Lipper vs Morningstar 2023

Investors have abundant resources when selecting investment tools to guide their decision-making. Two of the most popular investment research platforms are Lipper and Morningstar.

While both platforms offer similar services and tools, some differences make one more suitable than the other, depending on your investment goals.

Lipper and Morningstar have provided investment analysis and research for decades and have built a reputation as reliable and trusted sources.

However, deciding which platform to use can be challenging, especially with the range of plans and pricing options available.

In this Lipper vs Morningstar review, we will compare Lipper and Morningstar in terms of their features, usability, pricing, and more to help you determine which platform best suits your needs.

Lipper is Better For: Morningstar is Better For:
Mutual analysisPremium investment services
Trading parameters detectionStock picks recommendation
Market data analysisMarket insight

To make an informed choice between Morningstar vs Lipper, assessing each platform’s distinctive features and tools is crucial.

Although both platforms offer research tools and stock recommendations, one may be more compatible with your investment style and objectives. Therefore, carefully evaluate each platform’s offerings and decide which aligns best with your investment needs.

Lipper Morningstar
Service Type Research tool Investment analysis
Fees $600/year $34.95 (monthly) to $249 (yearly)
Best use Trading indexes Asset research
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Modest Money Overall Rating
4.3 rating based on 5 ratings
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Feature 1: Trading style

Morningstar uses a Portfolio Manager and Portfolio X-Ray

  • Morningstar tracks investments
  • Lipper has in-depth key metrics measure
  • Morningstar displays asset allocation


Lipper’s investment style is focused on providing essential content and relevant market-driven classifications and indices for investors to select, compare, and benchmark investment funds. Lipper’s fund rating system offers critical metrics, guiding in selecting funds that suit individual investment styles and goals.

Lipper’s Global Fund Flows and proprietary Fund Market Research written by industry experts complement Lipper’s data and analytics, providing insight into current and historical market sentiment.


Morningstar’s trading style provides investors valuable market data and research based on their needs and objectives. Its Portfolio Manager feature is excellent when used alongside other investing tools since it tracks investments and helps diversify and evaluate portfolios and goals.

With the Portfolio X-Ray, Morningstar provides multiple tools to pinpoint and help build the best profile for investors, considering individual investments inside each asset class and displaying accurate asset allocation.

It would help if you went through our tailored Value Line vs Morningstar review or our Morningstar vs Yahoo Finance to see how this platform compares against other mutual fund providers.

Factor 2: Features

Morningstar Recommends Stock Picks

  • Morningstar helps undirected investors
  • Lipper engages in global fund coverage
  • Morningstar can be used to analyze your portfolio


Lipper offers a comprehensive fund classification system with over 500 proprietary classifications to compare similar funds and benchmark performance more efficiently.

Lipper provides comprehensive global fund coverage with a global database of over 360,000 active share classes across 80+ markets. Investors can also manage risk more effectively with Lipper. These features help investors improve risk management and mitigation to make informed investment decisions.


Morningstar is a valuable investment research tool that offers important data and recommended stock picks. This platform aims to give investors valuable insights into the market to help them take a more active approach.

Morningstar offers a range of features, including portfolio analysis, investment tracking, and personalized financial advice. With Morningstar, investors can access valuable market data, news, and research reports to make informed investment decisions.

Factor 3: Subscription Cost

Lipper is a More Expensive Option

  • Lipper costs up to $1,500 a year
  • Morningstar is a cheaper option
  • Lipper paid plan provides exclusive content


Lipper’s subscription provides access to essential content and market-driven classifications and indices for investment funds. The cost of Lipper’s premium service varies depending on the type of user and the subscription term, but it typically ranges from $600 to $1,500 per year.


Morningstar offers a subscription-based model for its premium service, which costs $199 annually. This premium plan includes access to valuable market data, research reports, and recommended stock picks. Additionally, it offers a Portfolio Manager feature that helps investors track and evaluate their investments and a Portfolio X-Ray that provides accurate asset allocation information.

Lipper vs Morningstar: Our Summary

Lipper and Morningstar have unique features and tools that cater to different investment needs and goals.

Lipper offers essential content and market-driven classifications and indices that cater to investment funds. Its Lipper Leaders fund rating system helps investors select funds that suit their investment styles and goals, while its Global Fund Flows and Fund Market Research provide insight into market sentiment.

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Morningstar offers valuable market data, research reports, and recommended stock picks, making it ideal for investors who need a wide range of resources to make informed investment decisions. Additionally, its Portfolio Manager feature and Portfolio X-Ray provide accurate asset allocation information, making tracking and evaluating investments quickly.

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