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4.5 rating based on 5 ratings


In a nutshell: Mashvisor is a real estate data analytics platform designed to help real estate investors of any level make an informed decision regarding potential rental properties.

Offering vital information such as the potential cash on cash return, rental income, and estimated occupancy rates, Mashvisor provides a plethora of information on a single platform.

Find out more about this powerful platform in our Mashvisor review below.

FeesService Type Promotion
$17.99-$99.99 per monthReal estate data analytics platformFree 7-day trial

Real estate investors who want a singular platform that can help them easily identify lucrative investment properties. The platform can help them identify a potential property, run it through a comprehensive investment property analysis, and even connect them with local real estate agents.

The investment property calculator helps interested parties identify the potential of individual properties. They can easily use Mashvisor to find the best short-term rentals and long-term rental properties across the United States.

However, this platform isn’t very useful for those interested in crowdfunded investing, REITs, or commercial real estate.

Mashvisor is used by real estate agents around the country, so it will certainly provide enough information to help individual investors find promising investment opportunities. However, the platform isn’t perfect: here are our key takeaways from this particular platform.

Pros & Cons
  • Users can search by property type
  • Offers multiple analytics tool options
  • Similar services are offered for free
  • No monthly billing option

Compare to Other Investment Platforms:

Mashvisor Logo
4.5 rating based on 5 ratings
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Fees$17.99-$99.99 per month

Service TypeReal estate data analytics platform

PromotionFree 7-day trial

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FeesSourcing Fee: $3.5, AUM Fee: 0.15%

Minimum Investment$100

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Account Minimum$500


What is Mashvisor?

Search a City

Mashvisor is an online property analytics and research platform. Sourcing information from thousands of properties across the United States, Mashvisor offers beginner investors and full-time investors alike a streamlined experience.

Thanks to the addition of the property marketplace, investors can even find information about off-market properties. Every listing has a comprehensive property report that includes all of the relevant data about the property.

Using the search function, investors can easily identify profitable investment properties, determine the profitability using the investment property calculator, and contact property managers or owners directly for more information.


The key function of Mashvisor is the property search bar, which allows you to browse through property listings using a very specific search criteria. You’ll be able to filter through the list of properties using filters such as:

  • Property location
  • Property price
  • Potential income
  • Cash on cash return (traditional or Airbnb)
  • Property specifics (such as square footage or the number of rooms),
  • And more

If you prefer a more visual search, you can use the heat map—which color-codes different metrics—to explore your potential options. You can also use the Property Finder tool to compare results from up to five different markets at one time.

The Mashvisor Property Calculator allows you to perform real estate market analysis on specifics such as rental income, potential cash flow as an Airbnb, expenses, occupancy rates, and the projected ROI.

Mashvisor also offers additional tools helpful to novice investors, including “Rental Comps” and a real estate agent directory.

Pricing & Plans

Real estate investors have a few different plans to choose from. It’s important to note that these plans only offer quarterly or annual billing; there aren’t any monthly plans available.


Mashvisor doesn’t offer any permanent free options. However, it does allow you to enjoy a free trial on any plan (Lite, Standard, or Professional) for seven days. The basic search function can still be accessed without making an account, but it doesn’t provide any analytical data.


This plan costs $22.99/month on a quarterly plan, and $17.99/month on the annual plan. Subscribers will be able to make data-driven real estate investment decisions about specific single-family homes, but won’t have access to the comparison tools offered on higher-tier plans.


This plan costs $69.99/month on a quarterly plan, and $49.99/month on the annual plan. Standard subscribers will have access to the heat map feature, rental comps, and neighborhood analytics.

They’re also able to compare properties side-by-side and create custom expense/ROI reports to identify a property’s investment potential.


This plan costs $99.99/month on a quarterly plan, and $74.99/month on the annual plan. A Professional membership unlocks every feature on the platform, making it especially useful for large-scale real estate investors.

Most notably, Professional members have access to multifamily filters, foreclosure filters, and the real estate agent/property manager CRM.

Is Mashvisor Right for You?

One of the most common complaints about Mashvisor is that many features—such as access to the MLS—are offered for free elsewhere. This is certainly a valid complaint, but we think that the advantage of Mashvisor is its overall convenience.

While it’s certainly possible to get the majority of the information Mashvisor offers elsewhere for free, this will require using multiple services concurrently. With Mashvisor, you can easily view predictive analytics, browse properties for sale, and calculate your potential return on investment from a single platform.

If you’re an individual investor who needs a streamlined way to identify potential investment properties with maximum efficiency, look no further than Mashvisor. Sign up for a seven-day free trial by clicking here!

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