Monarch Money Complaints and Negative Ratings

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November 30, 2023November 30, 2023

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Navigating personal finance management can be a challenging endeavor. Monarch Money, with its comprehensive suite of financial tools, aims to simplify this process, offering a one-stop solution for tracking, budgeting, and achieving financial goals.

While Monarch Money has garnered positive feedback for its robust features, exploring user complaints is crucial to providing a well-rounded view of the platform.

In this review, we’ll cover some common grievances, assessing their impact and how they might influence your decision to use Monarch Money.
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Founded by Val Agostino, Monarch Money is a holistic financial management platform that revolutionizes the way individuals, families, and investors approach personal finance. It excels in syncing with over 11,000 banks and institutions, providing a detailed overview of finances, including account balances, transactions, and investments.

Monarch Money’s strengths lie in its comprehensive investment tracking, customizable financial visualizations, and robust budgeting features, all secured with bank-level security measures.

While highly effective for many users, Monarch Money does have some limitations, such as a steep learning curve for beginners and a focus on active rather than passive budgeting tools. Learn more about Monarch Money in our full review here.

Monarch Money Complaints and User Feedback

Analyzing user complaints is vital in understanding the full scope of Monarch Money’s user experience. Let’s hear from some users.

“I really wanted to like it. The UX is great and it has all the right features. But my bank account gets disconnected a few times a week, once reconnect many of the transactions are duplicated, doubling my budgets. Happy to come back when some of the sync bugs are worked out.”
“Trial subscription showed quite a few problems: some of my accounts could not be connected, others repeatedly disconnected and needed relogin. Mortgage information was not available even though its provider was connected. The application looks promising, but at the moment has too many issues to justify paying for it.”
“Too much. I just need something basic like the envelope system. The app wasn’t very friendly and a bit overwhelming for someone who’s just looking to budget. However, if you’re someone who likes to specifically categorize every dime and see the details of every penny, then this would be a good tool for you. I dont need to see credit scores or 500 spending categories, and there were too many clicks to delete categories and reroute the money. It even had a reoccurring spending from 2 yrs ago.”

Bank Account Disconnections and Transaction Duplications

One user mentioned frequent disconnections with their bank account and transaction duplications, which doubled their budgets. While this can be frustrating, it’s important to note that syncing issues are common in many financial apps due to variations in bank protocols and security measures.

Monarch Money’s team is committed to continually improving these integrations, striving to provide a more seamless experience.

Connectivity Issues and Mortgage Information

Another user experienced difficulties in connecting some accounts and obtaining mortgage information. These issues may arise due to the complex nature of integrating with a vast array of financial institutions. Monarch Money is constantly working on expanding its compatibility and enhancing user experience, aiming to include more comprehensive account support in the future.

Complexity and Overwhelming Features for Basic Users

A user found the app overwhelming for basic budgeting needs, citing an abundance of categories and detailed tracking as cumbersome. Monarch Money is designed to cater to a broad audience, including those who prefer intricate financial management.

For users seeking simpler budgeting tools, Monarch Money might offer more than needed, but its customizability allows for tailoring the experience to individual preferences.

See how Monarch Money fares against the best net worth tracker apps.

Star Ratings and Reviews on Other Platforms

Monarch Money has received favorable ratings across various platforms, reflecting its effectiveness and popularity:

  • Product Hunt:9/5
  • Apple App Store:8/5
  • Google Play:5/5
  • The Savvy Couple:5.5
  • Best Wallet Hacks:3/5
  • Investor Junkie:3/5

These ratings indicate widespread user satisfaction, especially in areas like investment tracking, joint finance management, and budgeting features.

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Is Monarch Money Right for You?

Monarch Money is ideal for individuals and families seeking a comprehensive solution to manage their finances. It’s particularly beneficial for:

  • Investors and Savers

With its extensive investment tracking and goal-setting features, Monarch Money is perfect for those who actively manage their investment portfolios and have specific savings goals.

  • Couples and Families

The platform’s ability to manage joint finances makes it a great choice for couples and families looking to consolidate their financial management.

  • Data Security-Conscious Users

If data security is a priority, Monarch Money’s bank-level security measures provide peace of mind.

While Monarch Money is comprehensive, it may not suit everyone, particularly those who prefer a more passive approach to budgeting or need a simpler platform for basic financial tracking.

Final Thoughts

Monarch Money stands out as a versatile and robust financial management platform, offering a wide array of features suited for diverse financial needs. While some users have encountered issues, these are often common challenges faced by financial platforms and are continually being addressed by Monarch Money.

For those seeking a detailed, secure, and comprehensive tool to manage their finances, Monarch Money presents a compelling option. Experience the full capabilities of Monarch Money and take control of your financial future today. Click here to start your journey with Monarch Money and enjoy a 7-day free trial.
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Monarch Money FAQs

Does Monarch Money support investment tracking?

Yes, Monarch Money offers comprehensive investment tracking, allowing users to monitor their entire portfolio in one view.

Can I manage joint finances with Monarch Money?

Monarch Money allows joint management of finances, making it ideal for couples and families.

How does Monarch Money ensure data security?

Monarch Money uses bank-level security measures to protect user data, ensuring your financial information is safe and secure.

Is Monarch Money suitable for beginners in financial management?

While Monarch Money offers advanced features, it can be overwhelming for beginners. However, its customizable dashboard allows users to tailor the experience to their comfort level.

Does Monarch Money offer a mobile app?

Yes, Monarch Money has a user-friendly mobile app available for both iOS and Android devices, allowing you to manage your finances on the go.

Can I track my spending with Monarch Money?

Monarch Money provides detailed spending tracking and insights, helping you understand and manage your spending habits effectively.

How does Monarch Money compare to other budgeting apps like Personal Capital?

Monarch Money offers a more comprehensive approach to financial management compared to some budgeting apps, with a focus on investment tracking, joint finances, and customizable features.

Is there a trial period for Monarch Money?

Yes, Monarch Money offers a 7-day free trial, allowing you to explore its features before committing to a subscription.

Can Monarch Money help me set and achieve financial goals?

Monarch Money’s goal-setting features enable you to create, track, and achieve various financial goals.

What makes Monarch Money unique among financial management tools?

Monarch Money’s strengths lie in its comprehensive financial tracking, joint account management, customizable visualizations, and investment tracking capabilities, setting it apart in the personal finance app space.

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