Modest Money 2013 Christmas Cash Giveaway

Well it’s officially Christmas time around here. We just got our first taste of snow for the season here in Vancouver. I’m sure that some of you are assuming that it would be a decent amount since I’m in Canada. We actually only get a small amount of snow here. Most likely this dusting of snow will be gone by the middle of the week and will only get snow once or twice more this winter. Like a lot of the Pacific Northwest we’ll gladly trade snow for a bunch of rain.

For the first time in ages it looks like I’ll be done by Christmas shopping well in advanced. Normally I’m one of those suckers wading through the malls on the last day or two just hoping to find gifts for the last people on my list. Ironically I really dislike shopping malls and I hate crowded malls. So my procrastination was really making me suffer. I’m not doing that again this year! Ok maybe it wasn’t by choice. I give my fiance credit for pushing me to shop early. Plus I won’t be in town for any potential Christmas Eve shopping madness.

Anyways, enough rambling. The real point of this post is to give some cold hard cash away as a Christmas gift to my readers…or at least to 1 lucky reader. Use the form below to enter my $250 cash giveaway contest.

To enable the other entry options, you need to first subscribe to the Modest Money newsletter. Stay subscribed and you’ll also get a chance to win $25 every month. One catch though…if you do not open the newsletter e-mails, you will be automatically unsubscribed and won’t qualify for the contests. I hate to do this, but when your blog name has the word ‘money’ in it, we have to be especially careful that our newsletter does not get flagged by spam filters.

This contest runs from December 10th until the 28th. Refer to the contest rules link in the module below for full rules.

On a side note, I will be taking a blogging break from December 23rd to December 27th. If anyone would like to contribute a holiday themed guest post during that time, please contact me. I’ll be happy to publish your guest post while I am away.

Good luck with the contest!

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