New Airline Miles Credit Card Blog Announcement

For a while now I’ve had a second blog on the back

    -burner. Due to time restraints and partnership logistics, the blog sat untouched for far too long.

I keep trying to make online business partnerships work, but it is always much more difficult to manage than anticipated. Both sides usually have a lot of other responsibilities on their plates and splitting work evenly is nearly impossible. Then throw in the complications of wanting to invest some money into the business and that partnership really gets tested. So in the end my business partner and I decided that it was best to disband the partnership.

Now that the blog is completely mine to do as I wish, I figure it’s finally time to do an official launch. Even if I’m not posting much early on, it’s best to start building up the stats as soon as possible. It’s not doing any good just sitting there.

So without further ado, I’d like to announce the launch of my new blog Airline Miles Experts.

This new blog allows me to focus solely on the affiliate niche that I’ve been involved in since late 2004. It was meant to be a replacement for a website I have in the same sub-niche, but I decided to put it on its own domain for a completely fresh start.

In addition to writing about airline miles credit cards, which would be pretty limited, I’ll also be covering credit card tips, travel tips and airline info. I’ll try to keep things as varied as possible while still being somehow related to the main topic.

I’d also like to get other people submitting their stories about airline miles credit cards. Readers can probably benefit a lot to hear about the problems or successes others have had when trying to use a credit card for travel benefits. To encourage participation the reader submissions will be tied to a contest where one lucky reader will win $250 cash.

Some extra exposure for this new blog would be nice too. So there will be a concurrent contest to win $150 which can be entered by getting the word out about this contest and my new blog.

Let me know what you think about this new blog. Maybe you have some ideas of what I could do with that blog. Or maybe there is something you don’t like about it. I welcome all criticism or suggestions.

Also please follow that blog on Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and RSS. Thanks!