How Marijuana affects Life Insurance Eligibility

In days of old, marijuana use and life insurance were poor bedfellows. However, over the past few years that relationship has gone from poor to downright cozy in some instances. As more and more laws on marijuana use are removed or changed, carriers are becoming more and more marijuana friendly.

State acceptance of marijuana as a legitimate medicinal agent continues to grow as 25 states and the District of Colombia have passed Marijuana laws that legalize the herb in some form. And the states of Washington, Oregon, Colorado and Alaska along with D.C. allow Marijuana for recreational use. Source:

With such widespread support of Marijuana throughout the United States, it is no wonder life insurance companies are making changes to how underwriters view Marijuana use by potential clients looking for life insurance coverage. And these changes are not only occurring in the United States.

In Canada, medical marijuana users are being treated as non-smokers by at least two major life insurance carriers.
Receiving a non-smoker heath rate is a big deal, as it may drop the premium on a policy by more than half, and save the insured thousands of dollars in premiums over the life of a policy. The key to finding the lowest premium is to apply with the right companies.

Want low premiums? Apply with the right companies!

There are many companies that will accept an application from a recreational or medical marijuana user. However, the heath classification of a marijuana user will vary greatly from one company to another. Some companies will offer the top health rating of preferred plus for occasional users, but will only offer a preferred tobacco or standard tobacco rate for someone who uses marijuana on a regular basis. That is why it is imperative that you do your due diligence and apply with an agency that represents multiple carriers.

How to Save on Life Insurance as a Marijuana User

When looking for the best premiums on life insurance with marijuana use the key is to apply with the right company from the start. All too often people apply with the wrong company and either are hit with a huge premium or are declined outright.

Finding the best life insurance companies starts with connecting with agents that specialize in placing marijuana life insurance policies. If you want the best rates, you need to apply with the right company. Finding the right company starts with finding the right agency that can guide you through the simple steps of procuring life insurance as a marijuana use.

Steps to finding the best rates

Some simple steps to finding the best rates on life insurance as a marijuana user would be: (1) Choose an agency that specializes in placing marijuana users; (2) let your agent know how often you use; and (3) let your agent know why you use.

Life insurance companies want to know why you use marijuana. If it is simply for recreational purposes, that is fine. If it is for medical reasons, carriers will want to know what the underlying medical issue being treated is.

For example, if you are using marijuana for your glaucoma, that may not be a big deal. On the flip side, if you use marijuana to treat cancer, that is a big deal.

Currently carriers do not differentiate marijuana users according to each different user’s method of delivery. For example, someone who smokes a pipe or hits a bong will currently be lumped into the same category as someone who ingests or uses a vaporizer. This may or may not change down the road and may not be relevant if the effects of smoking marijuana are found to be negligible.

In summary, marijuana use and life insurance are no longer at odds. If you are an occasional user or you use marijuana daily, you have great life insurance options available to you.