Here is Why You Should Never be Realistic Again

The other day I attended a conference about the economic crisis of 2008 and its impact on the French economy (I am French so that kind of interested me).

The speaker basically told us that we were pretty much screwed for the upcoming decades. He showed us dozens of graph that proved that our economy was collapsing and that there was almost nothing we could do about it.

As I took a look at the audience I noticed that a lot of people were frightened. The person sitting next to me even told me that she had already accepted the fact that she would probably never retire.

I thought that it was sad but really interesting at the same time.

To me the behavior of that person as well as the rest of the audience explained clearly why so many people are financially unsuccessful today and why our economy has been stagnating for so long.

I believe that the reason is that people are too realistic and that they don’t take their chance.

When you take a realistic approach and look at the trends, of course it looks like we are heading straight for disaster but have people ever considered that it could actually be the best opportunity of their life?

Today and more than ever, we have occasions we’ve never had in history. We can make a fortune in real estate (the prices have never been so low), it has never been easier to create a business (with the Internet today, anybody can create a business at a very low risk), borrowing money to invest can be easier providing that you have a good plan (the refinancing rate for banks is really low)…

But people don’t seem to see this. They only focus their attention on the bad numbers, the graphs that go down, the bad news on TV…

By consuming these information and thinking realistically, what do think they do?

They don’t invest and save more money instead just in case…

As a result they miss many opportunities that could make them richer and even worse, they contribute to the economy contraction.

So what’s the solution?

People need to consciously embrace positivism and understand that in the end what truly shape their life isn’t their environment but the decisions they take.

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Positivism is what will save people from the crisis. Not only the economic one but every other form of crisis they can think of.

Positivism is also what will make them successful. Besides many studies back up the effect that positivism can have in people’s life.

One of them carried out by Dr.Seligman, a renowned American psychologist, shows that people who are optimistic are far more successful than people who are realistic.

Realistic people are x10 more accurate than optimistic people but when it comes to financial success optimistic people are x4 more successful that realistic people. Why? Because when you talk about financial independence to a realistic person he/she will see the numbers first and will tell you that 95% of the population is not financially independent, which means that the chance to become so is very weak. As a result realistic people won’t try anything because they think it’s a losing battle.

Instead, optimistic people will try because they believe they have a chance. Not only will they try but they will keep going no matter what. When optimistic people have a setback, they think that it’s temporary and that they can change the situation and when they win they believe it’s going to last forever. That kind of mindset helps them complete what they start.

Now the question is:

Are you a realistic person or an optimistic one?

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