Mindful Trader – 5 Reasons to Put Trust in Mindful Trader Stock Alerts

Bob HaegeleBy: Bob Haegele

July 16, 2021July 16, 2021

Mindful Trader works a little differently from other stock trading alert programs. In our Mindful Trader review, we talked about how these supercharged stock alerts can help you to make money.

Throughout this guide, we are going to talk more about just how these stock alerts differ from other similar services. Let’s take a look at five of the reasons why you should put your trust in Mindful Trader stock alerts.

1. Backtested Strategies

The vast majority of traders lose money. In fact, 85% of wealth managers underperform the markets. One of the biggest reasons for this is that they don’t back-test.

With the advance of technology, strategies have become easier to back-test, and that’s exactly what Mindful Trader does. Each strategy on the website is based on hard data, as you would expect, but it’s also back-tested over the past twenty years.

It’s why Mindful Trader’s back-tested strategies produce a median annual return of 147%.

2. Long-Lasting Stock Alerts

While Mindful Trader is mainly aimed at short-term traders, especially swing traders, published stock alerts have a much longer shelf life than you’re likely to find from other services.

Eric Ferguson aimed to create a stock alert service that doesn’t require the average trader to stay glued to their phones all day and night.

Although stock alerts have a life expectancy of one week, we still recommend acting on your alerts as early as possible to get the most value from them.

3. Critical Statistical Tests

How do you know that a Mindful Trader stock alert is the right move for you, or whether these tests are even valid?

Eric Ferguson offers an incredible amount of transparency when it comes to the statistical tests performed, including:

  • Monte-Carlo Simulations – Used to forecast current trading strategy’s future returns based on historical returns and the risk of excessive volatility.
  • Statistical Correlation Tests – These tests are designed to make sure trading strategies are distinct and don’t rely on each other to succeed. Without diversity, risk can become concentrated.
  • Cross-Validation – Ensures trading strategies are not based too much on present data, which can potentially provide a false narrative.

4. Transparent Results

The Mindful Trader also tracks the results of its stock picks and alerts over six weeks through a dedicated tracking page.

Over the past six weeks’ results, the total return on account is 40%, which is incredible. That means if you followed all of the Mindful Trader’s recommendations and had $10,000 to invest, you would have made $4,000 in six weeks. These results are simply impossible to replicate through low-risk, conservative exchange-traded funds (ETFs) and tracker funds.

For just $47 per month, this is by far one of the best value stock alerts services on the market now.

5. Low Management Threshold

Stock traders are known for their soaring stress levels. In one particular study, 63% of investors said they suffered from moderate to severe negative stress. Perhaps the main source of this stress for short-term traders is the need to constantly manage their portfolios and all the incoming data.

The Mindful Trader aims to take the stress out of investing. Day traders and swing traders will still need to manage their portfolios, but the longer-term nature of these stock alerts means that there’s less management required.

The platform emphasizes diversity in trades. Yes, there are some extremely short-term trades, but there’s a lot of variation. Some investments you may hold for weeks before selling.

Either way, we believe that in our Mindful Trader review this is a more relaxed approach to short-term trading. There’s no need to be glued to your computer screen on minimal sleep.

Is the Mindful Trader Foolproof?

Absolutely not! No trading system or platform is ever completely foolproof, otherwise, everyone would know about it, and everyone would be on it.

Glancing at the most recent results, there are a considerable number of losing trades on the ledger. However, the wins outweigh the losses, which is why Mindful Trader is a profitable platform. The key to success here is being willing to commit to the system.

When investors deviate from the recommendations on the site is what leads to major losses and people claiming that this platform doesn’t work.

It does work because the data is there for all to see.

The Bottom Line

There’s a reason our Mindful Trader review recommended this platform for swing traders and day traders. After looking through the long-term data present on the site, we have to conclude that it is profitable.

Like any market chart, there will be ups and downs, and not every trade will be a winner, but if you can deal with the volatility there’s money to be made here.

If you want to create an account and try out Mindful Trader for just $47 per month, follow this link.

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