Metastock vs MetaTrader 2023: Which trading platform is better?

Jeremy Biberdorf
By: Jeremy Biberdorf
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In the ever-evolving landscape of trading platforms, two names stand out as leaders in the industry: Metastock and MetaTrader. Both of these trading platforms have earned their stripes by offering a range of powerful tools and features tailored to the needs of traders across different experience levels. However, with such a vast array of options, it can be difficult for new and seasoned traders alike to choose the ideal platform for their specific needs.

MetaStock is Better for:MetaTrader is Better for:
Traders who prefer technical analysis and chartingTraders who prefer algorithmic trading and backtesting
Traders who prioritize fundamental analysis and data visualizationTraders who prioritize trade automation and customization
Traders who want access to a wide range of built-in indicatorsTraders who want to use custom indicators and scripts
Traders who prefer a desktop-based platform with a robust feature setTraders who prefer a web-based or mobile platform for on-the-go trading

In this blog post, we will delve into a comprehensive comparison between Metastock and MetaTrader, evaluating them across three essential factors: ease of use, technical analysis capabilities, and customization options.

Metastock MetaTrader
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Factor 1: Ease of Use and User Interface

Metastock: Intuitive Design with Streamlined Functionality

  • Metastock features a user-friendly interface and customizable layout
  • MetaTrader: Efficient and Customizable Trading Experience
  • MetaTrader boasts a simple yet effective interface
  • Favored by both beginners and advanced traders due to its versatility


Metastock offers an intuitive design and streamlined functionality that caters to traders of all experience levels. Its user-friendly interface is organized with clear menus and customizable layouts, allowing users to arrange their workspace according to their preferences. Metastock’s ease of use is particularly appealing to novice traders, as it helps them navigate the platform effortlessly and focus on developing their trading skills.

To further assist traders, Metastock provides comprehensive educational resources and dedicated customer support. Users can access video tutorials, webinars, and an extensive knowledge base to enhance their understanding of the platform and trading strategies. This emphasis on user education and support sets Metastock apart and makes it a popular choice among traders looking for a platform that is both powerful and easy to use.


MetaTrader is well-known for its efficient and customizable trading experience, which appeals to a broad spectrum of traders. The platform’s interface is designed with simplicity in mind, allowing users to quickly grasp its features and navigate through different functionalities. This simplicity, combined with the platform’s versatility, makes MetaTrader a favored choice for both beginners and advanced traders.

To help users make the most of the platform, MetaTrader offers a vast library of resources and tutorials. These resources cover topics ranging from basic platform usage to advanced trading strategies and techniques. By providing ample support to its users, MetaTrader ensures that traders at all levels can leverage the platform’s features effectively and achieve their trading goals.

Factor 2: Technical Analysis Capabilities and Indicators

Metastock: Advanced Analysis with Proprietary Tools

  • Metastock boasts over 300 technical indicators and drawing tools
  • Offers proprietary tools such as RMO, PowerStrike, and MetaStock Forecaster
  • MetaTrader: Comprehensive Suite of Technical Indicators and Tools
  • MetaTrader provides over 50 built-in technical indicators and analytical tools
  • Customizable indicators and scripts through MQL4 (MT4) or MQL5 (MT5) programming languages


Metastock is renowned for its advanced technical analysis capabilities, offering users access to more than 300 technical indicators and drawing tools. This extensive suite of tools allows traders to analyze market data and identify potential trading opportunities with precision. Metastock also features proprietary tools such as the Rahul Mohindar Oscillator (RMO), PowerStrike, and MetaStock Forecaster, which further enhance the platform’s analytical capabilities.

In addition to its powerful analysis tools, Metastock provides traders with robust backtesting capabilities. Users can test their trading strategies using historical data to assess their effectiveness and make necessary adjustments for optimization. This functionality enables traders to fine-tune their strategies and improve their chances of success in the markets.


MetaTrader offers a comprehensive suite of technical indicators and analytical tools to help traders make informed decisions. The platform comes with over 50 built-in technical indicators, covering a wide range of analysis methods, including trend, volatility, and volume analysis. Additionally, MetaTrader allows users to customize indicators and create scripts using the MQL4 (MT4) or MQL5 (MT5) programming languages, further expanding the platform’s analytical capabilities.

MetaTrader also features a built-in strategy tester, enabling traders to backtest and optimize their trading algorithms using historical data. This functionality allows users to validate the effectiveness of their strategies and make necessary adjustments to improve their performance in real-time trading. With its extensive range of tools and capabilities, MetaTrader caters to the technical analysis needs of traders at all levels of expertise.

Factor 3: Customization and Third-Party Integration

Metastock: Highly Customizable with Extensive Add-ons

  • Metastock offers customizable charting, layouts, and interface
  • Supports a wide range of third-party add-ons and plugins to expand capabilities
  • MetaTrader: Open Platform with Vibrant Community Support
  • MetaTrader is known for its high degree of customization and open architecture
  • Active community of developers and traders sharing custom indicators and Expert Advisors (EAs)


Metastock is well-regarded for its high level of customization, allowing users to tailor their trading environment to suit their preferences. The platform enables users to modify charting styles, layouts, and interface elements to create a personalized workspace. Furthermore, Metastock supports a vast range of third-party add-ons and plugins, enabling users to extend the platform’s capabilities to meet their specific needs.

In addition to its built-in tools, Metastock features an extensive marketplace where users can explore and integrate a variety of additional tools and services. This marketplace offers a wide selection of plugins, custom indicators, and trading systems, allowing traders to enhance their trading strategies and gain an edge in the markets.


MetaTrader stands out for its open platform architecture and vibrant community support, which fosters a high degree of customization. The platform’s active community of developers and traders regularly shares custom indicators, scripts, and Expert Advisors (EAs), contributing to a rich ecosystem of tools and resources. This openness encourages users to customize the platform to their liking and benefit from the collective knowledge of the community.

Additionally, MetaTrader seamlessly integrates with various third-party tools and services, such as copy trading platforms and Virtual Private Servers (VPS) providers. This flexibility allows traders to access a diverse range of solutions that can further enhance their trading experience and performance. Overall, MetaTrader’s customization options and third-party integration capabilities cater to the needs of a broad spectrum of traders, from beginners to professionals.

Metastock vs MetaTrader: Our Summary

After a thorough comparison across three critical factors – ease of use, technical analysis capabilities, and customization options – Metastock emerges as the winner in our head-to-head battle between these two powerful trading platforms.

While both platforms offer user-friendly interfaces and cater to traders of all experience levels, Metastock’s streamlined design, comprehensive educational resources, and dedicated customer support set it apart. This makes it particularly appealing to novice traders looking to develop their skills in a supportive and accessible environment.

In terms of technical analysis capabilities, Metastock’s extensive suite of over 300 indicators, proprietary tools, and robust backtesting capabilities give it the edge over MetaTrader. Traders seeking advanced analysis and the ability to fine-tune their strategies will find Metastock’s offerings more comprehensive and powerful.

Customization is another area where Metastock shines. While MetaTrader boasts an open platform architecture and a vibrant community, Metastock’s ability to support a wide range of third-party add-ons and plugins, along with its extensive marketplace, offers users greater flexibility and the opportunity to tailor their trading experience to meet their specific needs.

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