Who Is Michael Nauss From Trade Ideas And Does He Lend Credibility To The Platform

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February 12, 2024February 12, 2024

Michael Naus is the founder of Stats Edge Trading and currently collaborating with Trade Ideas to build scans for the platform. But is he trustworthy and what is Trade Ideas? Read on to find out.

Who is Michael Nauss From Trade Ideas

Meet Michael Naus, a trading veteran with over a decade of experience, dedicated to helping traders and firms achieve growth and consistency. Michael’s journey into the world of trading began in 2006 when he was pursuing a finance degree at Saint Mary’s University. During his studies, he stumbled upon an opportunity to work with a proprietary trading firm, which sparked his fascination with the financial markets.

As he continued his education, Michael’s passion for trading grew, and he decided that this was the career path he wanted to pursue wholeheartedly. Over the years, he honed his skills by working with a diverse range of entities, including hedge funds, proprietary trading firms, technology companies, and individual traders.

What sets him apart is his ability to combine technical knowledge with years of quantitative and algorithmic trading experience. This unique blend forms the foundation of his distinctive trading style, where he leverages the strengths of both worlds.

Currently, Michael collaborates with Trade Ideas LLC, where he plays a crucial role in developing scans and systems for their trading platform. Additionally, he shares his insights into technical analysis through contributions to statsedgetrading.com.

Looking back on his journey, Michael’s entry into trading was somewhat serendipitous. It all began during a university job fair when he encountered a proprietary trading firm that was seeking finance enthusiasts to join their trading endeavors.

Those initial days left an indelible mark on him, and he quickly realized that trading was not just a job but a true passion.

In terms of his trading strategy, Michael identifies as a systematic trader. He designs trading systems using the Trade Ideas backtester and employs autotrading to eliminate emotional biases. His primary approach involves using Trade Ideas to identify stocks showing relative strength or weakness compared to the broader market.

He then rigorously tests patterns to determine the best entry points based on this relative performance. Once positions are established, Michael relies on his systematic approach to manage the trades.

On average, Michael executes about three trades per day, highlighting his preference for quality over quantity in the world of trading. This deliberate approach aligns with his systematic trading style and underscores his commitment to helping traders achieve consistent results.
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What Is Trade Ideas?

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Trade Ideas, a comprehensive financial tool established in 2003, serves as an invaluable asset for traders. This platform offers a range of services, including stock scanning, charting, and automated trading.

Its main focus is on the US and Canadian markets, and it distinguishes itself by incorporating advanced AI technology to provide real-time market insights. In addition to its core services, Trade Ideas features a moderated chat room where traders can exchange knowledge and insights. It also employs a remote processing system to ensure quick and efficient data delivery to its users.

One of the standout benefits of Trade Ideas is its ability to narrow down the multitude of stocks available for trading, highlighting the small handful that hold the most potential each day. This feature simplifies the trading process, enabling traders to make informed decisions and seize profitable opportunities amid the vast array of stocks in the market.

Trade Ideas Benefits

Here are the benefits you can expect from Trade Ideas:

  • Free Live Trading Room: Trade Ideas provides a free live trading room where traders can access valuable guidance and insights from experienced professionals.
  • Predefined Channels: The platform offers predefined channels that allow quick access to different investment sectors, facilitating efficient research.
  • Packages for Professional Traders: Tailored packages are available for professional traders, recognizing the diverse needs of its user base.
  • Multiple AIs: Trade Ideas incorporates multiple AI systems, including “Holly AI,” which automates trading by scanning stocks and executing trades based on preset strategies.
  • Simulated Trading: Traders can practice and refine their strategies using Trade Ideas’ simulated trading feature, allowing them to gain experience without risking real capital.
  • Trade Suggestions: The platform offers trade suggestions specifically designed for options and crypto traders, providing valuable insights into these markets.
  • Charting Capabilities: Trade Ideas has robust charting capabilities that enable users to view up to 20 different charts simultaneously. It offers flexibility in adjusting timeframes and provides various technical indicators for in-depth analysis.
  • Annotation Tools: Traders can use annotation tools directly on the charts for better visualization and note-taking.
  • Stock Scanner: Trade Ideas’ stock scanner is a core feature, offering both customizable and pre-built scans. New traders can quickly start scanning with pre-built options, while experienced traders can fine-tune their scans using a wide range of filters.
  • Market Explorer: The Market Explorer tool provides access to prebuilt scans created by the Trade Ideas team, allowing users to get started immediately.
  • OddsMaker Backtesting Tool: Trade Ideas offers the “OddsMaker” backtesting tool, allowing users to assess the effectiveness of their trading strategies by applying them to past market data. It provides comprehensive metrics and insights for strategy optimization.


“Who is Michael Naus from Trade Ideas?” is a valid question. Michael Naus, the founder of Stats Edge Trading, brings a wealth of experience and expertise to the world of trading through his collaboration with Trade Ideas.

With over a decade of experience and a passion that ignited during his university days, Michael has honed his skills by working with various entities, making him a trusted figure in the trading community. His systematic trading approach, utilizing Trade Ideas’ tools and technology, underscores his commitment to helping traders achieve growth and consistency.

Trade Ideas itself, established in 2003, is a valuable asset for traders, offering a comprehensive suite of financial tools. With a primary focus on the US and Canadian markets, Trade Ideas sets itself apart by harnessing advanced AI technology to deliver real-time market insights.

Its stock scanning, charting, and automated trading services simplify the trading process, making it easier for traders to identify profitable opportunities within the vast stock market landscape.

Together, Michael Naus and Trade Ideas provide traders with the tools, insights, and guidance they need to navigate the financial markets effectively. Whether you’re a seasoned trader or just starting your trading journey, their collaboration offers valuable resources for achieving success in the world of trading. Click Here to learn more or get started today.

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