Making a Claim for Personal Injury Compensation

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If you’ve been injured in an accident recently and you’re confident that it wasn’t your fault, then you may be entitled to compensation. While no amount of money can make up for physical pain, it can certainly make life a little easier if you’ve had to take time off work and are struggling to pay the bills.

If you are thinking about making a personal injury compensation claim then it’s a good idea to get sound advice and help from a solicitor who specializes in this type of claim, particularly if your case is not cut and dried and there is some doubt as to who is responsible. And it goes without saying that the earlier you do this and the quicker you get on the case, the better are your chances of making a successful claim.

With any type of accident, the most important thing to do (if you are in a fit state to do it) is gather as much evidence as possible and find out if anyone else saw exactly what happened. You may be in too much shock to clearly remember how the accident came about so this is where it will be important to get the testimony of witnesses.

If for example your accident happened at work, then you should speak to your work colleagues to see if they witnessed the accident and can help. Most work places will have an accident report log book and someone who is responsible for filling it out, so get the details of the accident logged as soon as possible, giving as much detail as you can. Naturally, if you are badly injured this won’t be your first priority but do give it some thought if you can. If you feel that the accident happened as a result of negligence or obvious danger in the workplace then get someone to take photos of the conditions you were working in. Most people have cameras on their phones these days so even a few quick snaps can help your case if someone is quick thinking enough to take them for you.

If your accident happens when you’re outside walking along a footpath for example, then photos will be crucial if you have tripped over wires or obstacles that clearly shouldn’t be there. In this case you’ll need as much evidence as you can to make a case against the company or local authority responsible for the state of the walk way.

Making a claim for compensation can be a drawn out process but if you feel like you have a solid case and you would like someone to be held accountable for your accident then it is definitely worth taking the time to pursue it. Money can’t get lost time back but it can certainly help to soften the blow.

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