Making Simple Changes To Your Home Whilst On A Small Budget

The following is a guest post about making simple changes to your home. If interested in submitting a guest post please read my guest post policy and then contact me.

Updating the living room, bedrooms and smaller items in the kitchen is something I do quite frequently, but budget and variety can be a big dampener when thinking about the next project.

How much can I spend? What is on offer with the budget that I have? The biggest question, above all else is: ‘what do I actually want these rooms to look like?’ Getting the balance between what you want and what you can afford, with what is on offer, can be quite tricky.

Starting with the floor can give you a central focus point when working on the rest of the room. Wooden style flooring is also a great idea to finish off a room, as no matter what wallpaper and colours you choose, it will always fit. When you do not have oodles of money to redecorate on a larger budget, this is a good long-term idea to saving some money.

Working on a living room can be hard with a small budget as this is usually the room that you want to spend a lot on, with ornaments and furniture that carry the wow factor and impresses all of your visitors. Getting ideas and inspiration from others can be a good way of using your budget wisely and making it stretch a little bit further. Simple and creative ideas, like printing out famous, family related quotes and putting them in a hand painted ornate frame, can look really unique and you can grab a frame very cheaply if you look in the right places.

Taking a trip to your local furniture bank, charity shops and the local tip can be good ideas for picking up furniture that you can give a little attention to. A really good way of buying new furniture on a budget, a lick of paint and covering with a new fabric can bring any piece of old furniture to life.

Buying ornaments from second hand shops is a good idea – old hardback books to give your living area an old library feel or ornaments that you can spray a gold colour to make them look old and like brass statues. You do not have to spend a lot of money to jazz up your room with a new look. If you are a little creative and take some time over what you want to achieve you can source furniture and bring items in on a smaller budget. A little bit of time and creativity can also take you a long way when decorating on a small budget, getting ideas from other images and blogs is a good place to start looking.