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In a nutshell: NewRetirement aims to go beyond budgeting and investments alone to offer a comprehensive tool to help its users take control of their retirement. By factoring in taxes, income, real estate, debt, goals, medical, and dozens of other factors, NewRetirement users can know exactly where they stand and how to stay on track.

NewRetirement’s tools are primarily self-directed and simple to use, and there are plenty of resources to help you learn more about retirement. Plus, if you want a more robust service, you can upgrade to PlannerPlus or PlannerPlus Academy.

Read on for our comprehensive NewRetirement review so you can see what this retirement tool has to offer and whether it’s the right one for you.

Basic | Free
(no credit card required)
PlannerPlus | $120/year PlannerPlus Academy | $270/year  14-day free trial for PlannerPlus 
Pros & Cons
  • The free plan is quite robust
  • Detailed calculations and retirement scenarios
  • Affordable plans for support from financial planners and coaches
  • No mobile app
  • No portfolio/wealth management services offered

NewRetirement Review 2023 | Is NewRetirement Right for Me?

Founded in 2005 by Stephen and Tim Chen, NewRetirement is all about providing trustworthy and affordable resources to help people navigate retirement.

The seeds of the company began when Steve realized his mom needed retirement help, but a financial advisor was expensive and not necessarily what she needed anyway. This experience led Steve to develop NewRetirement so that affordable retirement planning was accessible to all.

In this spirit, NewRetirement has a robust free plan, as well as two paid subscriptions: PlannerPlus and PlannerPlus Academy. Depending on your needs and preferences, you may be fine with the Basic (i.e. free) plan, or you may choose to upgrade.

Given NewRetirement’s free plan requires no credit card and carries no risk, it’s a solid tool for just about anyone to add to their retirement toolkit. But what about its two paid subscriptions?

To see if it might be right for you, keep reading to learn more about NewRetirement, including how it works and what its top features are.

How Does NewRetirement Work?

NewRetirement offers much more than a simple retirement calculator, the likes of which you can find all over the internet.

Even NewRetirement’s free plan offers great tools for you to navigate retirement, including the ability to see all your finances in one place, discover optimization opportunities, and explore hypothetical scenarios. For example, you could generate a scenario where you relocate to a given state, and NewRetirement will tell you how much money you would gain or lose through retirement.

The two paid subscriptions add many additional benefits to the Basic plan, including 100+ additional planning inputs, real-time net worth monitoring, robo-advising, scenario comparisons, live Q&A sessions, and informational classes.

NewRetirement Features

NewRetirement offers various features that help set it apart from other online retirement planners, including the following:

  • Run scenarios – A really cool feature of NewRetirement is how many different kinds of scenarios you can run. Playing with the “what-ifs” of retirement is a great way to see where and how you can optimize your planning. Want to move to Ecuador? Want to convert to a Roth? You can test these scenarios and countless more.
  • Real-time monitoring – Easily track your net worth and where you stand on your way to retirement.
  • Resources and support – NewRetirement offers a ton of great resources, including coaching, classes, and groups. Plus, if you upgrade to PlannerPlus Academy, you get a full range of retirement planning classes.
  • Visualizations and analytics – Many of us are visual learners, and NewRetirement excels at visualizations. Plus, you have access to a wide variety of analytics, including Monte Carlo analysis.
  • Robo-advising – NewRetirement offers personalized recommendations that can signal errors and optimization opportunities alike.
  • Various calculators – With NewRetirement, there’s not only a simple retirement You also get access to a Roth Conversion Calculator and a Lifetime Annuity Calculator, which are both popular retirement options.
  • Chat support – Unlike some of its competitors, NewRetirement offers chat support so you can get help quickly.

NewRetirement Pricing & Plans

As mentioned, NewRetirement offers a rather robust free plan.

For users who want to upgrade, there are two paid subscriptions, each billed annually:

  • PlannerPlus | $120/year
  • PlannerPlus Academy | $270/year

You can also try PlannerPlus with a 14-day free trial.

Is NewRetirement Worth It?

NewRetirement is a great platform because it offers a robust free service that can also be upgraded to a really comprehensive, yet still affordable plan. It has delivered great results to millions of customers and is also used by business partners such as Nationwide and MarketWatch. With over $200 billion in assets managed by its users, NewRetirement has grown fast and helped many people along the way.

To check it out for yourself, click here so you can see how NewRetirement can help you take control of your retirement planning.

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