MyFundedFx Discount Code: Unlocking a World of Trading Opportunities

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August 17, 2023August 17, 2023

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MyFundedFx is revolutionizing the world of proprietary trading. As a leading proprietary trading firm, MyFundedFx offers traders access to substantial capital. This provides an unparalleled opportunity to succeed in the competitive forex market. The firm allows aspiring and professional traders to pursue their passion without significant personal risk.

One of the critical strengths of MyFundedFx lies in its exclusive partnerships with renowned brokers. Collaborating with industry leaders like Eightcap and ThinkMarkets ensures its clients benefit from top-tier trading platforms and tools.

But what sets MyFundedFx apart is its dedication to providing comprehensive features and services that support every stage of the trading journey. From varying account sizes to robust customer support, we will delve into the rich offerings of MyFundedFx.

Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned trader, MyFundedFx promises a platform that caters to all your needs. Additionally, those interested in joining can use the MyFundedFx discount code and save 5%.

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Exploring MyFundedFx

MyFundedFx emerged as a beacon for traders aiming for the skies in the sprawling world of forex trading. Founded by financial experts passionate about innovation, the firm allows traders to prove their skills and grow. Guided by a vision to democratize the trading industry, a quick review of MyFundedFx shows how it’s breaking down barriers restricting traders from pursuing their dreams.

Offering up to $1.5 million in trading capital, MyFundedFx creates a playground for new and seasoned traders. This generous capital allows individuals to trade in a risk-controlled environment, fostering growth and success.

Collaboration plays a vital role in MyFundedFx’s model. By partnering with esteemed platforms such as Eightcap, the firm ensures that clients can access top-notch trading tools and platforms. These collaborations enhance the trading experience and open doors to global markets, providing a robust network that supports every trading endeavor.

MyFundedFx’s focus on providing unparalleled opportunities has set it apart as a leading player in the forex trading world. From its founding vision to its distinctive offerings and strategic collaborations, MyFundedFx continues to redefine trading, making it an attractive option for those looking to capitalize on their skills.

How to Get Funded

MyFundedFx recognizes that every trader is unique and thus offers a range of account sizes to suit various trading styles and experience levels. This flexibility ensures traders, whether beginners or seasoned veterans, can find an account size that aligns with their strategies and goals.

However, there are three possible ways to get access to one of the various funded accounts:

  • 2-Step Normal Challenge: The 2-step normal challenge is an engaging process to evaluate a trader’s capabilities.

It begins with a trading challenge where traders choose an account size and strive to reach an 8% profit target, with certain limits on daily loss and account balance loss. Upon successful completion, the Verification phase continues the evaluation with a 5% profit target. Finally, traders can become MyFundedFx proprietary traders, earning up to 80% of profits with further opportunities. Account sizes range from $5k to $300k, each with specific conditions, ensuring flexibility for various skill levels.

The refundable registration fee ranges from $50 to $1399.

  • 2-Step Pro Challenge: The 2-step pro challenge is a specialized trading pathway for ambitious traders.

It is almost a carbon copy of the normal challenge except for three main points. Individuals trade the firm’s capital with a less stringent max initial account balance loss at 10%, and leverage is up to 50:1. Also, the registration fee ranges from $70 to $1600, depending on the account size.

  • 1-Step Challenge: The 1-step challenge offered by MyFundedFX provides a streamlined pathway for aspiring traders.

Individuals select an account size and strive to reach a minimum % profit target of 10%, with no limitations on the trading period. This approach grants broad trading freedom, allowing traders to engage with all available instruments in a style that suits them.

Strict guidelines ensure fairness and risk management, with a maximum daily loss of 4% and a maximum initial account balance loss of 6%. Successful completion leads directly to the status of a MyFundedFX Trader, potentially earning up to 80% commission on profits.

The refundable registration fee ranges from $50 to $1399.

The pricing for these account sizes aims to be accessible and value-driven. Moreover, with the MyFundedFx discount code, traders can save 5% on their chosen account size.

By offering various account sizes and a pricing structure that reflects the needs and skills of different traders, MyFundedFx is opening doors to success in forex trading.

MyFundedFx Support and Community

In the dynamic world of trading, having access to timely and responsive support is essential. MyFundedFx understands this need and has established various support channels to ensure traders can confidently trade.

  • Live Chat: The live chat option is available on their website for immediate assistance. This feature offers real-time support from knowledgeable representatives.
  • Email Support: Traders can also reach out via email for detailed queries, with prompt responses typically provided within 24 hours.
  • Social Media Interaction: Through platforms like Facebook and Twitter, MyFundedFx maintains an active presence, offering updates and engaging with the community.

Moreover, the positive sentiment toward MyFundedFx goes beyond their support channels. Many satisfied users have expressed their appreciation for the platform’s offerings. The company boasts an impressive Trustpilot rating, reflecting a high level of user satisfaction. Reviews often highlight the firm’s professionalism, easy-to-use platforms, and attentive customer service.


MyFundedFx has become a significant name in the trading world, providing a comprehensive and innovative platform. With offerings such as various account sizes suitable for all levels of traders, access to renowned trading platforms like MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5, and a wide array of trading instruments, it stands as a reliable option for both novice and professional traders.

The firm’s unique 1-step and 2-step funding process and generous profit splits underscore its commitment to flexibility and user-centric design. Cheerful customer reviews, and an extensive support network further endorse MyFundedFx as a trustworthy partner in the trading journey. For those seeking to explore new horizons in Forex trading, the platform’s distinctive features and services create a compelling case for consideration.

Additionally, the opportunity to save 5% through the MyFundedFx discount code adds tangible value, making it an even more attractive proposition.

MyFundedFx is well-equipped to meet today’s traders’ diverse needs. A closer look at what it offers might be the next logical step for those looking to enhance their trading experience.

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