One Generation’s Formal Events Funding the Next

Sometimes it’s easy to look at the cost that goes into a beautiful wedding and think, “Nope. Not for me.” While traditional weddings really aren’t for everybody, no one wants to have them be an entirely spartan affair either. And no matter how iconoclast your taste, you’ll want some items to commemorate the occasion. Rather than simply being lovely to look at as well as impressive, precious stones commemorate and symbolize. They have a powerful effect on the conscious and subconscious minds, speaking to each partner that, because they are rare and costly, they speak to a deep commitment and bond. But, from a more practical perspective, these items can also hold their value. Well chosen jewelry can easily be resold, or passed down to another generation to help supply the beauty and mystique for their formal settings and matrimonial ceremonies. Here are three things to look for when picking out jewelry you may one day pass on, or when choosing old fineries to use in a modern ceremony.

  • Buy Quality. I’m no subscriber to the ‘engagement ring = 6 months wages’ school of thought. But I don’t think that you should scrimp either. It’s important when buying jewelry to buy well-made items with quality materials. When people buy with the thought of one day passing an item on to a son or daughter, I often recommend that they opt for something not ostentatious. A big impressive ring that shines from a mile away will surely dazzle, but it is likely to look showy and unattractive to the next generation’s eyes. Picking a ring, or other jewelry, that is a little more conservative in terms of appearance may play better in the future. And even if it doesn’t, the fine materials and craftsmanship will mean that it has high resale value for many decades to come.
  • Buy and Sell from/to Trusted Merchants. For those who are not daily involved in the buying and selling of precious jewelry may have a challenge in finding a good jeweler. A jewel buyer with a good reputation, fair market prices, and a knowledge of the market history of his or her wares is a wonderful thing. Once you’ve found a reputable source, ask a lot of questions and orient yourself to the way jewels and jewelry are bought and sold.
  • Buy Classic Styles. While there are always surprising new ring and jewelry styles, the ones that age the best, providing the most value to future generations, are classic styles. Buy with confidence that which could have been worn by your grandmother, back when she was your age.

Buying expensive jewelry is an investment. But it’s not just an investment in your ceremony and your happiness. It’s an investment for your sons, daughters, nieces, and nephews, whoever inherits these jewels once they have served their purpose in your life. You’ll be able to help fund the most beautiful ceremony of the ones you love the most, many years from now. It’ll be a gift you love giving, and one that your future family thanks you for.

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