List of Prop Trading Firms

Jeremy BiberdorfBy: Jeremy Biberdorf

September 6, 2023September 6, 2023

In the world of proprietary trading, opportunity abounds for both novice and experienced traders alike. However, with so many firms offering various paths to trading success, it can be challenging to navigate the landscape.

This comprehensive list aims to be your one-stop guide to proprietary trading firms. Whether you’re looking to manage a small initial fund or aspire to handle a multi-million dollar portfolio, you’ll find a suitable firm here. Each firm is profiled with an overview and company details to help you make an informed decision.

Alpha Capital


Alpha Capital

Overview: Alpha Capital is known for offering a scalable trading opportunity for Forex traders. Starting with an initial account size of $25,000, traders can scale up to 1 million dollars based on performance metrics.

Company: Founded with the aim to nurture trading talent, Alpha Capital focuses primarily on Forex markets. They have gained a reputation for a transparent profit-sharing model and rigorous risk management.

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Apex Trader Funding


Apex Trader Funding Logo

Overview: Apex Trader Funding offers a unique, lower-barrier entry to the trading world, with initial funding levels accessible to most traders. They provide a generous profit split and lower performance benchmarks to meet initially.

Company: Based in the United States, Apex Trader Funding has positioned itself as an accessible option for traders looking to enter the proprietary trading space with lower financial commitments.

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AudaCity Capital


AudaCity Capital Logo

Overview: AudaCity Capital stands out for its focus on creating career traders. Starting with an account size of $50,000, traders have the opportunity to manage up to $1 million or more.

Company: Located in the UK, AudaCity Capital prides itself on cultivating talent, often directly recruiting traders from its own trading floors for its proprietary trading roles.

Bespoke Funding Program


Bespoke Funding Program Logo

Overview: Bespoke Funding Program offers customized trading solutions tailored to the trader’s unique style and goals. They offer both Forex and commodities trading opportunities with varying initial funding sizes.

Company: Specializing in personalized trading experiences, Bespoke Funding Program is known for its flexibility and commitment to nurturing individual trading talent.

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Blue Guardian Capital


Blue Guardian Capital

Overview: Offering an initial trading account size of $25,000, Blue Guardian Capital allows traders to scale their accounts based on meeting specific performance targets.

Company: With a focus on Forex and commodities, Blue Guardian Capital has earned a reputation for its progressive scaling plans and comprehensive trader support.

BluSky Trading


BluSky Trading Logo

Overview: BluSky Trading is geared towards experienced traders looking for more significant trading capital. They offer a sliding scale of profit-sharing, generally more favorable terms for higher-performing traders.

Company: Based in Europe, BluSky Trading has a strong focus on Forex markets, though they also offer opportunities in equities and commodities.

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Bulenox Logo

Overview: Bulenox is distinct for its specialization in cryptocurrency trading. With initial funding accounts typically starting around $20,000 in crypto assets, they offer traders a unique venue to profit from the burgeoning cryptocurrency markets.

Company: Founded as a crypto-focused proprietary trading firm, Bulenox has rapidly grown by tapping into the high volatility and potential returns in cryptocurrency markets.

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City Traders Imperium


City Traders Imperium Logo

Overview: City Traders Imperium provides traders with the opportunity to start with a modest $10,000 and scale up to a $1 million trading account. They also provide extensive educational resources.

Company: Based in London, City Traders Imperium places a strong emphasis on trader education and skill development, making them a popular choice among novice traders.

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Crypto Fund Trader


Crypto Fund Trader Logo

Overview: As the name suggests, Crypto Fund Trader focuses entirely on cryptocurrency trading. They offer varying account sizes to suit different levels of trading experience.

Company: Specialized in cryptocurrency markets, Crypto Fund Trader offers a unique platform for traders to leverage their skills in this particular asset class.

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E8 Funding


E8 Funding Logo

Overview: E8 Funding offers a solid starting point with a $25,000 initial trading account, giving traders the potential to scale up to larger accounts over time.

Company: Known for its transparent pricing and clear performance metrics, E8 Funding caters to traders looking for a straightforward and honest trading environment.

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Earn2Trade Logo

Overview: Earn2Trade is unique in its educational emphasis, offering comprehensive courses alongside trading opportunities. With varying initial account sizes, traders can both learn and earn in a supportive environment.

Company: Based in the United States, Earn2Trade is a go-to choice for traders seeking both education and a funded account, focusing primarily on futures and Forex trading.

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Elite Trader Funding


Elite Trader Funding Logo

Overview: Elite Trader Funding stands out for its high initial funding amounts and more stringent performance metrics. They are geared towards more experienced traders.

Company: Operating globally, Elite Trader Funding is a firm that aims to attract seasoned traders looking for significant trading capital and robust scaling opportunities.

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Fidelcrest Logo

Overview: Fidelcrest offers a wide array of account sizes and trading instruments, including Forex, commodities, and indices.

Company: Established with a focus on trader success, Fidelcrest is known for its transparent profit-sharing agreements and a wide range of trading opportunities.

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Fortunes Funding


Fortunes Funding Logo

Overview: Fortunes Funding provides a fixed scaling plan where traders can expect consistent increases in account size based on performance.

Company: With its straightforward scaling plans and transparent fee structure, Fortunes Funding has gained popularity among traders who appreciate predictability.




Overview: FTMO is one of the industry leaders, offering an opportunity to trade an initial $100,000 account.

Company: Based in the Czech Republic, FTMO has a global presence and is highly regarded for its strict risk management policies and lucrative profit-sharing arrangements.




Overview: FTUK specializes in Forex trading and provides traders with varying account sizes based on their skill levels. They are known for their rigorous performance evaluations.

Company: Located in the United Kingdom, FTUK focuses solely on Forex markets and has built a reputation for transparency and strict risk management.

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Funded Trading Plus


Funded Trading Plus Logo

Overview: Funded Trading Plus is unique in its approach to scaling, providing performance-based increments in account size. They start traders off with $25,000 accounts.

Company: Known for their adaptive scaling plans, Funded Trading Plus offers a dynamic environment for traders who like to be continually challenged.

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FundedNext Logo

Overview: FundedNext offers an enticing opportunity to trade multiple asset classes including Forex, indices, and commodities.

Company: With a focus on multi-asset trading, FundedNext has quickly become a go-to for traders looking to diversify their trading portfolios.

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FunderPro Logo

Overview: FunderPro is known for its focus on futures and Forex markets. They offer a range of initial account sizes.

Company: FunderPro has built a solid reputation for its trader-friendly terms and has a strong focus on education and skill development.

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FundYourFX Logo

Overview: Specializing in Forex markets, FundYourFX offers traders a starting account size of $20,000, with scaling plans that can take traders up to the $1 million level.

Company: With a laser focus on Forex trading, FundYourFX is an excellent choice for traders who want to specialize in this particular asset class.

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Glow Node


Glow Node Logo

Overview: Glow Node offers a variety of asset classes to trade, including Forex, equities, and even cryptocurrencies. The firm starts traders off with accounts ranging from $25,000 to $50,000.

Company: Known for its diversified trading options, Glow Node is an attractive option for traders who enjoy trading multiple markets and appreciate flexibility.

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Overview: offers a straightforward approach to proprietary trading, with a focus on Forex and commodities markets.

Company: prides itself on quick decision-making for funding and scaling, aiming to remove any bureaucratic delays commonly associated with proprietary trading.

Maven Trading


Maven Trading Logo

Overview: Maven Trading specializes in Forex and cryptocurrency markets. They offer initial account sizes ranging from $10,000 to $50,000, with a focus on rapid scaling for high-performing traders.

Company: With a heavy emphasis on technological innovation, Maven Trading provides cutting-edge tools and resources for traders looking to get an edge in the markets.

Maverick Trading


Maverick Trading

Overview: Maverick Trading offers a professional trading environment focused on options and equities. Known for its extensive training program, the firm provides traders with the skills necessary to succeed.

Company: Founded over two decades ago, Maverick Trading has a long-standing reputation for excellence and a strong focus on trader education.

Ment Funding


Ment Funding Logo

Overview: Ment Funding provides a unique avenue for traders to get started with as little as $5,000 initial capital. They are known for their relaxed performance metrics.

Company: Catering to traders who are just beginning their trading journey, Ment Funding aims to be the stepping stone for new talent in the trading world.



MyForexFunds Logo

Overview: MyForexFunds offers a variety of account sizes and focuses solely on the Forex market. The firm provides opportunities for scaling based on performance.

Company: Specializing exclusively in Forex, MyForexFunds is tailored for traders who want to focus on this particular asset class and are looking for a straightforward scaling plan.




Overview: MyFundedFX provides opportunities in Forex, commodities, and indices. They offer initial accounts starting at $10,000 with the possibility of scaling to six-figure accounts.

Company: Geared towards traders looking for a range of trading options and scalability, MyFundedFX has become popular for those who aim to diversify their trading portfolio.

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OneUp Trader


OneUp Trader Logo

Overview: OneUp Trader focuses primarily on futures markets, offering a wide range of trading products in this asset class. They offer initial accounts starting at $25,000.

Company: Specialized in futures markets, OneUp Trader has a straightforward evaluation process and is known for its generous profit-sharing arrangements.

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OspreyFX Logo

Overview: OspreyFX specializes in Forex and cryptocurrency markets, offering a range of account sizes to suit different levels of experience.

Company: With a focus on cutting-edge markets like cryptocurrency alongside traditional Forex, OspreyFX is ideal for traders looking for diverse trading opportunities.

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Smart Prop Trader


Smart Prop Trader Logo

Overview: Smart Prop Trader offers a unique approach to trading, with an emphasis on quantitative strategies and algorithmic trading.

Company: Known for its focus on technological solutions and algorithmic strategies, Smart Prop Trader attracts those looking for a more analytical approach to trading.



SurgeTrader Logo

Overview: SurgeTrader is known for its flexibility in trading various markets including Forex, commodities, and equities. It offers initial accounts starting at $20,000.

Company: With a global presence and a reputation for offering a diversified range of trading opportunities, SurgeTrader has become popular among traders looking for flexibility and higher profit splits.

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Take Profit Trader


Take Profit Trader Logo

Overview: Take Profit Trader provides a platform geared towards Forex traders, offering multiple account sizes and a range of trading instruments.

Company: Focused exclusively on Forex markets, Take Profit Trader has established itself as a specialist firm, attracting traders who want to focus on this particular asset class.

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The 5ers


The 5ers Logo

Overview: The 5ers is an innovative firm that offers a unique profit-sharing model with no risk to the trader. They focus mainly on Forex markets and provide scaling opportunities based on performance metrics.

Company: Based in Israel, The 5ers have gained a strong reputation for their risk-free trading opportunities and unique profit-sharing arrangements.

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The Funded Trader


The Funded Trader Logo

Overview: The Funded Trader specializes in futures and Forex markets, providing traders with initial account sizes ranging from $25,000 to $150,000.

Company: Known for its broad range of trading opportunities and straightforward scaling plans, The Funded Trader is a solid choice for those looking to trade multiple asset classes.

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The Trading Pit


The Trading Pit Logo

Overview: The Trading Pit is unique in its community-driven approach. They offer trading in futures and equities with a strong emphasis on trader education and peer-to-peer learning.

Company: With its focus on community and education, The Trading Pit aims to create a nurturing environment for traders of all levels, making it an excellent choice for those looking to grow their skills.

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TickTick Trader


TickTick Trader Logo

Overview: TickTick Trader specializes in futures trading, offering traders a wide array of instruments within this asset class. The firm starts off with initial accounts at $25,000.

Company: With a focus solely on futures markets, TickTick Trader appeals to those who want to concentrate on this specific asset class, offering both educational resources and real-time data analytics.

TopStep Trader


TopStep Trader Logo

Overview: TopStep Trader is one of the more established firms in the futures trading world. Known for its extensive training and evaluation program, the firm provides various starting account sizes and a competitive profit split.

Company: Based in the United States, TopStep Trader has been around since 2012 and has funded thousands of traders, making it a reputable choice for those interested in futures.

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TopTier Trader


TopTier Trader Logo

Overview: TopTier Trader focuses on Forex and equities, offering a broad range of account sizes and trading instruments.

Company: Offering a blend of asset classes, TopTier Trader is ideal for traders looking for diversity and the opportunity to trade in both Forex and stock markets.

Trade Day


Trade Day Logo

Overview: Trade Day offers an exciting platform primarily geared towards day traders. Specializing in Forex and cryptocurrencies, they offer account sizes that can quickly scale based on a trader’s performance.

Company: Trade Day’s emphasis on fast-paced, intraday trading strategies makes it suitable for traders who prefer short-term positions and quick decision-making.

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Trade The Pool


Trade The Pool

Overview: Trade The Pool provides opportunities in Forex and futures markets, offering starting accounts from $25,000 with potential for scaling.

Company: With a focus on both Forex and futures, Trade The Pool aims to be a versatile platform for traders looking to diversify their trading strategies and asset classes.

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Trader Career Path


Trader Career Path

Overview: Trader Career Path offers a comprehensive program designed for traders at different stages of their career, focusing mainly on Forex markets. They provide initial accounts starting at $20,00.

Company: The firm aims to be a one-stop-shop for traders looking for education, mentorship, and career growth in Forex trading, making it a good option for those looking for long-term trading opportunities.

Traders with Edge


Traders with Edge Logo

Overview: Traders with Edge provides a strong emphasis on education and risk management. Offering a variety of asset classes to trade, they start traders with accounts as small as $10,000.

Company: Known for their robust educational support, Traders with Edge is a solid choice for beginners or those looking to up-skill, offering a comprehensive pathway to becoming a funded trader.

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Overview: Traders4Traders focuses exclusively on the Forex market, providing initial account sizes ranging from $10,000 to $50,000. They have a strong emphasis on trader education.

Company: With experienced Forex traders at the helm, Traders4Traders is a specialist firm that also provides Forex training courses, aiming to build a community of well-educated traders.

True Forex Funds


True Forex Funds Logo

Overview: True Forex Funds offers trading opportunities in the Forex and commodity markets. With a focus on high-performance metrics, they provide traders with the chance to manage accounts as large as $100,000.

Company: With a performance-driven approach, True Forex Funds targets experienced traders looking for larger accounts and more challenging trading scenarios.



UProfit Logo

Overview: UProfit specializes in futures markets, offering a wide range of trading instruments within this asset class. They provide traders with initial accounts starting at $25,000.

Company: UProfit is geared towards traders who have a specific interest in futures markets and are looking for a straightforward evaluation process to get funded.

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A List of Additional Proprietary Trading Firms

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