Motley Fool Stock Advisor Review 2023: Is The Stock Advisor Worth It?

Jeremy Biberdorf By: Jeremy Biberdorf Sep 15, 2023
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In a nutshell: The Stock Advisor is the Motley Fool’s flagship service that analyzes the market for the two best stock picks every month. Along with that, investors also get a list of “best buys”, access to all its previous recommendations, and more. It is a less risky investment approach compared to some of Motley Fool’s other services.

The Motley Fool is one of the leading platforms for stock investments that are backed by research. The platform has quite a few services, but the Stock Advisor is its flagship one. With the Stock Advisor, you are paying for more than just the few stock picks and best buys per month, you’re also gaining access to resources and stock advice.

The Motley Fool Stock Advisor can help save you time, earn you more money and diversify your portfolio. What do you get for the annual fee? Let’s find out.

$79 for the first yearStock recommendations
Best buys
Starter stocks, etc
446% return since inceptionYes, with our link

*Billed annually. Introductory price for the first year for new members only. First year bills at a promotional price of $79 and renews at $199.

Pros & Cons
  • You can cancel your subscription after the year is up
  • Closed recommendations
  • Offers premium content
  • Has good historical performance
  • Excellent customer service
  • Suitable for those just starting out
  • The platform is easy to navigate
  • Has consistently outperformed the average returns of the S&P 500.
  • Not every stock pick will go up

Company Background

The Motley Fool, a renowned financial services company, has been a trusted source of investment advice since 1993. Founders and brothers Tom and David Gardner, inspired by the honest court jester or ‘fool’ in Shakespeare’s “As You Like It,” embarked on a journey to bring truth to the world of finance and investment.

Their commitment to deflate inflated hype and challenge traditional wisdom has been the cornerstone of the company since its inception.

Starting as a print newsletter, The Motley Fool has come a long way, transforming into an online behemoth providing an array of services each boasting an impressive track record. It offers free news and commentary on its website, premium subscription services including the Motley Fool’s Stock Advisor and Rule Breakers, and even manages mutual funds via its Motley Fool Asset Management division.

These services cater to individual stocks, offering insights and monthly stock recommendations to both new and experienced investors.

Known for its high-quality investment advice, The Motley Fool promotes a philosophy of long-term, buy-and-hold investing. The Motley Fool Stock Advisor, their premium service, guides investors with monthly stock picks designed for at least three years of holding in the stock market.

This approach may not suit those seeking short-term gains, those looking to merely match benchmark index performances, or day traders, but is ideal for long-term investors. The Motley Fool’s dedication to transparency and individual investors makes it a preferred choice for those seeking financial advice and positive returns.

The Motley Fool Stock Advisor Overview

At the helm of the Motley Fool Stock Advisor is the Gardner brothers. This stock recommendation service simplifies your engagement with the stock market. Its current price is $199 per year, but there’s a special promotional price of $79 for the first year. That’s a 60% savings in annual memberships for one of the best investment newsletters and stock-picking services available.

Dedicated to helping retail investors reach their financial goals and adjust to their risk tolerance, the service rolls out a plethora of resources, including detailed reports, investing newsletters, and a steady stream of high-quality stock picks.

Every month, subscribers get two fresh stock picks, supported by comprehensive investment reports. Alongside these, five ‘Best Buys’ grace the list, spotlighting their recent favorites.

For beginner investors, the ‘Starter Stocks’ list serves as a foundational guide to actionable investment recommendations. It’s full of previous recommendations that have showcased impressive track records, frequently updated to mirror fresh stock selections.

The offering extends with investment advisor-backed resources: email newsletters, a stock screener, stock watchlists, and an interactive scorecard.

For those looking to evaluate the service’s prowess, access to all previous Rule Breakers picks is unrestricted, allowing a deep dive into both triumphant and not-so-great recommendations.

But it doesn’t end there. The Motley Fool community, a conglomerate of veteran investors and professional investors, makes new users proud to be apart of Team Rule Breakers.

This dynamic platform fosters discussions, inquiries, and knowledge exchange, reinforcing one’s investing philosophy and strategies. And to ensure subscribers are content, a 30-day membership fee-back guarantee stands firm.

In essence, if blue-chip stocks or the next market-beating return are on your radar, the Motley Fool’s Stock Advisor is your go-to. Through extensive research and analysis, they carve out reliable investment avenues.

As a testament to their enduring commitment, the Motley Fool’s ethos, ‘Making the world smarter, happier, and richer,’ reverberates. They are unwavering in championing individuals to seize their financial destiny.

The Motley Fool Stock Advisor Review – What You Get

Let’s take a closer look at what you get for the price of $199 a year ($79 first year).

New Stock Picks

You get two new stock picks every month with the subscription. Not only do you get the hot picks, but you also get a newsletter detailing what the brothers have come across during their research of the company and why the picks are their choices for the month.

Best Buys

You also get 5 best buy stocks per month from both brothers along with their most recent new recommendation. This will keep profitable investing ideas flowing for those looking to make market-beating returns.

Starter Stocks

When you first sign up to the service, you will be presented with a list of previous stock picks that have done well and will serve as an excellent foundation on which to build your stock portfolio. The starter stocks are very useful for beginner investors looking for market-beating returns . Like the best buys and new stock picks, the starter stocks list is constantly updated by Rule Breaker’s team of analysts.

Additional Resources

Aside from the recommendations, Stock Advisor also provides email newsletters, a stock watchlist, a stock scorecard, tables and charts and more resources to help you make the best investment for you.

Historical Recommendations

As a subscriber, you have access to all of the Motley Fool Stock Advisor’s past recommendations. This allows you to see how their picks have performed during any time frame and to learn from their past successes and failures.

Community Access

You also get access to the Motley Fool Stock Advisor’s community of investors, where you can engage in discussions, ask questions, share insights and stock ideas with thousands of subscribers. Hearing favorite stocks and investing strategies from some of the veteran investors can help you shape your investment philosophy. Some Users have a more impressive track record than some professional financial advisors.

Exceptional Returns from Motley Fool Stock Advisor Picks

The Motley Fool Stock Advisor has a robust track record when it comes to stock recommendations that have yielded outstanding returns. The service’s selections have consistently outperformed the market and professional investors, often by significant margins, reinforcing its reputation as a trusted source of investment advice.

One of the most notable stock picks from the Motley Fool Stock Advisor was Netflix, which was recommended in 2004. This particular recommendation saw an astounding return of 29,990%, illustrating the potential gains that can come from following the service’s advice. Of course, such extraordinary returns are not typical, but they underscore the potential for substantial profits.

Looking at the performance of the Motley Fool Stock Advisor’s stock picks more broadly, 48% of their stocks recommended since 2002 have beaten the S&P 500, with the average winning stock outperforming the S&P 500 by 780%. About 72% of the stocks made a profit, averaging a 680% return.

However, it’s also worth noting that 28% of the stocks lost an average of 42%. This highlights the inherent risks involved in stock investing, even when following expert recommendations​.

In 2020, the Stock Advisor picked 97 stocks, with 62 stocks beating the S&P 500 by an average of 83%. The average annual rate of return versus the S&P 500 for all the stocks picked that year was 46.3%​.

Since inception, the premium service has returned 446% compared to the S&P 500 return of just 122%. (as of June 2023)

Who is Motley Fool Stock Advisor Best For?

The Motley Fool Stock Advisor stock recommendation service is best suited for a variety of investors, particularly those who fit the following profiles:

  1. Long-term Investors: The service is geared towards those who are interested in the investing philosophy of buying and holding stocks for a long period (typically years). The recommendations from Stock Advisor are intended to be long-term holds, and the program suggests keeping the stocks for at least 3 years. Veteran investors know the importance of having strong, long term plays in their stock portfolio.
  2. Beginners: The service provides a great foundation for those who are new to investing. With its Starter Stocks list, beginners can start building their portfolio with proven stocks and look at the previous picks that have blossomed into Blue Chip Stocks. Moreover, the service offers educational content and resources that can help beginners learn the basics of investing.
  3. Investors Seeking Guidance: For those who want a more hands-off approach to investing or simply do not have the time to do extensive research, the Stock Advisor service provides thoroughly researched stock recommendations every month. This can help investors save time and effort while ensuring they are investing in well-analyzed stocks.
  4. Investors Looking for Diversification: The service provides a wide range of stock recommendations across various sectors and industries. This can help investors diversify their portfolios, which can potentially reduce risk and improve returns over the long term.
  5. Growth-oriented Investors: For those seeking impressive returns, the Motley Fool’s Stock Advisor often focuses on high-growth stocks, including those in emerging industries. Thus, investors seeking higher returns through, growth stocks, may find favorite stocks to add to their stock portfolio with this subscription advisory service.
  6. Value Seekers: The annual subscription price of the service is fairly reasonable given the extensive research, advice, and resources it provides. For investors who see value in professional investment advice, the Stock Advisor service could be a cost-effective solution to realize impressive returns.

Is Stock Advisor for You?

The strong return is enough to sway most people to sign up right away and get instant access, but we always make sure you have all the facts before you take the plunge with our Motley Fool Stock Advisor review. The program is generally worth the money, especially for beginners or those looking for a more long-term approach with most of the work done for you.

We also recommend the Stock Advisor service to those who are not only looking for worthwhile investment options sent to them every month with research to back them up but also the resources to learn and make decisions for themselves across all of Motley Fool’s services or investment programs you are a part of.

Veteran investors can also find stock ideas that will generate strong returns over a long time frame.

Customer Service and Support

One aspect that sets Motley Fool Stock Advisor apart from many other investment platforms is its dedication to customer service and support. Subscribers have praised the platform’s helpful, responsive, and informative customer support team.

For any questions or concerns, you can reach out to Team Rule Breakers via email or phone. The website also offers a comprehensive FAQ section, addressing many common questions related to subscriptions, service offerings, and investment advice.

Remember, if you are not satisfied with the resolution of the customer service, there is a 30-day membership fee-back guarantee.

Motley Fool Stock Advisor also provides a series of educational resources. These include articles, videos, podcasts, and more, aimed at helping users understand investment principles and strategies. This commitment to education reflects the Motley Fool’s mission to empower individuals to make informed investment decisions.

Furthermore, subscribers gain access to the vibrant Motley Fool community. This platform facilitates discussions among investors, providing an opportunity to ask questions, share insights, and learn from others’ experiences. This collaborative environment can be particularly beneficial for beginners seeking advice and seasoned investors looking to exchange ideas.

Motley Fool Additional Premium Services

In addition to the Fool’s Stock Advisor service, Motley Fool offers a range of premium services, each designed to meet different investment needs and preferences. Here’s an overview of some of these offerings:

  1. Rule Breakers: This service, priced at $299 per year, offers 2 stock picks per month, top 10 rankings, starter stocks, and a range of community resources. The focus is on “rule-breaking” companies that are set to disrupt their industries. These are high-growth stocks that have the potential to see massive gains in stock price.
  2. Everlasting Stocks: This service, available for $299 per year, provides stock recommendations from the Everlasting universe, which includes companies that are expected to provide lasting value over a long time frame.
  3. Epic Bundle: Priced at $299 for the first year, the Epic Bundle subscription service gives access to four different stock services, providing 6 or more stock recommendations per month. The services included are Stock Advisor, Rule Breakers, Everlasting Stocks, and Real Estate Winners.
  4. Market Pass: For $999 per year, Market Pass provides access to the Epic Bundle, Ultimate Portfolio, special reports on trends and ideas, and more.
  5. Rule Your Retirement: This service, available for $149 per year, offers retirement guidance, model portfolios, social security tips, and coverage on retirement topics. They present investment opportunities catered to those focused on maximizing retirement savings.
  6. Motley Fool Options: For $999 per year, this service offers options investments with an 86% profitability rate and extensive options education.
  7. Everlasting Portfolio: For $1,999 per year, this service lets you invest in Tom Gardner’s personal stock investments. Buy and hold these “Everlasting Stocks” forever.
  8. Real Estate Winners: Available for $249 per year, this service provides expert analysis, diversified real estate investment recommendations, portfolio guidance, market updates, and educational resources.

Final Thoughts – Is Motley Fool Stock Advisor Worth it?

The Motley Fool Stock Advisor offers value to its thousands of subscribers. This investment advisor gives high-quality stock recommendations, with high upside potential, that have a history of market-beating returns. Subscribers can expect stock picks, insights into ‘Everlasting Stocks’, and a review of previous recommendations. Retail investors benefit from tools like stock watchlists, scorecards, and charts.

This service emphasizes a long-term investment philosophy and guides users in building diversified portfolios. There’s a 30-day membership-fee-back guarantee, showing the service’s confidence in its offerings. The Motley Fool’s Stock Advisor helps both beginner investors and veteran investors. With annual memberships available, subscribers get guidance from a team of analysts. The investor community within the service allows for the exchange of ideas, which is valuable for professional investors looking to diversify while beating market averages.

Customer reviews consistently prove that Motley Fool Stock Advisor is one of the best stock recommendation services available.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! the Motley Fool is a company founded in 1993. They have made a name for themselves for almost 30 years in the field of stock recommendations.

Customer reviews and professional investors praise the Motley Fool’s top-tier investment advisor services.

If you don’t want to stress out with researching stocks, Stock Advisor is a good alternative. Their pricing is very cheap. You still need to make the decisions yourself, but you can be sure that their recommendations are the best.

If you’re a DIY investor, Stock Advisor newsletters are a great resource for you to use.

It costs $199 per annum but currently there is a promotional price of $79 for the first year. It has a 30-day money-back guarantee. If you don’t enjoy their investing newsletters and other services, you can cancel and get a full refund.

Visit the Motley Fool website and go to the sign-up page. You need a credit card to sign up. It is for membership payment and not deposits or investments. After that quick process, you will gain instant access to the investing newsletters of your choice.

Whether it is worth it for you or not comes down to personal preference, but it is one of the most trusted investing newsletters by veteran investors. The Stock Advisor is their Flagship Stock Advisor Service. They provide the top stock picks you can find.

You get two new stock picks each month. There are also ten buys chosen from over 300 stocks.

They also provide starter stocks for new and experienced investors. You can get four times the market from their track records.

They give transparency by showing you the last stock picks.

You also have access to the Motley Fool’s investment communities.

No, they don’t. They are a stock recommendations service provider. Stock Advisor doesn’t buy or sell stocks on your behalf. They show investors top stock picks and leave them to decide what to buy or sell.

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