Kind Ads

Today’s media giants like Google and Facebook own the majority of online advertising with massive advertising ecosystems that millions of publishers and advertisers rely on to deliver their advertisements to users. These centralized media platforms have helped create poorly targeted, intrusive, and annoying advertisements for users, while also collecting and selling user data to bad actors like Cambridge Analytica.

The blockchain and cryptocurrency industry hopes to disrupt the platform dominance of the Facebook, Google, and Amazon, by attempting to decentralized user data, security, and create decentralized frameworks that give users more control over their data.

There are a few companies in the blockchain/cryptocurrency space now to fix advertising by creating new decentralized platforms on the blockchain to create more targeted advertising experiences and while still giving users total control over their personal data. One company trying harness the blockchain to solve this issue is Kind Ads, a decentralized advertising protocol built on the Ethereum blockchain.

Keeping Ads Kind

Kind Ads’ protocol is a decentralized advertising ecosystem that allows advertisers, publishers/content creators, users, and app developers create, earn, and use their products to create a better advertising experience for their users.

While they know Google or Facebook isn’t going anywhere, for the time being, they do believe that using blockchain and cryptocurrency technology will offer everyone in the ecosystem more value by creating better advertising experiences for users, and giving users control on how their data is shared.

The Kind Ads’ protocol uses less intrusive ads via push notifications, emails and chatbots to advertise to their users. The key differences between Kind Ads and Facebook are that every participant in the ecosystem is rewarded and incentivized to participate, and every user controls how much information is allowed to be shared.

Users can opt-in to have their information be used by advertisers, who not only get access to a better-targeted audience, but they are given consent by the user to do so. Users can opt-in to have their data to help advertisers bring more targeted ads, and are rewarded Kind tokens from a daily rewards pool for participating. Advertisers will be able to get better leads from publishers, and publishers will be able to earn more by providing better leads.

Kind Ads’ Crypto Summit

If you’re looking to learn more about the future of decentralized advertising and many other crypto topics, on May 4th, 2018, Kind Ads is launching a streaming, all day Virtual Summit on Crypto. The Summit will feature Neil Patel, an online marketing guru and key advisor to the project. Neil, along with other keynote speakers from Shopin, Current, Crypto20, EuropeOne, Hosho, Simplyvital Health, and, will speak about everything from data-rights to security, in a day-long conference.

Claim your free ticket by signing up here, and you will be entered into a contest to win some crypto swag.

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