Low Cost to Luxury: 5 Great Stag Packages

Figures collected by Nationwide building society show that stags spend more than hens  partying (£178 and £136 respectively), with double the amount of men (16%) celebrating abroad compared to women (8%). As might be expected, those aged 18 to 24 spend the most at £215, with the amount spent steadily declining as people reach 55 and over.

There’s no doubt the increasing popularity of stag do packages to such far flung destinations as Las Vegas and the Algarve have contributed to this rising trend. However, its inclusive packages with carefully curated itineraries that can be real money savers in the long run—especially when, as in the case of leading supplier Maximise, the stag goes free on a number of their stag do packages.

Here, we start with the basics and scale it up to build a stag do for all budgets, with a few helpful tips and pointers thrown in along the way. When it comes to planning your send-off in style, see how far you can go!

Friends = £0

At the base of it, a good stag do is all in the people you share it with, so whether you’ve a budget to rival an Olympic opening ceremony, or not a penny to spare, the key to success is assembling the boys.

There are a host of activities to enjoy with your friends absolutely free, even without a stag package. You might opt for a night in gaming or screening a private film festival, or arrange a friendly football or sports tournament on the park. You could even take  to the wilderness with a trek across the pennines or taking to the West Highland Way.

When assembling friends, it’s important not to fall into the trap of ‘nannying’ a large group. They’re all grown men, but it’s probably no surprise to find many of them couldn’t organise a piss up in a brewery. To avoid being the one responsible for nagging, farm out responsibility among the group and keep everyone in the loop.

Friends + Refreshments = £30-£80

The lowest cost on the stag packages range involves taking your stag down your local boozer. Or at least one-upping it and going direct to source with a trip to a brewery or on a distillery tour. Crate Brewery in Hackney Wick can set you up with beer tastings and exclusive venue hire, or take a whisky distillery tour in the Scottish Highlands. Some tours are even free!

It’s become customary for stag parties to enjoy a curry, but if you’re up for it, why not take to the kitchen yourselves with a hunting, foraging and outdoor cooking class and prepare those domestic skills for marriage.

Once you start to splash some cash, you might want to set up a fund to cover all stag-related expenses. There’s sure to be one member of the group who’s good with money, so use those skills to your advantage by appointing him treasurer to keep track of expenditure—that’s one thankless task off any groom’s hands.

Friends + Refreshments + Entertainment = £80-120

With the guests sorted, and a smattering of booze and snacks to lubricate the festivities, the next way to level up  this shindig is with  with some top notch entertainment. The stag packages that include plenty of with strippers is actually fast becoming a thing of the past, or at least not as popular. Instead, more diverse experiences are gaining traction, like life drawing classes, taking part in a Texas Hold’em Tournament or enjoying top comedy entertainment.

If you’re hoping for a little more of a spectacle, or if you prefer a little more risk, try an extreme rally driving experience or take part in a soapbox race.

No matter what entertainment you’re planning, it’s better to do so a month or two in advance. That way you avoid any guests dropping out due to clashes in their diaries. Generally, a stag weekend should take place close enough to the wedding to be part of the excitement, but not so close that gets in the way of the main event—countless stags have learned from experience that a holding a stag do the night before the wedding is a terrible idea.

Friends + Refreshments + Entertainment + Travel = £200-400

Heading into the upper range for stag packages, if you’re out on the town then why not make a weekend of it and get out of the city? Find all of the best destinations over at the top stag destinations 2017 at home and abroad. You might call in favours from buddies abroad to crash on their couch, book a hostel or Airbnb, or go the whole hog with a luxury package deal.

Big budget extravagance might include a trip to Amsterdam or Barcelona, where you can sample the nightlife abroad while enjoying a host of cultural experiences during the day. Alternatively, you could stay closer to home with a health or spa retreat. It can be as laid back or energetic as you like!

If you’re planning a trip abroad, the best prices are available early. Late deals can be risky business, and it’s not always the best strategy to leave it to the last minute if there’s a big group to accommodate.

Friends + Refreshments + Entertainment + Travel + The VIP experience = £unlimited

Place your bets at the Casino de Monte-Carlo, or take the weight off your feet in zero gravity. If you’d rather keep it closer to home, you might go in for a complete hospitality package, like catching some Six Nations action from The Clubhouse at Twickenham, catch the view from the intimate Captain’s Lounge or the stunning Nursery Pavilion at Lord’s, or enjoy the best seats in the house for some Premier League action at your local football club.

If money is no concern, scale it up for a million pound bash, like this 10-day global extravagance put together by StagWeb. Board a luxury yacht to cruise the Caribbean, and enjoy a fine dining experience at some of the world’s greatest Michelin-starred restaurants before chartering a private jet home.

If that’s not enough, top it all off with the world’s most expensive burger—Honky Tonk’s decadent ‘glamburger’ that weighs in at an impressive 2,618 calories, costs £1770 and consists of Kobe wagyu beef, black truffle brie, lobster, caviar and gold leaf.

How’s that for a stag do to remember?!

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