Financial Movie Review: Margin Call

When I started this blog, I had no intention of reviewing any movies here. After watching the movie Margin Call, I decided it was quite appropriate to review on this blog. I did work in my mom’s video rental store for several years as a teenager. So I do know a thing or two about sitting on my ass watching movies.

Margin Call is not your typical blockbuster with massive critical acclaim and extremely positive viewer feedback. It does have a star studded cast though. You know when both Kevin Spacey and Demi Moore are both supporting characters, there are bound to be some other heavy hitters involved. In this case, it is Jeremy Irons, Stanley Tucci and Penn Badgley, among others.

I think the reason that Margin Call went under the radar is that financial movies tend to be fairly slow. There aren’t cars blowing up or steamy sex scenes. There is some superb acting and intense drama. The first time director does an excellent job developing some very interesting themes.

This is inspired by true events of the evil side of Wall Street and what happens when a company puts profits before people. Wall Street is probably a lot more brutal than how it is depicted in this movie, but it still gives a fairly realistic picture of how a company can make decisions that only benefit themselves.

I would tell you more, but then I would probably spoil the plot. So if this movie theme sounds like something you would be interested in, I highly recommend you watch Margin Call. This is a must-see for anyone who invests money in the stock market. It will really open your eyes about how companies may be handling the money you invest.

Or if you are interested in the whole Occupy Wall Street movement, this movie will give you a better understanding about who may really be at fault in the whole mess. It might seem like everyone involved in Wall Street is evil to the core, but this movie reminds us that they are people too. Just because a company makes a heartless move, it doesn’t mean that everyone involved is at fault.

If it instead sounds like something you wouldn’t appreciate, you are probably right. For some people, the plot themes just go over their heads. So it’s not for everyone.

Here is the movie trailer in case you would like to preview it:

Also, here is an insightful interview with some key cast members about their take on the movie themes:

I don’t know if I will be featuring additional movie reviews here, but if something relevant comes out I will consider it. Are there any financial related movies that you would recommend watching and reviewing on Modest Money?

If you have already seen Margin Call, what was your opinion of it? Do you feel it was an accurate depiction of the situation?

By the way, I hold no responsibility for any plot spoilers in the comments below. So read more at your own risk.