Narrowing Down Job Offers - Salary, Benefits and the Commute

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The ultimate goal for any job seeker in  New York is to finally land their dream job at a company that treats them with the respect they deserve. The first step in the process is to find a job in New York through a reputable website. Some job seekers will land their first interview in just a matter of hours, while others will find themselves submitting resumes for weeks at a time. When job offers start coming in, however, it is not always easy to make a final decision on which company to choose. Below are some things to consider when narrowing down job offers.

Will You Earn Enough?

The salary that you earn must be one of your biggest concerns. In a perfect world, job seekers would choose their employment based on their interests and passions. In the real world, however, you have to consider whether or not the job will provide you with the salary you need to maintain your lifestyle.

Does this mean that you should automatically choose the offer with the highest salary? Not necessarily. If the job requires you to relocate, you need to consider the cost of living in that location. A higher salary may come with a higher cost of living.

Are the Benefits Enough?

Some companies are going beyond health and retirement benefits by offering additional perks. For example, some provide catered breakfasts and lunches for free. Others have an onsite gym that employees can use and a variety of other special benefits that may make your job more enjoyable and improve your quality of living. Consider these extra perks when comparing offers. It may be the deciding factor in some cases.

Naturally, you should ensure that the company will offer you adequate health insurance to meet the medical needs of you and your family. This may also be a deciding factor as many companies will offer similar salaries but different benefit options. Consider this part carefully when comparing offers as it will directly affect the quality of medical care you receive.

How Far is the Commute?

Commuting distance is something that concerns most job seekers. If you don’t mind a long commute, this may not be a problem, but most people would prefer to keep their morning drive to less than one hour. If you do not have your own vehicle, you need to consider whether or not the job is located close enough to public transportation options. For example, taking a job offer for an office in a rural community may not be the best option for someone without their own transportation unless they have already made arrangements to commute with another person.

Is the Job Environment Suitable?

When going in for your initial interview, you likely had the chance to meet with a few other staff members. These individuals are your potential co-workers. Can you see yourself working with these people, or would you find yourself spending most of your time alone and isolated in the office? The work environment is just as important as anything else. You need to feel comfortable and confident in your work environment.

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