How to Make Your Valentine’s Card Stand Out

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, you only have a few days left to leave a lasting impression with that special someone in your life. But let’s face it; Valentine’s Day cards are everywhere these days. There is something impersonal and easy about buying a generic card. Handing someone the store-bought variety lacks romance and originality. But taking a few special measures will ensure your card stands out from the rest this year.

Send your Valentine’s Day card through the post

While handing someone a Valentine’s card can be a special moment in the right setting, receiving one through the post is far more exciting. Watching for the postman on the morning of the big day is all part of the fun, and the sense of anticipation as the mail finally hits the doormat simply can’t be matched by the handing over of cards in person. The last thing you want to do is leave your partner – or the person you admire from afar – disappointed that there were no nice surprises shoved through the letterbox on Valentine’s Day morning! Buy a stamp and use the mail!

Remember that the envelope is just as important as the card

A Valentine’s Day card should be immediately recognisable on the doormat of the recipient – otherwise it will simply blend in with bills and junk mail. The first thing people will see is the envelope, of course, so it stands to reason that you should take as much time selecting the right one as you do choosing the card to go in it.

If you are trying to woo someone, or you want to make an extra big effort for the person you love, you might want to consider custom envelopes for your Valentine’s Day message. Most cards bought in stores will either be plain pink or white, so why not choose something with a cute message or photo printed on it? Envelope design professionals can change size, colours, fonts, textures and a range of other elements according to your wishes. This will ensure that the recipient gasps in excitement when your special Valentine’s message lands on the doormat.

Make your own bespoke Valentine’s card

After you have compared envelopes and chosen something that will make a great first impression, you should concentrate your efforts on creating a card that will live long in the memory. Instead of heading to the nearest petrol station for a generic, impersonal card, why not make something yourself?

Any arts and crafts store will stock all the card, marker pens and materials you will need to create something truly unique. Use glitter, coloured sequins and your imagination to design a card that you can be certain won’t be sent to anyone else this Valentine’s Day. If you have a shared interest or passion with the recipient, you could make that the basis for your design. Show how much you love your partner by creating something that will never be forgotten.

Don’t rely on impersonal messages written by card manufacturers

Impersonal verses, poems and rhymes are printed on almost every Valentine’s Day card sold in Britain these days. They aren’t written for anyone in particular, so they won’t send the kind of unique message that can really pull at the heart strings. By taking the time to compose a message that means something special to the recipient, you can be sure that person is the centre of your universe on the big day.

Simply stopping at the shop on your way back from work to buy a standard card and a box of chocolates will now show that special person in your life you care. Take the time and effort to select the perfect envelope and card, and will fan the flames of romance this Valentine’s Day.

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