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August 11, 2023August 11, 2023


If you’re looking to take control of your retirement, NewRetirement might be the tool you need. This comprehensive analysis of NewRetirement reviews & ratings will provide you with the necessary insights to decide whether it’s the right choice for your retirement planning.

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What is NewRetirement?

NewRetirement offers a comprehensive suite of tools, both free and premium, designed to assist users in navigating the often complex and confusing world of retirement planning. Far surpassing the capabilities of a standard broker’s calculator, the platform delves deeper into aspects of retirement to ensure users are prepared for their golden years.


NewRetirement was founded in 2005 by Stephen and Tim Chen. The conception of this tool was deeply personal; Stephen Chen was inspired to create it when he recognized the challenges his mother faced when unexpectedly falling into retirement without a clear plan. This personal experience revealed the broader need for effective retirement planning tools, and thus, NewRetirement was born. This passion for making retirement planning accessible has remained the driving force behind the platform.

Stephen Chen’s background in consulting with top financial institutions, combined with personal experiences, played a pivotal role in shaping NewRetirement. Chen witnessed how technology was revolutionizing businesses and wanted regular people to leverage software and information technology for personal financial decisions. The core philosophy of NewRetirement revolves around the idea of achieving financial independence to gain control over one’s time and passions.

Features and Services

NewRetirement’s platform stands out because of its multifaceted approach to retirement planning. It provides users with tools to manage retirement income, healthcare options, and ways to lower taxes. Additionally, it offers guidance on various aspects, such as Social Security, Medicare, estate planning, asset drawdown, and even options like relocation and post-retirement work. Users can also optimize their plans around Home Equity and Income strategies. For those looking for personalized advice, the platform connects users to fee-only advice on-demand, facilitating collaborative planning to make more informed decisions about their future.

Built on AI technology, NewRetirement functions as a virtual financial advisor, focusing on generating retirement income, accessing healthcare services, minimizing taxes, and managing fees. This allows users to take a proactive approach to their long-term finances, ensuring they are in the best possible position when they retire.

Impact and Reach

The platform has proven its value and impact in the market. Statistics highlight that 85% of its users feel more confident about their financial future. Moreover, over 200,000 individuals have successfully built complete financial plans using NewRetirement. In total, individuals manage plans on the platform that represent over $200 billion in assets. The platform’s capabilities have also been recognized and utilized by business partners such as Nationwide and MarketWatch.

Benefits of NewRetirement

Designed with user-centricity at its core, NewRetirement ensures that individuals have the necessary tools to strike a balance between their current life values and future prospects. Some of the key features of NewRetirement include:


NewRetirement Planner Plus is part of an advanced suite of tools that help users create a dynamic financial plan that aligns with their goals and priorities. It is designed around a best-in-class retirement calculation engine that continuously updates to accurately factor in all necessary variables .

  • Detailed Charting: Allows for an organized visualization of financial life.
  • Tax Modeling: PlannerPlus is based on U.S. tax law and models retirement income as per IRS regulations, though it’s recommended to use tax software or a professional for current year tax planning since it’s a forward-looking projection engine .
  • Improvement Suggestions: Aids in understanding the interdependencies among plan elements to make sound decisions.
  • Real-Time Monitoring and Multiple Scenarios: These features likely aid in assessing the impact of different choices on retirement planning.
  • Tax Savings: By providing insights into tax liabilities, it supports strategies for potential tax savings, though it is not intended as a current year tax planning tool .

PlannerPlus Academy

PlannerPlus Academy offers further enhancement with more in-depth features, including:

  • Full Planner Access: Access to deeper insights around taxes, real-time monitoring, and the ability to explore multiple scenarios .
  • Courses on Financial Planning: Access to live and pre-recorded classes, including at least 16 in-depth classes, helps upgrade financial planning knowledge .
  • Live Q&A Sessions: Facilitates interactive learning and support .
  • Priority Product Support: Ensures that users get prompt help when needed

Pricing & Plans

NewRetirement offers several subscription plans:

  • Basic – Free
  • PlannerPlus – $120 per year with a 14-day free trial
  • PlannerPlus Academy – $270 per year

NewRetirement Reviews & Ratings

With a 4.8 rating on Facebook, the platform is appreciated for its ease of use, the depth of its retirement tools, and the value it provides to its users, although some feel there is room for improvement in areas like account syncing and mobile app availability.

NewRetirement has also been hailed as the “best retirement tool” by reputable organizations such as Forbes and the American Association of Individual Investors. Over 200,000 individuals have already created plans using NewRetirement, showcasing its popularity and trustworthiness.

Who Should Use NewRetirement?

NewRetirement suits various needs. Whether you’re looking for basic or detailed planning, there’s likely an option for you. The free plan is a solid tool for most users, while the PlannerPlus plan offers more advanced features.

Is NewRetirement Worth It?

For those eager to dive deep into their retirement strategies and get personalized insights, NewRetirement stands as a compelling choice. Whether you’re starting early in your career or are nearing retirement, NewRetirement’s tools can offer valuable insights to help you navigate the path to a secure retirement. Click here to start!

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