By: Jeremy Biberdorf
Aug 06. 2023

Journalytix Review 2024

By: Jeremy Biberdorf
Aug 06. 2023


Disclosure: This page may contain affiliate links. This means we earn a small commission (at no additional cost to you) if you purchase a product through our links.
Disclosure: This page may contain affiliate links. This means we earn a small commission (at no additional cost to you) if you purchase a product through our links.
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In a nutshell: Journalytix is a trading platform created by Jigsaw in 2018. It’s designed for traders of all types, including those dealing with futures, forex, CFDs, stocks, and cryptocurrencies. What makes Journalytix special? It’s a sturdy yet easy-to-use tool that gives you live updates, helps you keep track of your trades, shows you helpful charts, and more.

It offers a blend of real-time insights, journaling features, and analytics, so whether you’ve been trading for years or are just starting, it will help you see trends and patterns in your trading so that you can make smarter decisions.

Journalytix takes the complexity out of trading and position trades for success. It provides useful insights; whether you’re an independent trader or a trading company, the tool can help you make better choices and get the most out of your trading.

This Journalytix review will explore the platform to provide insight into what it encompasses and offers.

Service TypeFees
Trading Software/PlatformVariable
Pros & Cons
  • Versatile Trading Options
  • User-Friendly Design
  • Real-Time Insights and News
  • Automated Trade Journaling & Tagging.
  • Advanced Analytics Dashboard
  • Various Compatibility Options
  • Flexible Subscription Plans
  • Customization and Security Assurance
  • Potential Complexity for Absolute Beginners
  • Subscription fees may be costly for some users

What Is Journalytix?

Journalytix is an all-in-one trading platform developed by Jigsaw in 2018. It’s designed to assist individuals and trading firms with various types of trading, including futures, forex, CFDs, stocks, and even cryptocurrency. This excellent platform simplifies trading through real-time updates, advanced analytics, automated journaling, and more, making it suitable for talented traders, both beginners and experts.

With features like a live audio news reader, real-time economic alerts, automated trade tracking, intelligent analytics, and a personal playbook, Journalytix helps traders make informed decisions. It also provides a detailed insight into one’s trading history, assisting in learning from past experiences to improve future performance.

Journalytix offers a dashboard for trader assistance, a P&L calendar to overview performance, and compatibility with various trading platforms and broker feeds. Subscription plans cater to individual traders and professional teams, with monthly, annual, and enterprise options. A 14-day free trial and secure payment options add to the appeal.

External Journalytix Reviews & Ratings

DeCarley Trading4.4 from 34 reviews

Features of Journalytix

Trading can be confusing and complicated, but Journalytix makes it simple and clear with its excellent features. It’s a handy tool not only for individual traders but also for trading firms that want to improve. Here’s what makes this software so special:

1. Real-Time Insights and News

Journalytix’s “Day Overview” keeps you up-to-date with live audio news feeds and economic release warnings. The real-time ‘trading assistant’ proves to be an effective guide throughout one’s trading day. This feature-packed tool comes with an audio news reader, providing the latest financial updates and real-time reports on the economy. It also includes a comprehensive risk and position monitor, coupled with charts to track profits and losses, ensuring that a trader can clearly understand what’s affecting the market and how it impacts their performance.

Additionally, the integration of audio and visual alerts for economic news acts as a safety net, preventing users from unintentionally trading during a crucial news release. The real-time updates on economic news serve as a boon, keeping users one step ahead when significant announcements hit the market. All in all, this ‘trading assistant’ is a robust tool that adeptly helps navigate the complex world of trading.”

2. Automated Trade Journaling & Tagging

This automated system offers real-time tracking of various types of trading, including Stocks, Options, Futures, Forex, CFD, and Cryptocurrency. It allows the user to quickly gather data and even add extra details to the trading information. With just a single click on a notification on the trader’s computer or mobile device or by selecting from a list of untagged trades, additional tracking information can be added.

The tool is designed to make trading more accessible and efficient, providing everything one might need to manage trades right at their fingertips.

As soon as you create or close a position, Journalytix takes note of it, literally. You’ll receive a notification that lets you add voice notes (in 130 languages!), categorize the trade, or attach images or videos. It’s like having a digital diary that captures every thought and detail about your trades.

3. Advanced Analytics

The Advanced Analytics Dashboard of this tool provides a detailed insight into your trading history, identifying which strategies are successful and which ones fail. It goes beyond mere numbers, exploring the hidden patterns that directly influence your profit and loss, helping you learn from past experiences to improve future performance.

This intelligent analytics tool accelerates the rate at which traders can enhance their skills, making it an invaluable resource. For those aiming to take their trading to the next level, this dashboard serves as both a guide and an insightful tool, demystifying the complex world of trading.”

4. Playbook

Since no strategy works all the time, Journalytix offers a Playbook feature. It’s a place to save your trading rules and recognize the best market conditions for each setup. Imagine it as your playbook in sports, helping you adapt strategies as the game (or market) changes.

5. P&L Calendar

This feature is your at-a-glance overview of performance over time. Spot those unusual good or bad days and learn what happened, so you can repeat successes and avoid mistakes. It’s like having a highlight reel of your trading career.

Who Can Benefit from Using Journalytix?

1. Independent Traders

Journalytix makes trading easier for independent traders. As an independent trader, whether you’re a novice or veteran, handling multiple accounts, currencies, and market types can be overwhelming. Journalytix comes to the rescue with its all-in-one dashboard, providing a single place to manage all these complexities.

Ever felt the need to keep a trade journal but found the process boring and time-consuming? Journalytix makes it easy. When you make a trade, you’ll receive a notification on your computer or mobile device within seconds. With just one click, you can see all the details about that trade and even add notes, pictures, or videos. It turns a tedious task into something quick and simple.

2. Proprietary Trading Firms

Journalytix is a good tool for Proprietary Trading Firms (‘Prop Firms’), and it helps them in several ways, including improving trader performance, keeping an eye on risks, and even helping with hiring new people.

This platform helps prop trading companies around the world make smarter decisions about their business. Whether planning big future changes or just reacting to what’s happening in the market right now, Journalytix offers Real Time and Historical Analysis. This means it can show patterns in trading data that were hard to see before, giving companies new insights to make more money from their trading.

But that’s not all. Journalytix can also cut down on the costs of hiring new people. It lets companies watch what outside traders are doing without much time or effort but with great accuracy.

And these companies can get started with Journalytix in a quick and simple process. Often, all that needs to be done is to put a small application on their computer in the office. Then, every trader can log into the Journalytix server to see their own trading data, and the firm’s management can log in to see everything that’s going on in the company.

Journalytix Compatibility

Journalytix supports various trading platforms, and It even works with different data feeds. Here is break down of the various platform compatible with Journalytix:

  • Broker Feeds: Journalytix works with CQG Continuum, GAIN, Rithmic, IQFeed, TT REST
  • Trading Platforms: Journalytix is compatible with NinjaTrader 8, MT4, MT5, Stellar, Tradovate, XTrader, TSTTrader
  • Note: GAIN is also known under other names like S5 Trader, Alpha Trader, Apex Trader, and more

Journalytix Subscription Prices

When it comes to subscription prices, Journalytix has something for everyone. Whether you’re an individual trader or part of a professional team, there are options to match what you’re looking for. There are different plans to choose from; you can either pay monthly or save by paying yearly.

Let’s take a look at the choices you have.


  • Access to real-time financial news feeds
  • Automated logging of trades
  • Unlimited trades across various markets:
    • Forex
    • Futures
    • Stocks
    • CFDs
    • Cryptocurrency
  • Features include:
    • Trade notifications
    • Journal queue
    • Easy-to-use journal editor
    • Image storage
    • Day diary view
    • Risk analysis
    • Global economic news calendar
    • Trade classification
    • Free format trade tags
    • Analytics dashboard
    • Interactive trade blotter
    • Trader leaderboard


  • All the features of the monthly plan
  • Save by paying for a full year at once

3. JOURNALYTIX ENTERPRISE PLAN – For Prop Firms/Trading Teams

  • All the features of the other plans
  • Management dashboard
  • Trade groups
  • Group/firm analytics
  • Group/firm leaderboard
  • Customized solutions for professional teams

With these pricing options, Journalytix offers a range of features and flexibility to suit the needs of individual traders as well as professional teams. Whether you’re looking for a monthly commitment or want to dive into the annual plan, Journalytix has you covered with its user-friendly tools and valuable insights.

Try Journalytix for Free

Journalytix offers a 14-day free trial, allowing you to test the platform without any charges for the first two weeks. If you decide not to continue, simply cancel the recurring payment in PayPal before the 14 days are up. If you need help with canceling, just get in touch, and assistance will be provided. It’s an easy and convenient way to explore what Journalytix has to offer.

Journalytix Payment System

With Journalytix, you can pay securely using PayPal, and you don’t even need a PayPal account to do so. You can choose from various payment methods, including PayPal Balance, American Express, Visa, MasterCard, and Discover. Whether you prefer to use your credit card or pay directly from your PayPal balance, it’s a safe and recommended way to handle the transaction.

Customer Reviews for Journalytix

Many people have shared positive feedback about Journalytix, both independent traders and professional trading firms. One notable review comes from “Cygnet Proprietary Trading,” which particularly appreciated the journaling features of the platform.

They shared that as a firm looking to hire remote traders, they needed a way to monitor new applicants without having to sift through complicated broker statements. They wanted to ensure that they could allocate funds to the right strategies and responsible traders.

That’s when they heard about Journalytix’s new journaling and trade analytics software, compatible with various trading platforms. They quickly set up test accounts and found that even though the product was in beta testing, the Journalytix team worked hard to ensure everything ran smoothly.

Since then, they’ve been able to onboard and monitor traders’ stats in real time within minutes. They described the experience as working “like clockwork,” a testament to the efficiency and effectiveness of Journalytix.

Journalytix Custom Trader Evaluation Program

Journalytix, in partnership with Earn2Trade, offers the Gauntlet™, a 60-day Futures trading evaluation. Prove your skills, and you could acquire up to $25,000 in funding from a proprietary trading firm. It’s all about trading your way, whether you prefer scalping, news trading, or holding positions overnight.

Gauntlet™ Rules:

  • Achieve 10% profit on a $25,000 virtual account in just 60 days.
  • Keep within a 10% drawdown limit from your starting balance.
  • Place at least 30 trades, with one every week, each on different days.

The Gauntlet™ Guarantee:

  • Pay only a one-time fee, no monthly bills here.
  • If you pass with a 4:1 profit-to-drawdown ratio, your Gauntlet™ fee gets refunded.
  • Take advantage of Journalytix’s top-notch analytics, seamlessly integrated into your Gauntlet™ dashboard.
  • And don’t worry; the Gauntlet™ is fully compatible with Jigsaw’s daytradr platform.

Join Journalytix’s Gauntlet™ program, designed in collaboration with Earn2Trade, to prove your trading abilities and take the next step towards becoming a professional trader. It’s an opportunity that’s as real as your ambition!

Privacy, Security, and Integration with Journalytix

The safeguarding of privacy and data security is paramount for Journalytix. Being a cloud-based system, Journalytix is designed with an integration layer to transport trade data securely to the cloud. Configuration options are vast, ensuring flexibility and control for users:

1. Journalytix Cloud Server: Users’ data is encrypted and stored securely on cloud servers hosted on Amazon AWS. This ensures an extra layer of protection for sensitive trade information.

2. Personal Cloud Server: Journalytix offers a unique service of setting up a server on Amazon AWS, handing over all control and passwords to the user. Support can be accessed by temporarily granting permission, maintaining the owner’s sovereignty over the information.

Back-Office Server Option: For those who prefer control over their own hardware, Journalytix provides a software installation service on a server chosen by the user. The user runs the server, and on-demand support is available.

With regards to integration, Journalytix offers two core options that can be mixed and matched according to business needs:

  • Server Integration: This approach allows for a centralized control point for team management, such as TT Rest integration for team members.
  • Trading Platform Integration: Tailored for recruitment or remote operations, this configuration enables traders to connect via their home trading platforms.

These versatile security and integration options align with Journalytix’s commitment to offering a robust yet flexible trading platform for various types of traders. By providing options for cloud hosting and integration layers, Journalytix caters to both independent traders and firms, recognizing the diverse needs of the trading community. The choices offered to ensure that privacy and data security remains at the forefront of the platform’s operation, making it an attractive option for those prioritizing safety in their trading endeavors.

Journalytix Review – Final Thoughts

Final Thoughts

Journalytix emerges as a remarkable trading platform designed for both individual traders and professional firms. Since its creation in 2018, the software has proven its versatility across various trading mediums such as futures, forex, CFDs, stocks, and cryptocurrencies.

Its features, including real-time insights, automated journaling, and advanced analytics, enable Journalytix to stand out as an efficient trading tool. It assists in simplifying trading, allowing users to see trends and make informed decisions.

Its user-friendly design and real-time updates are indeed commendable. However, the platform might seem complex for absolute beginners, and subscription fees could be considered steep for some.

Journalytix’s compatibility with multiple trading platforms and broker feeds, alongside flexible subscription plans, demonstrates its adaptability and commitment to meet various user needs. The 14-day free trial further offers potential users a risk-free way to explore its capabilities.

Customer reviews and collaborations like the Gauntlet™ program reflect Journalytix’s practical applications and its real-world effectiveness in enhancing trading performances. With strong privacy and security measures, Journalytix reassures its users, providing a safe and customizable experience.

You can try Journalytix for free today and discover how it can revolutionize your trading experience! Click here to start your 14-day free trial now!

Frequently Asked Questions

Starting with Journalytix is easy. Just click on this link and it will take you straight to their website.

Journalytix offers different subscription plans to suit individual traders as well as professional teams. There are monthly plans at $47/month, annual plans at $399/year, and an enterprise plan for trading teams with customized features.

Journalytix prioritizes privacy and data security by utilizing a cloud-based system and integrating secure trade data transport. Users’ data is encrypted and securely stored on cloud servers hosted on Amazon AWS.

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