The Motley Fool Digital Explorers Review 2024

Jeremy Biberdorf
By: Jeremy Biberdorf
June 03, 2023
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In a nutshell: Motley Fool Digital Explorers is a service from The Motley Fool, a well-known company that provides investment guidance online. Digital Explorers focuses specifically on cryptocurrency and other forms of digital assets (hence the name).

Cryptocurrency trading is particularly high-risk and so it can be helpful to have some guidance. But is Motley Fool Digital Explorers the best service out there? How does it work, and what are its top features?

For answers to these questions and more, keep reading for our comprehensive Motley Fool Digital Explorers review.

$1,999/yearNo refunds
Pros & Cons
  • Guidance for trading digital assets such as cryptocurrency
  • A unique offering that not every financial guidance company covers
  • The Motley Fool has a solid track record
  • Expensive
  • No refunds
  • Crypto trading carries significant risk

Motley Fool Digital Explorers Review 2023 | Is Motley Fool Digital Explorers Right for Me?

The Motley Fool provides popular online stock-picking services, including their flagship offering, the Motley Fool Stock Advisor. One of their more recent services is Digital Explorers, which focuses exclusively on cryptocurrency and other digital assets, such as NFTs.

Whether Digital Explorers is right for you will depend on your unique needs and preferences. It focuses on a trading niche that has high volatility and thus risk. This means it could be helpful to have guidance. On the other hand, a subscription is rather costly and there’s no guarantee of success and no refunds.

Keep reading to learn more about Motley Fool Digital Explorers service, including how its works and its top features, and you can see for yourself whether it might be right for you.

How Does the Motley Fool Digital Explorers Service Work?

While The Motley Fool has many subscriptions, Digital Explorers focuses specifically on digital assets, including cryptocurrency. It’s thus tailored toward investors interested in this trading niche.

When you subscribe to the service, you are provided with a collection of crypto recommendations upfront. This is the reason why The Motley Fool doesn’t provide refunds, as they don’t want people to have instant access to their recommendations only to cancel right after.

According to their site, after the first group of recommendations, they will “later send occasional updates about those or other cryptocurrencies and other digital assets, and may include ongoing coverage or additional recommendations.” The lack of specificity isn’t exactly what you would prefer to see for an expensive service.

Motley Fool Digital Explorers Features

Motley Fool Digital Explorers service offers various features, including the following:

  • Transparent portfolio provided – Digital Explorers subscribers can see the Digital Explorers portfolio at any time. This is helpful because it means you can easily track any moves made and mirror them however you like.
  • The Motley Fool Backstage – Digital Explorers includes access to another Motley Fool product, called Motley Fool Backstage. This service provides specialized, advanced investing services, including courses, research, tools, and analysis that will help you build a diversified portfolio. As with Digital Explorers, you will receive a collection of recommendations up front, and occasional updates come later.
  • Community – Digital Explorers provides members with a community hub where they can see community research and any community comments that are made.
  • Versatility – Although not as robust as some of its other products, the fact that Digital Explorers comes with Motley Fool Backstage is a nice perk as it allows you to expand your research beyond crypto and other digital assets.

Motley Fool Digital Explorers Pricing & Plans

The Motley Fool Digital Explorers service is pretty straightforward in terms of pricing. It provides this service and also includes Motley Fool Backstage for $1,999 per year.

It’s important to note, however, that there are no refunds available. Much like its competitors, Motley Fool hopes to avoid people who want instant access to its crypto recommendations, only to ask for a refund after they’ve copied everything down.

Here are the two services provided, with their individual value in parentheses:

  • Motley Fool Digital Explorers ($1,999)
  • Motley Fool Backstage ($1,999)

While the Digital Explorers service does not come cheap, it does give you access to Backstage, Motley Fool’s premier membership tier, which has a value of $1,999 according to their site. This essentially means you’re getting a BOGO (buy-one, get-one) deal.

Who is Motley Fool Digital Explorers Best For?

Motley Fool Digital Explorers is specifically tailored to cater to a particular group of investors. Given its focus on cryptocurrency and other digital assets, this service may not be the best fit for everyone. Here’s a rundown of who might find the most value from this service:

  • Cryptocurrency Enthusiasts: If you have a strong interest in cryptocurrency and are looking to delve deeper into this market, Motley Fool Digital Explorers could be a valuable resource. The service provides recommendations on cryptocurrencies and offers guidance on navigating this complex and often volatile market.
  • High-Risk Tolerance Investors: Digital currencies are known for their high volatility. This means that while there’s potential for substantial gains, there’s also a considerable risk of loss. If you’re an investor with a high risk tolerance and are comfortable potentially losing the money you invest, you might find this service beneficial.
  • Advanced Investors: The Motley Fool Digital Explorers service is not a beginner’s guide to investing. It is more suited for those who already have some understanding of how investing works, particularly in the area of digital assets.
  • Individuals Seeking Diversification: If you’re an investor looking to diversify your portfolio with digital assets, this service can offer you insights into cryptocurrencies and other digital investment opportunities.
  • Subscribers with Larger Budgets: Given the pricing of the Digital Explorers service ($1,999/year with no refunds), it’s more suited to those with a larger budget for investment research services.
  • Members Interested in Community Interaction: The Digital Explorers service also provides a community hub where members can engage with each other, share research, and comment on various topics. If you appreciate such interactive features, you may find this service appealing.
  • Learners and Researchers: With the additional access to Motley Fool Backstage, subscribers have a wealth of resources at their disposal, including advanced investing courses, research tools, and analyses. If you’re keen on learning and research, this combined offer might be well worth the investment.

Remember, no service can guarantee success, and all investing involves risk. It’s crucial to conduct your own due diligence and consider your individual investment goals, risk tolerance, and financial situation before subscribing to any service, including Motley Fool Digital Explorers.

Motley Fool Digital Explorers: User Reviews and Feedback

One of the key ways to gauge whether a product or service is worth investing in is by looking at what its users have to say. It’s worth noting that reviews of Motley Fool Digital Explorers are mixed. Here’s a snapshot of what users have shared about their experiences with this service.

Positive Reviews:

Many users appreciate the insights provided by the Motley Fool Digital Explorers service. They have lauded the clear, concise guidance provided on an otherwise complex and often unpredictable investment landscape. Some users have reported that the information provided by Digital Explorers has helped them make informed decisions that resulted in positive returns.

Users also appreciate the additional access to Motley Fool Backstage. They appreciate the range of resources available, such as advanced investing courses, research tools, and analyses.

Moreover, users value the transparency of the Digital Explorers portfolio and the sense of community fostered through the service, with opportunities for learning and networking with other investors.

Negative Reviews:

On the flip side, some users have expressed dissatisfaction with the lack of specificity in the ongoing updates from Digital Explorers. They feel that for the price, they expect more frequent and detailed recommendations and analyses.

Additionally, some users have indicated that they would like to see a track record of the service’s crypto picks over time, similar to what’s provided for Motley Fool’s stock picks.

Is The Motley Fool Legit?

With the wide array of financial services available today, it’s natural for individuals to question the legitimacy of a service, especially in a field where scam operations are not unheard of. In the case of The Motley Fool, it’s a company that has been providing investment recommendations for over two decades and has built up a significant reputation in the process.

The Motley Fool was founded in 1993 by Tom and David Gardner. Since then, it has established itself as a reliable source for financial guidance, market analysis, and investment ideas. It has earned praise for its forward-thinking approach and a track record of successful stock recommendations.

The company’s flagship service, Motley Fool Stock Advisor, has been particularly recognized for providing stock picks that have, over time, consistently outperformed the market. This service delivers monthly stock recommendations to its subscribers and provides them with a thorough explanation of the rationale behind each pick.

Another popular service is the Motley Fool Rule Breakers, which focuses on high-growth stocks. These are companies believed to be poised for explosive growth, often in innovative or disruptive industries.

Their newest offering, Motley Fool Digital Explorers, indicates their willingness to adapt to new investment avenues, providing guidance on the volatile but potentially lucrative world of cryptocurrency and digital assets.

As for its legitimacy, the company has a strong reputation for its investment research and guidance. They have been featured in reputable publications like The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, and Forbes. Moreover, they are transparent about their recommendations – both their wins and losses are available for subscribers to view, which is a sign of a credible and trustworthy service.


Is the Motley Fool Digital Explorers Service Worth It?

The Motley Fool is immensely popular as they have helped millions of investors get market-beating returns since the 1990s. In other words, they have solid credibility.

That said, the Motley Fool and its most popular offerings (such as the Stock Advisor) built up their reputation on stock picks, not cryptocurrency recommendations. Their track record for crypto just isn’t established in the same way (not so unlike how the digital currency industry itself is still getting established).

This is a high-risk, high-reward niche of investing. For investors who can tolerate this risk level and who have the budget for Digital Explorers, it may be a great option.

To check it out for yourself, click here so you can see how it aligns with what you’re looking for.

And if you’re interested in learning about other Motley Fool products, you might want to check out our review of the Motley Fool Epic Bundle.

Frequently Asked Questions

Motley Fool Digital Explorers is a subscription service from The Motley Fool that provides guidance for trading digital assets, including cryptocurrency and other digital forms like NFTs.

The subscription cost for Motley Fool Digital Explorers is $1,999 per year. This price also includes access to Motley Fool Backstage, which is another product of The Motley Fool offering advanced investing services.

No, The Motley Fool does not provide refunds for the Digital Explorers service. This is because, upon subscription, users gain immediate access to a collection of cryptocurrency recommendations, which The Motley Fool aims to protect.

Motley Fool Digital Explorers is better suited for advanced investors who already have some understanding of how investing works, particularly in the area of digital assets. It may not serve as a beginner’s guide to investing.

No service, including Motley Fool Digital Explorers, can guarantee profits. Investing always involves risk and the potential for loss, especially in high-risk, high-reward areas like digital assets and cryptocurrencies.

While The Motley Fool has an established track record for its stock picks, its track record for cryptocurrency recommendations is not as well established. This is a newer area of focus for the company.

Yes, The Motley Fool is a legitimate company. Founded in 1993, it has established a reputation for reliable financial guidance, market analysis, and investment ideas. It has also been featured in notable publications like The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, and Forbes.

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