Mashvisor vs BiggerPockets 2024: Which is the right one for you?

Jeremy Biberdorf
By: Jeremy Biberdorf
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In today’s competitive real estate market, investors need powerful tools and resources to make informed decisions. Mashvisor and BiggerPockets are two popular platforms that cater to the needs of real estate investors, offering valuable insights, data, and networking opportunities.

In this Mashvisor vs BiggerPockets review, we’ll compare these platforms, evaluating their strengths and weaknesses concerning property analysis, learning resources, pricing, and community engagement.

Mashvisor is Better for:BiggerPockets is Better for:
Real Estate Investment AnalyticsReal Estate Education and Networking
Investment Property Search ToolsPersonalized Real Estate Coaching and Mentoring
Rental Property AnalysisReal Estate Market and Industry News

When choosing between Mashvisor and BiggerPockets, it’s essential to understand their unique features and tools. While both platforms provide valuable insights and resources, your investment style and objectives may make one platform more suitable for you than the other.

Mashvisor BiggerPockets
Service Type Real estate data analysis and investment property search Real estate investment community and resources
Fees Free and Premium ($39.99 - $79.99/month or $399.99 - $799.99/year) Free and Premium ($29.99/month or $299/year)
Customer Support Email and phone support for all members Email support for all members, phone support for Premium members
Best Use Real estate investors who want to analyze and find investment properties Real estate investors who want to learn and network with a community of like-minded individuals
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Factor 1: Property Analysis

Mashvisor: Powerful Property Analytics

  • Mashvisor offers property data and analytics
  • BiggerPockets provides basic property analysis
  • Mashvisor’s heatmap tool helps identify profitable areas


Mashvisor is a powerful real estate analytics platform that focuses on providing investors with data-driven insights to make informed decisions. The platform offers in-depth property data, including rental income, cash flow, cap rate, cash on cash return, and occupancy rates. These data points can help investors analyze the performance of potential investments and make more informed decisions.

In addition to detailed property data, Mashvisor offers a heatmap tool that allows users to visualize neighborhood data and identify areas with the highest potential for profitable investments. This feature is particularly useful for investors seeking to invest in unfamiliar markets or looking to identify up-and-coming neighborhoods.


BiggerPockets offers a variety of tools and resources for real estate investors, including basic property analysis features. While the platform does not provide the same level of in-depth data as Mashvisor, users can still access valuable information such as rental rates, appreciation rates, and neighborhood data.

Factor 2: Learning Resources

Mashvisor: Offers a Blog and Webinars

  • Mashvisor provides educational resources and webinars
  • BiggerPockets is known for its extensive library of content
  • Both platforms cater to investors of all experience levels


Mashvisor offers a variety of educational resources for real estate investors, including a regularly updated blog that covers various topics related to real estate investing. Additionally, the platform hosts webinars featuring industry experts, providing users with valuable insights and tips for successful investing.

While Mashvisor’s educational resources are valuable, the platform’s primary focus remains on providing powerful property analytics and data-driven insights for investors.


BiggerPockets is widely known for its extensive library of educational content, catering to investors of all experience levels. The platform offers a wealth of resources, including articles, podcasts, videos, and webinars, covering a wide range of real estate investing topics.

In addition to its content library, BiggerPockets also offers a marketplace where users can find real estate books, courses, and other educational materials. This extensive collection of resources makes BiggerPockets a valuable platform for investors seeking to expand their knowledge and improve their investing skills.

Factor 3: Pricing and Community Engagement

Mashvisor Offers Affordable Pricing and a Growing Community

  • Mashvisor’s pricing starts at $19.99 per month
  • BiggerPockets offers free access to its community and content
  • Both platforms provide opportunities for networking and learning


Mashvisor offers multiple subscription plans, with pricing starting at $19.99 per month for the Basic plan, which provides access to essential property analytics and data-driven insights. Higher-tier plans offer additional features, such as the heatmap tool, more property data, and enhanced customization options. Considering the comprehensive features offered, Mashvisor’s pricing is affordable for investors seeking a powerful real estate analytics platform.

In addition to its property analysis tools, Mashvisor has a growing community of real estate investors, offering opportunities for networking, knowledge sharing, and collaboration. While the community may not be as extensive as BiggerPockets, it is continuously expanding, providing users with valuable connections and insights.


BiggerPockets offers free access to its community and content, making it an excellent resource for investors seeking educational materials and networking opportunities. The platform also offers a Pro membership at $39 per month, which provides additional features such as advanced property analysis tools, marketplace discounts, and priority customer support.

The BiggerPockets community is one of the platform’s most significant selling points, with millions of users actively engaging in forums, sharing advice, and offering support. This extensive network of investors and professionals makes BiggerPockets an invaluable resource for real estate investors looking to build connections and learn from industry experts.

Mashvisor vs BiggerPockets: Our Summary

When comparing Mashvisor and BiggerPockets, both platforms cater to different real estate investment styles, but Mashvisor stands out as the superior choice for investors seeking a powerful real estate analytics platform with a user-friendly interface.

The platform’s in-depth property data, heatmap tool, and affordable pricing make it an unbeatable option for investors looking to make data-driven decisions without breaking the bank. Furthermore, the growing community on Mashvisor provides valuable networking and learning opportunities for users.

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BiggerPockets, while known for its extensive library of educational content and vast community of real estate investors, falls short in providing the cutting-edge property analysis tools that Mashvisor offers. The platform does have some resources and networking opportunities, but its primary focus on educational content makes it less effective for investors seeking powerful analytics and data-driven insights.

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