How to Make Major Purchases on a Budget

Being on a budget does not mean that you have to drive a bicycle, live in a tent under a bridge, and wear strings with pebbles tied to them as jewelry. There are some big-ticket items that even people on tight budgets need to have in order to make it in many parts of the country.

There are plenty of places in the U.S. where public transportation is nonexistent. Many small towns do not have apartment communities. For the people stuck in such places, moving to the big city is seldom an option, as the cost of living goes up precipitously. There is also work to consider. A small-town job will not always translate to the big city. You work where you work, and live where you live. Here is how to tackle some of those big-ticket needs on a small-ticket budget:


I can already hear the objection that jewelry is not a necessity, but a luxury that one can easily do without. I would agree with that if we were just talking about buying nice Valentine’s gifts on a budget. But jewelry serves more than a frivolous purpose in this society. For better or worse, it bespeaks a legally recognized relationship. The ring is a declaration of intent, and is as culturally binding as the legal document of marriage. Regardless of your budget, a cheap ring is a poor declaration of intent.

Fortunately, educating one’s self about jewelry can pay dividends in savings. At, you can find information about how the process of diamond coloration contributes to a highly desirable, but more affordable product. You can also find information about diamond clarity, and how it effects the price of a diamond. There are many levels of diamond clarity that are inexpensive, with no obvious flaws to the naked eye. This is the kind of information that can save you hundreds, even thousands on fine jewelry.


Buying a house can seem like an impossible dream. Houses are expensive to purchase and maintain. But if you live in an area where there are no clean, safe, inexpensive apartments, there are still ways to live the dream of home ownership.

First, in such places, it is usually not difficult to find houses for rent. In many cases, the owners will be happy to set up a rent to own option. That is because they are currently getting nothing for the house when no one is living in it. An empty house is a liability, not an asset. A house is only valuable when someone is living in it. If you are credit worthy and responsible, you are exactly the kind of tenant the homeowner is looking for.

Even being on a fixed income is not an impediment to home ownership. There are many guides on how to accomplish it, including this one. There are also a number of government loan programs like USDA, Federal Housing Administration, Department of Veterans Affairs, and the United States Department of Agriculture to help get you started.


Even after a bankruptcy, one of the easiest big-ticket items you can acquire is an automobile. If you are handy with automotive mechanics, you can buy a decent preowned car for the downpayment price of a brand new one. If you need to finance and also have poor credit, car companies always have back of the book vehicles they are highly motivated to move.

Often, a dealer would rather sell a new car to a credit-challenged customer than a used one. That is because they know that the customer will usually not continue paying for the car if maintenance issues make it undrivable. Therefore, they would rather put you in a car that is guaranteed to run without issuer the entire financing period. If they are forced to repossess the car due to nonpayment, a new car will be much easier to resell. The downside is that you will pay a higher monthly payment until your credit improves.

Even on a budget, big-ticket items are not out of reach.

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