Modest Money’s 70Trades Review

70Trades is a new pack leader among next generation Forex brokers. They have taken a lot of their best aspects from the robo-advisor world, but 70Trades offers a lot more control to their users than that comparison would suggest. We’re impressed with the consistent value that this broker offers to users of all experience levels, with targeted educational resources for Beginners, Experienced Users, and Professional Traders. With full mobile capability and lots of features to help you maximize your trading finesse, there is no downside to 70Trades for Forex. We’ll get into the details, as well as what the name means, below.

70Trades’ Name and Philosophy

70Trades is so named because its creators learned that it takes about 70 trades for an investor to become experienced at trading. 70trades does everything they can to help new traders along while they develop this kind of experience. The company understands that there is a lot of opportunity to lose money if a new user relies only on trial and error. With the aforementioned knowledge resources and first-class 24/5 customer service, you can make each one of these early trades a great one, while you learn the ropes of this kind of investment.

Relevance to Different Experience Levels

70Trades wants the business of brand new traders, but they want to turn these traders into experts. That’s why they offer three different plans: Entry Level, Advanced, and Pro, each with training programs aimed at their users. Even after trying numerous similar services, we found 70Trades’ educational courses to be in a league of their own in terms of succinct, practical information and tips.

Trading Tools

70Trades offers a number of interesting trading tools that will help traders of all experience levels make the best use of the service. One of these is their Portfolio Builder. Like some robo-advisors within the traditional investment sphere, 70Trades gives users the opportunity to have guided portfolio building, by answering certain questions about their personal financial situation and trading goals. However, unlike full-on robo-advisors, 70Trades allows users to fine tune their portfolios. It’s a perfect balance of guidance and autonomy, unseen in other new generation Forex brokerage houses we’ve reviewed.

70Trades also has excellent visualization tools, like their Assets Graphing. Users will never have to wonder about the composition of their portfolios. Different visualizations of all relevant behavior are just a click away.


One big plus about 70Trades is the way they handle coaching. They’ve got educational materials titled Beginner, Experienced, and Professional, as well as courses for commodities, gold, and oil traders. In our experience, these are some of the most thorough and in-depth educational resources we’ve seen provided by a broker. 70Trades wants long term customers, and in order to get that they’ve got to invest in their success. This coaching does just that.


In conclusion, we recommend 70Trades without reservation. They make it easy to trade all kinds of shares and commodities, without the steep learning curve of run of the mill Forex platforms. If you want to dig deeper into the details of daily use, check out these 70Trades reviews. For our part, know that we recommend 70Trades as the most comprehensive and intuitive Forex platform we’ve seen anytime recently.