Who is Marc Lichtenfeld from Oxford Club?

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January 17, 2023January 17, 2023

Marc Lichtenfeld is the Chief Income Strategist at Oxford Club, an international network of entrepreneurs and investors responsible for publications such as the Oxford Income Letter and the Oxford Communiqué.

A Bit of Background

Marc Lichtenfeld

Marc Lichtenfeld has held various positions in the investing world, such as his past positions as a senior analyst and senior columnist. He comes from relatively humble beginnings, with his journey starting at a trading desk.

He’s famous for his unique style of dividend investing that often delivers double-digit returns, known as the 10-11-12 System. In addition to focusing on companies with a high dividend yield, Mark also has his own methods for securing wins in the bond market.

As a leading financial analyst, bond investor, and investing expert, Marc Lichtenfeld’s name is well-known to his following of over 500,000 investors. He currently helps dividend investors navigate stock prices successfully using his proprietary system based on the power of dividends.

Where was Marc Lichtenfeld before Oxford Club?

As mentioned above, Marc Lichtenfeld’s journey into the world of investing began at a trading desk. More specifically, he worked at Carlin Equities. However, Mark didn’t work here for too long, and eventually changed jobs.

His experience continued to grow during his next job, where he was employed as a senior analyst for Avalon Research Group. He also worked as a senior analyst at Jim Cramer’s TheStreet for two years, beginning in 2005.

Unrelated to investing, 2005 is also the year when Marc Lichtenfeld became a ring announcer. He continues to hold this job to this day and has worked on various major platforms including HBO, Showtime, and ESPN.

Current Occupation

Marc Lichtenfeld’s career eventually brought him to the Oxford Club, where he currently works as a Chief Income Strategist. However, that’s not his only role in the club.

He also functions as the senior editor for The Oxford Income Letter. The Income Letter offers investors investment advice, stock prices, and stock recommendations.

It’s based on Mark’s own investing strategy—the 10-11-12 System—and focuses primarily on building wealth consistently via dividend earnings. The Letter covers four unique investment portfolios, as well as income-building strategies beyond dividends.

The Oxford Club also offers a separate newsletter, The Oxford Communiqué, which takes a different approach to investing. This newsletter gives monthly stock picks, including both lesser-known and large cap stocks from the stock market.

Unlike the Income Letter, The Oxford Communiqué—which is written by Alexander Green — tends to cater towards more advanced individual investors, as its investment strategies tend to be more aggressive (i.e., more risky).

Mark is the leading member of Oxford Centurion‘s Centurion Advisory Board, and also provides his financial insights to various VIP trading services for The Oxford Club. Currently, his input is considered by three trading services:

  • Technical Pattern Profits – This service teaches subscribers how to use common chart patterns and specific indicators to profit quickly from the stock market.
  • Penny Options Trader – As the name implies, this service centers around trading options on penny stocks.
  • Oxford Bond Advantage – This service focuses on making potentially double-digit returns from investing in individual bonds, making profits over an extended period of time.

Aside from his work at the Oxford Club, Mark has also written two books: an international best-seller and an Amazon #1 Best-seller.

His first book, “Get Rich with Dividends: A Proven System for Earning Double-Digit Returns”, was first published in 2012. The first edition of the book became a best-seller; the second edition was named by the Institute for Financial Literacy as the 2018 Book of the Year.

This book is definitely worth a read if you’re interested in Mark’s 10-11-12 system, as that’s exactly what it covers! The book offers an in-depth explanation of the system, how to earn consistent income using dividends, how to identify profitable stocks, how to structure your portfolio, and more.

His second book, “You Don’t Have to Drive an Uber in Retirement: How to Maintain Your Lifestyle without Getting a Job or Cutting Corners”, was published in 2018. This book was also very successful, briefly becoming number one on Amazon’s bestseller list.

Whereas the first book focuses on Mark’s investing strategy, this book focuses specifically on investing and planning for retirement. It covers topics such as income streams that don’t require a job, how to maximize your savings, how to live within your means, and how to optimize your investments for your golden years.

Like Mark’s previous book, his second book was also named the Book of the Year by the Institute for Financial Literacy (this time in 2019).

Notable Accomplishments

In addition to his history in finance, his career as a ring announcer, and his best-selling books, Mark has also appeared as a guest on various media outlets such as Fox Business, Yahoo Finance, and CNBC. He’s often a featured speaker at investment conferences.

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