich experience in Wall Street and the hedge fund world. His writing reflected his passion for making finance accessible, which was appealing to both beginners and seasoned investors. Cramer also appeared on television to discuss financial trends and stock picks, which drove traffic and subscribers to TheStreet.

His contributions were significant in launching services like Action Alerts PLUS, which aimed at providing actionable insights for active investors to navigate the ever-volatile financial market.

Action Alerts PLUS

Action Alerts PLUS

Action Alerts PLUS is a premier subscription service from TheStreet. Initially envisioned by Cramer, Action Alerts PLUS seeks to democratize the financial market by providing individual investors access to the sort of high-quality insights and investment strategies typically reserved for Wall Street insiders.

The platform was born out of a desire to level the playing field. It provides the average investor with actionable insights to help guide their investment decisions. The service’s primary audience includes active traders, diversified portfolio seekers, and those seeking a community-driven investment environment.

Action Alerts PLUS is packed with features designed to provide subscribers with a comprehensive investing experience. It also offers several key benefits to investors who wish to stay informed about TheStreet’s portfolio changes.

As for pricing, unlike Real Money Pro, Action Alerts PLUS offers more affordable plans starting at $16.67 per month for the Annual Subscription (a monthly subscription is also available).

Jim Cramer: The Investor

Jim Cramer’s investment philosophy is built on his substantial experience and deep understanding of the stock market, developed over years of personal trading and managing large portfolios. Cramer is best known for his high-energy approach to stock picking and his ability to break down complex financial topics in an accessible way, as exemplified in his widely viewed CNBC show, Mad Money.

During his time at Goldman Sachs and later at his hedge fund, Cramer, Berkowitz & Co., Cramer showcased remarkable performance achieving significant annual returns. He self-reported a 24% rate of return after all fees for 15 years and 36% at the peak of the dot-com bubble.

His approach is based on diligent research. Understanding a company’s business model, performance, and position within the industry is crucial before making an investment decision. He also stresses on investment portfolio diversification and exposure to different sectors to mitigate risk.

Cramer also promotes patience and long-term thinking. He underscores that successful investing isn’t about short-term gains but about making informed decisions that pay off over time.

Jim Cramer’s Legacy within Action Alerts PLUS and TheStreet

Following the acquisition of TheStreet, Jim Cramer’s role within the organization shifted. His legacy within TheStreet and Action Alerts PLUS is a testament to his investing prowess and charismatic presence. His style of simplifying complex financial information for everyday investors is in the DNA of the service. Members can expect to see his signature strategies reflected in the real-time trade alerts and portfolio adjustments.

Under the direction of Bob Lang and Chris Versace, Action Alerts PLUS continues to thrive. It offers real-time trade alerts, round-the-clock portfolio access, exclusive monthly calls, a member forum, and in-depth analysis articles. Furthermore, its innovative rating system provides an additional layer of guidance for investors. It groups stocks into distinct categories like ‘Buy Now,’ ‘Stockpile,’ ‘Holding Pattern,’ and ‘Sell.’

Conclusion: Jim Cramer’s Enduring Influence in the Investment World

Jim Cramer’s influence reaches far beyond his television persona on CNBC’s Mad Money and CNBC Investing Club. From TheStreet to the birth of Action Alerts PLUS, his mark on the investment world continues to inspire. His approach shaped Action Alerts PLUS into a valuable tool for investors aiming to stay ahead in the stock market.

If the idea of leveraging Cramer’s investment strategies intrigues you, don’t hesitate to take advantage of Action Alerts PLUS. Visit this link and begin your journey towards more informed and strategic investing. The guidance of Cramer’s legacy awaits you.

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