How To Make Web Coin With Real Estate Agents

If you’ve read part one and part two of my side income hustle series here on Modest Money, there’s a running theme through my articles. And that theme is that there’s opportunity on the web like never before.

With the trend of digitizing and new methods of marketing, these have both opened up the door to new jobs and new service areas to fulfill. In fact, there are areas (such as mobile) that are in such a growth curve right now that the demand far outweighs the skilled workforce. I just read an article that clearly shows mobile as the top “most in demand” tech skill. So if you happen to be in school or plan on attending anytime soon, give mobile a look and you’ll be able to pretty much call the shots on your salary outright.

With that said, below we look at three ideas on how to make coin with real estate agents. These ideas are aimed at those who already possess some skill and experience with web work.

1. Create Their Website

Real estate agents need websites. Plain and simple. It’s like the business and calling card of the new century. Seeing as most research for home buying is done online these days, it makes perfect sense for them to set up shop on the web and create a resource aimed at homeowners who seek this information online. However most real estate agents do not have the time to create their own websites. Guess what? They will gladly pay someone to create and design the perfect site for them. This is where you come in. You can make yourself available as the go to person for websites aimed at real estate professionals. Market yourself in the circles where they tend to hang out and go after them with all your might.

2. Provide Content For Their Blog

What good is a website these days without a blog to communicate with your audience. Real estate agents are in one of the most communicative fields out there, and a blog is where an agent can really stand out from the crowd and make him or herself the mouthpiece for his city and truly make a difference. He or she can comment on all sorts of area findings, tips, information, news and trends. However as mentioned above, most good agents do not have the time to sit behind a desk and blog. They’re busy with clients, cold calling, networking, selling, etc. This agent would be your ideal client, because it’s someone who has the funds and needs your blog writing assistance. Just so happens that you offer this service, right?

3. Perform Social Media For Them

Out of the three ideas mentioned on this article, this one is probably the best one to begin with. Simply because most established and experienced realtors will tell you flat out “they ain’t got no time for social media”. Well maybe not in those exact words. By now in the middle of 2012, it’s pretty safe to say that just about everyone sees the potential and ROI in using sites such as Facebook and Twitter for business purposes. One cannot pick up a business magazine or hop on a business blog and not see dozens of articles extolling the virtues of running a Facebook campaign or setting up a Twitter chat. However, the one thing needed to run such campaigns and to effectively manage them is the one thing real estate professionals do not have – time. Even if you just do social media for one agent two days a week, the trick is to get several clients that you do this for. The more clients you have, the more work you will get and more money you will make. You can offer your services on everything from updating business Facebook pages, Twitter accounts, networking with others for them and generally create visibility for said agent. It’s really their job to tell you how they need you and what you can do for them. Not the other way around. If an agent has no idea what social media is or how it works and what you can do for them. This is NOT the ideal client for you. Ideally they see the value in social media and how you can help them with it.


The three ideas above are interchangeable with various client profiles, such as lawyers, doctors, and other similar professions. Simply wipe out real estate agent for who you want to work with.

The idea is to market yourself as the go to person for this type of service.

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What other ways do you envision professionals needing web help?

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