Maverick Trading Complaints And Negative Ratings: What Are Unsatisfied Users Saying?

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November 21, 2023November 21, 2023

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When exploring the crowded world of trading, Maverick Trading has emerged as a noteworthy player. In this detailed Maverick Trading review, we dive into what this proprietary trading company offers, particularly focusing on its suitability for both novice and seasoned traders. A significant challenge for many traders is the limitation caused by insufficient capital, making it challenging to realize substantial and consistent returns. Proprietary trading firms like Maverick Trading offer a solution, providing significant funding to retail traders, making it an appealing option in a saturated market.

Maverick Trading is renowned in the prop trading space, offering experienced traders access to substantial capital and an attractive profit-sharing model of 70-80%. But is Maverick Trading the right fit for your trading goals? This review aims to shed light on Maverick Trading complaints and negative ratings, helping you make an informed decision about whether it aligns with your financial aspirations.

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What is Maverick Trading?

At Maverick Trading, established in 1997, the focus is on Stocks and Options Trading, with a special emphasis on options, alongside Forex Trading through Maverick Currencies. This proprietary trading firm is known for its comprehensive approach, not only in recruiting traders but also in nurturing their trading education and skills. They offer a unique blend of proprietary strategies, advanced software, and rules-based methodologies, all designed to foster consistent profitability.

Interestingly, Maverick Trading goes beyond just providing tools and education. They emphasize time-tested discipline and risk management strategies, crucial for traders to quickly find success and start earning real profits. The firm also supports remote trading, allowing global access to their services, making it convenient for traders regardless of their location.

Financially, Maverick Trading collaborates with active traders by financing their accounts, turning their surplus capital into a source of income. In this partnership, the firm gains 20-30% of the profits from the traders’ work, leaving the substantial majority, 70-80%, to the traders themselves. Maverick Trading also focuses on the professional development of its traders, offering leverage and options to increase purchasing power, thus demonstrating its commitment not just to trading terms but also to stimulating trader growth.

External Maverick Trading Reviews & Ratings

Maverick Trading Scores an “Excellent” rating from TrustPilot, with an average of 4.7 out of 5 rating. This excellent rating is accompanied by lots of praise from users.

There are some common themes I found from the fans of Maverick Trading. The most common praise I found heaped on Maverick Trading was in regards to how helpful their staff was. Many users also noted that Maverick does a fantastic job of teaching the psychological side of trading.

Many users also noted the training education was difficult but, in the end, very rewarding and completely worth it.

Of course, no service is perfect and there are some negative reviews out there. Let me take a closer look at some of the negative reviews.

Maverick Trading Complaints and Negative Ratings

As mentioned previously, Maverick Trading has an Excellent rating from TrustPilot, meaning that overall, users are satisfied. Having said that, I think I should highlight and discuss some of the Maverick Trading complaints and negative ratings that I came across.

Michael William Dear

15 reviews

Aug 3, 2022

Feels like a scam

Feels like a scam. It may not be, but to go through the process only to find out YOU have to front up $7,000 for Maverick to take you on is nonsensical. Invest in yourself.

Date of experience: August 03, 2022

Judging from his complaint, it is unclear if he has actually ever used Maverick Trading. His complaint seems like he doesn’t like prop trading firms in general, as they all require upfront money from traders one way or the other.

Dale White

3 reviews

Jan 31, 2020

First of all

First of all, I have no complaints against Maverick. I completed their training program which is very comprehensive. Their instructional videos are great. I began live trading, did well for 1 month, then blew my account up in the next 2 months. I believe I was sizing my positions correctly and doing as I was instructed but things still went against me. At this point I don’t know if it’s a good idea to get back in or not. It’s been about 2 years and I’m still debating this. As I said, I have no complaints against Maverick. I gave a 3 star rating because of the risk involved.

Date of experience: January 31, 2020

This user gave Maverick Trading a negative rating, although stating that he has no complaints or problems with Maverick Trading. He gave a poor rating because of the risks involved with trading, which is something completely out of Maverick Trading’s control.

Mike L

1 review

Mar 7, 2019


Trading is harder than it looks

Trading is harder than it looks. They are very patient in working with me but I am still having problems with sizing my positions correctly and managing the risk. I trust my gut more than a concrete plan and I’m sure they’ll see it my way when I get a big winner.

Date of experience: March 07, 2019

For this negative Maverick Trading rating, I again do not see any fault on the side of Maverick Trading. It sounds like this trader is rejecting Maverick Trading’s advise in lieu of “his gut”. It sounds to me that his gut might deserve the negative rating more than Maverick Trading.

If you are after more Maverick Trading complaints, you can consider researching Maverick Reddit reviews. Like all subjects on Reddit, there is no shortage of naysayers and doubters. I myself read through the Maverick Reddit reviews and wasn’t able to find anything of much substance. You will end up reading through a lot of threads with uninformative comments similar to this:

Maverick Complaint Screenshot

Final Thoughts

This Maverick Trading review has dived into various aspects of what the firm offers. While Maverick Trading stands out in the crowded field of prop trading, particularly for those interested in options, it’s important to be aware of Maverick Trading complaints and negative ratings.

As with any trading platform, it’s crucial for potential traders to conduct thorough research and weigh the pros and cons. For those seeking to join one of the best options prop trading firms, Maverick Trading’s comprehensive education, mentorship, and profit-sharing model could be a valuable asset.

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