Offered Services Expanding on Modest Money

A while back I decided to add various SEO contracting services on my blog as a way to help out fellow bloggers and make some extra side money. My approach was to offer very low prices knowing that most new bloggers had a very limited budget. Since I was providing a solid service, the people hiring me were quite satisfied. If I was offering that service to website owners I’d be able to charge considerably more.

Back then I was only offering keyword research service and SEO analysis. The SEO analysis service was particularly popular since bloggers were getting professional advice from someone who’s been in the industry for more than a decade.

As proof of the value of my service nearly everyone who hired me provided a solid testimonial which I have published on my customer testimonials page. I haven’t received a single complaint in all the time that I’ve been offering this service.

For a while now I’ve been meaning to expand that section and offer additional services, especially since I often get blogger friends asking for contractor recommendations. I wouldn’t want them blindly hiring some random contractor and get ripped off. I’ve been through that far too often over the years. I finally have a solid team of contractors that I use for my own projects. So I’m happy to repay their favors and refer them some business.

If you’re looking to contract out some work, I suggest you check out my marketing services page for details of what kind of services I can help you out with. If you need help with something not listed there, reach out to me and I can probably help you find someone who can assist.

Here are some of the main areas I can help you outsource:

  • Search Engine Optimization Analysis – get professional opinion about any potential SEO problems and tips on how to better market your blog or website.
  • SEO Link Building – contract out your link building to get your website climbing up the search engine rankings and watch your traffic gradually increase.
  • Keyword Research – receive help choosing the best keywords to target for your blog or website to get more quality traffic that converts well.
  • Writing Services – fulfill your writing needs by hiring an experienced blogger, whether it is for ghost writing, staff writing, article writing or something else.
  • Design Services – outsource any design work including blog themes, website design, logos or avatars. Or get wordpress technical help with any issues you can’t figure out.

You can be assured that the contractors I refer you to will give a very reasonable price and will provide excellent service. I wouldn’t recommend them otherwise.

If you have suggestions of other services I should be offering, let me know.

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