Modest Money’s Allstate Review 2015 - Home and Auto Insurance

Now that I’m a grown man, making grown man decisions, I’ve had to do my homework when it comes time to choose an insurance company. Of course, you’re not limited to just one, but typically insurers offer discounts when you pick them for everything: auto, home, motorcycle, whatever else. I currently have only two forms of insurance, outside of healthcare: home and auto. My wife and I switched to Allstate right after buying our first home, a decision that has saved us a surprising amount of money. If you are like we were before making the switch, Insurance companies seem to be all the same. To counter this, I encourage you to get quotes from various companies. In our case, we saved hundreds of dollars yearly switching from our other major provider to Allstate. There are other reasons why Allstate’s awesome, and factors that went into our savings, many of which I’ll cover here.

First Impressions

Allstate gives you a lot of freedom with their online platform. While you can’t get an official quote without actually speaking to a representative, once you’re signed up, you can make a lot of helpful changes to your policy right from your computer or mobile device. You can do things like add a vehicle to your policy, change your deductible, and change coverage details, all online. For home coverage, you can do the same, but you can also easily see how many different factors affect the cost of your coverage. Want to know how much your payments would go down if you modernized your electrical system? What if you moved to a house that was newly constructed? Allstate makes it easy to see not just what you’re saving, but where your savings come from and how to earn more. They don’t offer lots of discounts, but this transparency is very helpful when optimizing your coverage.

A Deeper Look

Allstate also has a very easy claims process, available online for most automotive purposes, and fast and reliable for home. You can inventory possessions that you want covered especially in your home, without having to make so much as a phone call. If your car breaks down, Allstate covers service with any mechanic you like, whether its in the Allstate network or not. The one downside I can see for automotive coverage is that Allstate doesn’t cover mechanical parts of your vehicle that fall outside of your mechanical warranty. This may be a downside for drivers of older vehicles. They also don’t offer Gap coverage, whereby an insurer will pay off the balance of your loan (which can be worth more than your car) if you total or greatly damage your vehicle. This will be a consideration for drivers of new cars.

Final Thoughts

With downsides for new and old car drivers, these are serious considerations for otherwise good automotive coverage. Allstate’s home insurance coverage has no significant downsides from my estimation. In either case, Allstate can be a great insurer for you. It’s worth your time to get a quote and talk to an agent about the particulars of your eventual coverage. Your insurance coverage is something that every person should comprehend, before you ever need to make a claim. So do a little homework. I think you’ll find that Allstate Insurance is better than most, and perhaps the very best option for your automobile or home.