The Magic Behind Finding the Right Coupons Online

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Though coupons are freely available, the percentage of people who use them is abysmally low. More than half of all coupons distributed are never utilized by those who got them. Shoppers who don’t use them are either lazy, lethargic or are simply ignorant about the savings that they can make. To benefit from coupons you don’t always have to buy products for which they are redeemable. Ingenious shoppers even swap them for coupons that they can use gainfully.

One of the reasons why shoppers waste their coupons is plain ignorance of the idea behind coupons. A coupon in any guise is plain discount, which means you pay only a lower price than what is marked on the packing. But you may ask why not manufacturers or stores do it straight by showing that on the packing. Facts are, coupons eat away a good part of the profit, and they cannot be given to everyone. Coupons are therefore distributed only for promoting products and in limited numbers to cover only a fraction of sales, and that too only for limited period. Most coupons have their expiry date printed on them.

Why Coupons Should Not Be Wasted

A wasted coupon actually adds to manufacturers’ or stores’ profits. They know well that not everyone will use it and take the benefit. So when you buy a product that has a coupon and you don’t it use for saving money, you are actually subsidizing those who use them smartly. Neither manufacturers nor stores actually absorb the loss. If at all they did in rare cases, they write it off as advertising or promotional expense. Anyways, when they calculate a product’s selling price they take the cost of coupons into consideration. It should now be apparent to you that wasted coupons are profits for businesses.

Some of the major expenses in home budgets are groceries, medications and personal care products. Researches show that a typical middle class family can save up to $1,000 a year if they use coupons, though some may contest the figure. However, the fact that they help save money is never disputed. Most people who want to use coupons find it difficult to locate them.

Online Resources for Coupons – The Advantages

The usual places to look for coupons are newspapers (also called clipping), family oriented magazines and store shelves, and sometimes you will also see them in your mail box. If you are fortunate, to receive a relevant coupon, you should consider yourself fortunate and redeem it at your earliest. However, that is not always the case and not everyone get coupons served on a silver platter. Shoppers are increasingly turning toward the internet for getting coupons.

There are hundreds of established coupon websites that shoppers are using and saving money. Unlike the unusable coupons that arrive at homes free of cost, you will have to pay to buy coupons from websites. You shouldn’t mind that considering that they cost just a small fraction of the redeemable value. You will see hundreds of coupons listed online, and you can compare one against other and order those coupons that will give you maximum saving. Another advantage of going online for coupons is you can choose your store based on their reputation and standing, which advantage you won’t get in coupons you receive in your mailbox that are redeemable only for specified products in specified locations.

When you choose an online coupon, you should also check that the coupon has not expired. You should also read the conditions which are often in fine print. More importantly, you should time your purchases wisely, and combine it with store discounts and promotional discounts allowed for loyal customers.

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