Who Is Kunal Desai from Bulls on Wall Street?

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February 5, 2023February 5, 2023

Bulls on Wall Street

You may have already heard of Bulls on Wall Street, which is one of the top trading education platforms out there. But what do you know about its founder, Kunal Desai? This article will cover everything you need to know about Kunal and his innovative platform.

Since this article focuses on Kunal Desai himself, check out our Bulls on Wall Street Review for a more comprehensive look at the popular platform.
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Bulls on Wall Street Overview

First, let’s take a quick look at Bulls on Wall Street, so you know the basics about Kunal Desai’s company.

Founded in 2008, Bulls on Wall Street has had tremendous growth. Today, it boasts a large community full of members who love sharing trading ideas and helping each other out. Many trading education platforms lack this sense of community, which helps Bulls on Wall Street stand out.

Kunal Desai sees Bulls on Wall Street as a kind of trading “academy,” meaning that it’s all about education and training. Here are some of their top features:

  • Trading courses – Covering a wide range of vital trading topics, these courses touch on everything from risk management and diversification to technical analysis and trading psychology.
  • Market recaps – Every trading day, members get access to a comprehensive market recap, helping them stay on top of the latest market developments.
  • Mentorship sessions – Bulls on Wall Street offers live mentorship sessions in which members can see how Kunal Desai and other top traders actually trade themselves.
  • Watchlists – Another daily feature is hand-selected watchlists from Bulls on Wall Street’s top traders.

Like with any trading education service, there are pros and cons to Bulls on Wall Street, and you can see these in our full review (linked at the top). Overall, however, it’s a top education platform that has grown quickly for good reason.

Who Is Kunal Desai?

Now, who exactly is Kunal Desai, in addition to being the founder and head trader of Bulls on Wall Street? Let’s take a look!

Early Days

Kunal Desai

Kunal Desai was born and raised in Detroit, Michigan. In this working-class town, he felt that he would end up living the same life as his father, an engineer for Ford. Early on, though, Kunal dreamed of a life beyond the cubicle or the office, one where he had financial freedom.

After seeing a neighbor successfully trade stocks, Kunal decided to educate himself about the stock market, which kick-started a passion that he has held onto for life.

Unfortunately, Kunal got started trading around the dotcom boom, which made trading more difficult than in other market conditions. To make matters worse, he didn’t really have a solid approach to his trading.

Mentorship and Success

It’s no wonder that Kunal appreciates what education can do for aspiring traders. He himself underwent rigorous mentoring by Paul Singh, a swing trader. Now partners at Bulls on Wall Street, Kunal benefitted greatly from the mentorship of Paul, enabling him to find true success and become a full-time trader.

Bulls on Wall Street

In 2008, Kunal and Paul started Bulls on Wall Street as a simple blog and chat room. With time, however, the site blossomed, and Kunal developed it into a full-on trading academy where he could share his knowledge.

Kunal is fully committed to Bulls on Wall Street, teaching classes day and night and live trading in front of countless students to help them learn his approach to trading.

A core part of Kunal’s trading philosophy involves teaching risk, as he believes that far too many traders risk their (often small amounts of) capital on penny stocks, which are a huge gamble. Instead, he teaches how to trade non-penny stocks that still have lots of potential to run.

Another key trading approach of Kunal’s is what he terms the “free trade.” To do this, he will take profits by selling half of a holding, and then set a stop order at the entry price. What this means is that none of his own initial capital is risked, only the “house money.”

Bulls on Crypto Street

In 2017, Kunal saw the writing on the wall and set up a crypto site, Bulls on Crypto Street. During the cryptocurrency boom, Bulls on Crypto Street gained a large following, which it largely maintains to this day.

Speaking Engagements

Due to Kunal’s success with Bulls on Wall Street, he has been a featured speaker at many industry conventions and conferences, including the Trader and Investor Summit. His articles have also been featured in popular online media, including Benzinga, TheStreet.com, and The Huffington Post.


With nearly 50,000 followers on Twitter and some 30,000 on Instagram, Kunal Desai is a popular figure in the online trading world. His personal and professional trading successes allowed him to start a top trading education platform, Bulls on Wall Street, one of the most top-rated services online (4.8/5 on TrustPilot).

Given its top reviews and overall trustworthiness, we consider Bulls on Wall Street one of the best trading education academies around. Check it out here to see what it can do for your own trading success.
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